Chick Lit

Chick Lit

The aforementioned post title is really not a term I like, but it works with this post so I'm willing to put my dislike for it aside today. When it comes to books I seem to have patterns where I'll want to read at least one memoir and a novel at once. However with novels I don't like to read too many 'heavy', emotionally draining or intense books at once so I alternate with what I'll call chick lit. Today I thought I'd share three of my recent additions to the bookshelf that fit the genre..

Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass*-Thanks to Maria I became obsessed with The Selection series this year. Some of my friends, thanks to some not so subtle persuasion became addicted to them as well. The new book in the series is a collection of all the novellas Kiera has written thus far and she writes introductions for all of them as well. There's illustrations throughout which are stunning as well as some bonus content included. I won't give you full-on spoilers for those waiting for release day, which is tomorrow (yuss!) but there is a sneak preview of The Siren, out in January. I can't wait to read this and suspect it'll be finished within hours seconds because I love this series.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han-One of my favourite booktubers, Zoe often raves about this book so I decided to pick it up recently. I've not read this yet but it tells the story of Lara-Jean, a girl who has a hatbox of letters for every boy she's loved. They're secret, until one day they're found. I'm assuming chaos ensues. This sounds like quite an awkward situation. Hmm..

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins-Stephanie Perkins' trilogy gets a lot of love on YouTube and Instagram so when Book Depository had a sale, this book got added to my cart. It's about a girl from the US who is shipped off to an English-speaking boarding school in Paris. Anna, however is not so thrilled at the idea of leaving her friends and family behind, until she meets St Clair. Aside from this book giving me mad nostalgia about Paris, it's also a really sweet story and it gives me heart emojis for eyes and I love it. 

-Which chick lit novels do you love?

*Review copy
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The Week #163

The Week #163

-Tales From The Back Row: This seems to be the year for great nonfiction reads, especially in the memoir/life essay department. Tales From The Back Row** isn't out until December but I couldn't resist talking about it now as it's what I've been reading this week. Amy Odell is the online editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and used to write for The Cut. She has many an interesting story to share about fashion. Her insights on street style were intriguing because while it's a part of our fashion week, it's nowhere near as intense as it is in New York. I also loved her chapter on the time she met Anna for an interview at Vogue. It's a brilliant read if you love fashion and magazines so definitely grab a copy to read.

-Letters from Lena Dunham: Lena Dunham is a person I have a lot of time and respect for. I know she gets a fair bit of hate but she's done a lot of good for feminism in general, not to mention her creative endeavours. Well now, she has a new email series called Lenny Letter. Twice a week you're emailed a new, lengthy letter if you will featuring stories, interviews and other awesome stuff. I've not had a chance to read them yet but it's definitely going to be on the cards soon.

-New Beginnings: October is an exciting month for me as I finally start my new online course. I saw someone tweeting about the Parsons+Teen Vogue Fashion Industry Essentials and it really intrigued me. Long story short, I applied, got accepted and start the ten week course next week. I'm really excited, and while it's going to be a bit weird getting back into the study mindset, I am looking forward to it. If anyone wants me to do a post or something on this once I've completed it, let me know.

-The Goodness Grocer: I always seem to find the best things when I'm just wandering aimlessly and not focused on anything in particular, so when I spotted this store in Pukekohe last week I had to go in. The Dr Feelgood iceblock freezer caught my eye, and then I saw Hurraw lip balms in the corner so it was a done deal. They specialise in all things natural, organic and delicious. It's worth the trip if you live in South Auckland.

*I hope you're all having great weekends!  This post is a lil' late sorry. There's no real reason for that other than I was busy yesterday and wasn't in the mood to blog. It's been a long but rewarding week. The lowlight was I got sick on Wednesday but the major highlight was finally getting my restricted license. This means I can now drive by myself. Yay! It's really strange driving alone and I am not used to it yet so it feels weird. This weekend's been pretty chill so far. I have a work pre-Christmas dinner tonight but other than that it's a low key affair. I'll see y'all on Monday with a book post! x

**Advanced reader copy or ARC as they are known. Thanks Simon and Schuster!
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A Box of Snow Fairy

A Box of Snow Fairy

Christmas in October!? I'm sure many of you will find that idea ludicrous. I'll be honest, I've been shrinking away from the Christmas trees and displays that seem to be going up far too early. One thing I don't run from though are the Christmas beauty collections. They tend to never disappoint. Now I know you may think it's early to be discussing Christmas gift ideas, but to be honest you can never be too organised. Today I thought I'd talk you through some of the Christmas products I received at the Lush Bazaar last month. You don't have too long to wait for these goodies either, they're out tomorrow and some have already dropped online. Now, on with the box..

We all got to pick a Lush gift box to leave with, and myself and Laura were smitten with the Snow Fairy products so we got this one, aptly named Snow Fairy Castle*. Now, the contents inside the box differ to what I have pictured, they didn't quite have all the Christmas products in, but it still gives you a good idea of some of the products you can expect to see this Lushmas. Oh I'm so good with puns...

First up, and a new product this year is the Fairy Dust Dusting Powder. Infused with the delicious Snow Fairy scent we all know and love, this powder is designed to give a bit of lustre to the skin. Sprinkle it over your limbs, or use it on the cheekbones if you want for a touch of sparkle and glitz this holiday season. This was one of my favourite products on the night so I am looking forward to using it again. 

Next we have the well-loved Snow Fairy shower gel, a product that appeals to ladies and gents alike. Scouts honour. Due to its jellytip, raspberry scent it is super popular. I like this mini sized bottle because I get through shower gel super slowly. This is the perfect size to take traveling so it'll get a heap of use over the Summer. Another product in the Snow Fairy scent is the Magic Wand bubble bar. This year she's had a makeover and now features sparkly glitter on the outside, just like a legit fairy's wand. The best part about bubble bars is they're reusable. I usually get between 4-6 baths out of most of my bubble bars so they're worth buying if you love your baths. 

Last but certainly not least, introducing the fairest bath bomb of them all, So White. As her name would suggest, and Disney enthusiasts will love this, she is apple scented. There's also bergamot and rose absolute in there to help soothe the senses. I used this last night and I don't know if it was a placebo effect but this bath bomb made me feel so relaxed. It helped that the water was turned pink too. 

So that concludes the first roundup of Lush Christmas goodness. Don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from. Side note: Lush's gift sets don't just have to be a standalone present. You could always buy a gift set like this and split the products up as stocking stuffers or just cute lil' bits to go with people's gifts. That way your money goes further, and if someone doesn't have a bath where they live, you can give them a shower product instead. 

-What Christmas collections are you most excited for?

*PR Sample, but all love of all things pink and lolly-scented are my own. Seriously, if you don't know by now how attracted I am to sweet things where have you been!?
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Things I Bought & Liked: Volume 3

Things I Bought & Liked: Volume 3

Why hello there everyone. I hope you're all well and had awesome weekends. Mine was pretty chill and a lot of reading+hot drinks happened so it was great. Today I'm back with another edition of things I bought, liked and inevitably loved+felt compelled to share with you guys. There's stationery, a splurge and even a Christmas gift idea. It's never too early to be thinking about the holiday season, let's be real, so maybe you'll find some ideas in this post. Enjoy!

2016 A6 Inspire Diary, Kikki K-Kikki K diaries have been my go-to for years now. They're available in an array of sizes and colours, beautifully presented and help to make you feel like you have your life in order. This A6 size is my favourite because it fits nicely into most handbags and doesn't take up too much space on your desk. This style also has a protective clear plastic cover so it's less likely to get wrecked if you're using it on the go. I have this diary (in a different design) this year and it still looks as good as new. I also love how this one has rad type and cute lil' inspirational messages throughout.

Taylor Headphones, Frends-I am a bit ashamed these haven't made a single appearance onto the blog yet. It's been what, three or four months since they came into my life, but who's counting.. A lot of people don't know this about me but I am an avid music listener+enthusiast. I cannot go a day without listening to it, Anyway, music enthusiasm means my standard Apple headphones were no longer cutting the mustard and so I decided to treat myself to the Frends Taylor headphones. They weren't cheap, the US versus NZ exchange rate has been sucking for a while now but so far I think they've been worth every cent. The sound quality is top notch and their noise canceling capabilities are awesome. One thing I will say though is that they can feel a bit weighty after extended wear, which tends to lead to a bit of a headache. Other than that though I can't fault them.

Photostrips, Social Print Studio-Now these are not a new purchase by any means, but seeing as Christmas is coming up I thought I'd mention them to you. Social Print Studio, formerly Prinstagram is my go-to for printing out my Instagram pictures. They do an awesome job and everything always arrives pretty fast and well packaged. These photostrips are another awesome way of sharing your snaps if you like that old-school, photo-booth style of presentation. What I like to use these for though is as bookmarks, either for myself or to gift to friends and family. They're the perfect size for marking the pages in your books. You could also use these on a pinboard or inside one of these cute frames. Side note: NZ stores, get on the unique frame bandwagon please.

*What have you bought, liked and subsequently loved lately?
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My Week in Pictures #9

My Week in Pictures #9

Pinch and a punch for the second of the month. How aside from the scientific reasonings is it October already?! It's insane. The last few weeks have been jam packed, in the best kind of way. I was in Wellington at the end of last week+spent a day in Palmy, and in amongst that I had a lil' shopping excursion to Newmarket, worked and cried buckets whilst reading Me Before You x Jojo Moyes. It's been a busy time. Here's what I snapped over the last couple of weeks..

(Above)-*Notebook club. *I was so happy to be wearing jeans, my kimono and jandals. *Mirror selfies before WOW last Thursday. *Clouds setting the scene before the WOW show. So many surrealist vibes from this set. *New Zealand lollies and music en route to Palmerston North last Friday.

-Looking out across Wellington up at the Botanical Gardens. I put my hand up because I thought my face was gonna be in the shot and I didn't want to be. It kinda ruins the picture but I like it anyway.

-Some of the past Wearable Arts costumes outside TSB Arena in Wellington. How cool is that shell dress? I loved it.

-*A display of banned books inside Unity Books. *Tulips at the Botanical Garden. *Sea salted caramel milkshake and gems inside paper bags at Fidels. Home to the best milkshakes on Earth in Wellington. *Some items soldiers took to war inside the Gallipoli-State of War exhibit at Te Papa.

-Christmas came early with this delivery of Frosted Plum goodies from The Body Shop. They're out in November but don't fret, I'll do a writeup or feature them in a video so y'all can get a closer look.

-Beauty bits that came to Wellington with me. There was some new products in the mix too, which you can read up on over in Wednesday's post
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