March Happy Mail

March Happy Mail

Two Happy Mail posts in one month? You lucky things. Plot spoiler: the March Happy Mail kit was good, so good in fact that it sold out really fast. Maybe there's a whole world of copper magpie-humans (just roll with it) out there that I never even knew about. I was really impressed with the card selection this month and while this only arrived last week, I've already been putting the cards to use. In fact, some of you guys may find yourselves with them. 

Here's what was in the March Happy Mail along with my musings about all the stationery things...

Observation #1: All the colour! There was really a rainbow of colour in this month's kit which I liked. Here we have another birthday card, which I've used already and a Palm Springs card which I love. It reminds me of those 90's-early 00's cartoon shows that used to be on Nickolodeon or Cartoon Network. Y'know the ones where they had really kitschy, unique looking houses? There was a grumpy cat which I think is the cutest thing ever, and then some stickers/tabs. You could use these along the edge of pages, cards, in those plastic dividers for folders/paper storage. They were the thing I was least excited for this month but I'll still use them anyway.

There was a lot of copper lettering in this month's kit which made me extremely happy. There was another animal themed card, this time with a pug. Side note: I do not get the somewhat universal obsession with pugs. Moving along, we have a motivational postcard-perfect for the old vision board. Then we have the gorgeous dotted notecard which was one of my favourites this month. I also love those neon gift tags. They're great for jazzing up a present, especially if you use plain brown paper. You can also use them in scrapbooking or even make bookmarks if you're in the DIY mood.

Now the main image at the top of this post contains my favourite things from the March kit. The stunning Maya Angelou quote print with the marbled background is already on my pinboard and might even find itself in a frame at some point. I also love that shopping list because lists are my thing and I am terrible at remembering what I entered the supermarket for. The Dolly Parton quote card is another nice one to brighten up someone's day, and who can resist that rainbow envelope? There could've been twenty of those "I Owe You Big Time" cards, they're that useful. Finally we have the "You Got This" card. Another one that's stunning to look at and motivate yourself/someone else with.

So in case you couldn't tell by that essay, I was really impressed with this month's Happy Mail. I really think it's such good value for money. Elsie+Emma and their team obviously put a lot of time into how each item could be used and everything's so practical. I'm definitely going to keep my subscription going.

*Are you signed up for Happy Mail? What do you think of it?
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The Week #148

The Week #148

The Day The Brow Game Died-It was dark, one single click let me know that Brow Wiz was no more. Dramatisations aside, I didn't realise how much I liked this pencil until it had run out. The colour was just perfect and not too dark. I find because my hair is so dark, darker brow pencils can often make my eyebrows look jet black and very cartoony. Not ideal. Where am I going with this? Brow Wiz is darn good stuff and while I may be about to contradict myself, I am going to have to repurchase it ASAP.  

Beauty Buying Bans-Point #2, I don't think I've mentioned it on le blog yet but I am on a beauty buying ban. The reason being I am going to Sydney in May and I want to have as much money as possible to go wild in Sephora and Priceline and H&M and all the retail places. You get the gist. So far it's going quite well. I've only made one repurchase so far, possibly another if I've succumbed and bought another Brow Wiz. So yeah, if things seem a lot less haul-y around here now you know why. I promise there'll be more of that happening in May though. Maybe I'll do a post about some rediscoveries if anyone's interested?

A New YouTube Love-I love YouTube as much as the next person, but I feel like some of the more successful YouTubers are becoming less relatable to me. I don't mean that in a negative way, it's just they may be aiming their content at a much younger age group and not their peers for instance. One YouTuber who I'm a bit obsessed with at the moment though manages to keep things real, and that's Carrie Hope Fletcher. She's currently playing Eponine in Les Mis on the West End, dream gig right? Oh, and she has a book coming out. She loves all things musical theatre and book related, hence why I'm a bit addicted to her channel. It's worth the watch this weekend. 

DIY Marble Art-When I saw the words 'shaving cream and ink' in my Bloglovin feed I did double take. If anyone were to make something rad out of that though, it would be the A Beautiful Mess ladies. These have been designed to use in the background of scrapbooks but they'd make cute cards or wall decor as well. Love.

A Serum Worth Worshipping-Oh man I'm so punny. I cannot deal. In seriousness, Antipodes Worship Serum* is pretty darn awesome. First off, it smells amazing, like berries. Secondly, it's so lightweight and your skin just drinks it up, in the best possible way. It hasn't been proven but this product is magical, I'm sure of it. Seriously, my skin looks half-decent when this is in my routine and for that I am grateful willing to worship this glass bottle.

-As always have the raddest of weekends everybody. This week's been a good'un but I'm looking forward to some sleep ins this weekend. I've got some work to do and a belated 21st to head off to. Oh-and I have another blog giveaway to finalise but, more on that next week. There may also be some baking in between. I feel like I say that every weekend but it never eventuates. I will force myself into the kitchen though. Scout's honour. See y'all on Monday with two new posts xx.

*PR Sample

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March Favourites + A Giveaway

March Favourites + A Giveaway

It's that time again! March's Favourites are here and for once I didn't have to think too much about what I was going to include. These beauty and body products have all been standouts for the last couple of months and I can imagine many a repurchase happening when they do eventually run out. There's also a token book in there for good measure and a giveaway! The general gist of that is in the video but I'll write it out again.

Giveaway Details:

-Open to NZ residents only. If you're under 18, please get permission to enter this first as I'll need your postal address if you win.

-Be in to win either the Raspberry Harvest Shower Gel* or Raspberry Harvest Body Butter* from The Body Shop. 

-To enter, leave me a comment down below telling me which you'd like to win. Be sure to leave a Twitter handle/email address so I can contact you if you win.

-This giveaway will remain open for one week and will close next Wednesday 01/04. Good luck! 

*Giveaway prizes provided.

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Downsizing The Beauty Stash

Downsizing The Beauty Stash

If you're here reading this post you obviously love makeup, skincare and all things beauty. In fact, you may be like me and find things get a little out of hand. The box you store your lipsticks in has a lid which won't close properly, you lose an eyeshadow pigment in the depths of your drawers, your nude lipsticks start to all look identical. I'm sure many of us have been there. Today I'm going to share some tips for downsizing your makeup collection. It's not fun, but you can do it! Think of the new things you'll have room for...

Have a somewhat regimented 'one in, one out' policy-I have Anna's blog to thank for this idea. I actually cross this over with books as well, because I have a bit of a book problem too. Now I'll be honest, I don't do this all the time but if I am buying new makeup, I try to be conscious of what I already have that is similar. That limited edition eyeshadow palette may be pretty, but if you already have plenty of neutral eyeshadows, save your pennies. Tempted by another blush? Consider rehoming one you already own but don't use all that often.

Keep a checklist-This one's probably more applicable if you're a blogger but nonetheless, if you want to make a list, do it. I'm lucky enough to be sent things from time to time, but I'm unlucky to be a bit forgetful with remembering what I was sent. I keep a list in my blogging notebook where I check off products I've tried, whether or not I want to feature them on here/YouTube or alternatively, if I'm going to pass things on to someone else. It's a good way to prevent things getting too out of hand and it also helps me plan what I'm going to write about as well.

Check expiry dates-You may notice that little jar symbol on your beauty products that'll usually say something like "12m" next to it. That is the recommended use-by date, with m representing the number of months. This guideline can be a bit hit or miss in my opinion. I feel like powders last a lot longer but liquid based products or things like lipsticks tend to go off a bit faster. Use your common sense though. If the texture of something's gone weird, or if your lipstick's starting to smell odd, toss it.

Be ruthless-Or realistic. If there's things in your makeup collection that you no longer use, sell them on. I use TradeMe, but there's also sites like eBay you can list things on as well. If you're happy to part with beauty products without selling them, divvy them up among friends and relatives. I often pass things on to a family friend who is just getting into makeup. You can also contact organisations like Women's Refuge and see if they ever need anything, especially if it's unused product. 

*Have you decluttered your makeup before? What are your tips for downsizing your collection?
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The Week #147

The Week #147

Cinderella: The Update-On Sunday I was lucky enough to attend an advanced screening of the new Cinderella film. Thanks Mac! I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did but it was actually really good. The costuming first off is stunning. I also liked how they didn't make Cinderella all prissy and didn't refer to the villains as ugly. Props to Disney for positive messages. Mac also sent me their new Cinderella Eye Gloss to have a play with. I might pop a review up actually because I'm really liking it at the moment.

A New Shoe Love-The lovely Evie is to blame for my discovery of these loafers. They're from a brand called Croon and if you ask me, I think they're rather swish. It helps that they're bedazzled as well. I would just love to have my feet in some of these this Winter. A girl can dream. If you want to shoegaze with me, head over here

Bumble & Bumble's Surf Infusion-I do love the original Surf lineup from B&B, but it can be a little bit drying on your hair if you like to use it a lot. Their newest product has me intrigued. It sounds like a spruced up version of the original surf spray with the added bonus of nourishing oils. If it doesn't leave your hair feeling as dry, this may be one I add to the stash.

Save The Cookies-Moustache Milk & Cookie bar is one of my favourite food places in the CBD. That's a bold claim, because there's some rather rad dining establishments around now but Moustache will always hold a special place in my heart. Heck, Hannah and I used to have regular cookie dates here. Anyway, Moustache sadly have to close their doors. Rather than crying over spilt strawberry milk, which is totally worth crying over, they're reaching out to us. If you love Moustache as much as I do and want to continue to experience their awesomeness skip one of your weekly Starbucks and donate the money here

Bookstagram-I feel like it's hard to find awesome book blogs in general. Correct me if I'm wrong here guys. Anyway, this week I stumbled upon this amazing book photography account on Instagram. If this doesn't make you want to lie in bed all morning with the pages of a thrilling novel, then I don't know what will. 

*Have the most raddest of weekend girls and guys. I'm honestly in the best mood right now. This week's been awesome. I've got some neat lil' giveaways lined up for my NZ readers soon so keep your eyes peeled for them. I love doing giveaways. What else..oh I have another job interview on Monday, hopefully it goes okay. Tonight I'm off to Miranda Sings show in Auckland. VIP+I get to meet her, not trying to brag-I'm just so excited. Other than that my weekend's gonna be low key-hopefully with some Disney films in the mix if I can persuade my younger cousins to watch them. x
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