The Stationery Lover's Dream | Nouvelle Daily

The Stationery Lover's Dream | Nouvelle Daily

Stationery has and always will be one of my one true loves. There's just something about the colours, textures, designs and tangibility of it that's so pleasing. If you're in a similar frame of mind, you're bound to love Kate of gh0stparties' newest venture, the Nouvelle Daily Shop. It is a stationery lover's treasure trove with fresh new stock being added regularly. There's prints, agendas, notepads, cute cards and more. Today I thought I'd share what I bought from her first drop of stock..

Red Pattern Washi Tape-If you've seen this photo you will know I have a bit of a washi tape obsession. I couldn't resist this one though with its white spots, mainly because it reminds me of a Summer dress I used to have ages ago. Aside from being useful for adorning wrapped gifts and taping pictures to walls, washi tape makes a nice little prop to use in flat lays. I've seen people creating some pretty wicked DIY's with it over on Pinterest too actually. It's extremely useful stuff. 

Desktop To-Do List x Rifle Paper Co, also available here-The main idea of the Nouvelle Daily shop is that the stock will constantly be fresh so once most things have sold out, they'll be gone. I'm not too sure if Kate's going to get these back in but you can find Rifle Paper Co at a bunch of places. I've wanted this notepad for ages so I was really pleased to see it in her store. It's just such a gorgeous birds-eye view style illustration and I love it.

This and That Marble Notebook x The Paper Bunny-Marbled things haven't really taken off in NZ yet so when I saw this patterned notebook, and c'mon, you can never have too many notebooks, I had to get it. It's one of my favourite things I purchased from her store and I'm obsessed with it. Case in point: if I like something a lot you'll see it in my photos and this has made many an appearance over the last few weeks. Now these notebooks are sold out at the moment but they are going to be restocked so keep an eye out for 'em, and the marbled phone cases.

-Have you bought anything from the Nouvelle Daily shop? What takes your fancy?

*As always, have the raddest of weekends everyone! Mine's gonna be low key, although I found out the Maccas near where I work has started doing that fancy burger thing+fries (y'know the Instagram vibes) and I want to go there for lunch one day. Gosh I'm classy. Haha. Sunday is Father's Day here in NZ and I'm going for lunch with one of my friends, to a place which is hopefully not overrun with kids and Dads. Have a good one, and I'll see you all on Monday with a lil' beauty post x.
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My August Book Haul

My August Book Haul

Another month and another book haul. I need to stop buying books! Although to be fair, a lot of these were sent to me by publishers. My to-read pile is getting out of control though so I think, with the exception of one or two YA books out next month, I'm gonna ease off on the book buying for a while. Anyway, below is my haul of books from late July and most of August. I received a couple of books after this video was filmed but I will include them in my September haul. Enjoy! & be sure to let me know your recommendations in the comments section on this post or under the video.

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The September Issues

The September Issues

September symbolises the changing of the seasons and also one of the most important months on the fashion magazine calendar. September issues are hotly anticipated, not only for their cover stars and number of pages. It's seen as a time for reinvention, inspiration and a clean slate. Hence it is dubbed 'the January' in fashion. American Vogue is notorious for their extremely hefty September issues, this year's has 800 plus pages alone. Today though I wanted to focus on September issues that I've picked up, both within fashion and outside of it. One of the first blogs I read, Girlwithasatchel used to do this most months with magazines so I thought I'd put my spin on it..

British Vogue, September issue-All hail British Vogue for regularly putting kickass women on their covers. Seriously, I can't think of a muse of mine that's not been on their covers and as a result on my bookshelf. Covers and Emma Watson appreciating aside, British Vogue is still my favourite of all the Vogues. There's always the perfect balance of inspiring editorials and insightful stories. Their beauty pages are pretty top notch too if that's your kind of thing.

Frankie Magazine, issue 67-Frankie have seriously been on top of their cover game this year and this one is hands down my favourite. This issue also has a couple of bonuses in there, one of two collectible art prints (mine is on my pinboard ) and also their first inclusion of fiction stories. There's also a flower village aka heaven, a lady who makes books by hand, flatmates and whether their situation is really like Jess Day's and more.

Fashion Quarterly, Spring 2015-How dreamy is this cover? Antonia Prebble+floral walls=perfection. Fashion Quarterly mightn't be as accessible overseas but if you're ever passing through NZ and want a glimpse into our fashion culture and trends, I highly recommend you grab a copy. As the cover boldly states, this month's issue is about all things film. There's interviews with costume designers from some of our most iconic moments on screen, a really rad Royal Tenenbaums inspired editorial, a brilliant glossary for all the key beauty terms of the moment (strobing anyone?) and a whole heap of fashiony goodness. 

Teen Vogue, September 2015-My copy of Teen Vogue's September issue arrived on Monday so I've not really had a proper chance to look through it yet. How good is that cover though? Ansel Elgort *swoon*. There's an amazing beauty editorial inside with Lisa Eldridge, Suki and Imogen Waterhouse, a look at the transgender community and of course a plethora of Fall fashion trends to incorporate. The September issue's of Teen Vogue are usually good but I feel like their October issues, the Young Hollywood ones tend to stand out that little bit more.

Collective magazine, issue 24-So this is technically not a September issue but it's available in New Zealand for most of the month so I'm including it here. There's something about Collective that just makes you want to go out and do amazing things. It helps that there's a tonne of inspiring interviews and stories throughout, but those words of wisdom on paper really up the motivational ante. If you're a bit of a design buff, the whole magazine is designed really well and there's plenty of striking visuals throughout. Now this one is a bit of a mission to find here in NZ but if you can get yourself a copy, buy it. 

*What magazines have you read and enjoyed recently?
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The Sephora + Feelunique Haul

The Sephora + Feelunique Haul

How do I explain this? My friend and I wanted to make a YouShop order (Sephora round one), then I wanted to do a birthday order because if you can't treat yourself then, when can you (Sephora round two) and then Feelunique had a couple of sales. Sorry not sorry. This was a thing that happened over a couple of months and today I thought I'd show you some of my new favourite beauty things...

The Sephora Stash

Clinique Cheek Pop in Melon Pop-Let's start off with the obvious here, the Clinique Cheek Pops are just so aesthetically pleasing to look at. Who doesn't want a blush that has a flower embossed into its powder? Melon Pop as the name would suggest is a peachy pink shade. As it isn't too warm toned it's the perfect blush for porcelain beauties and it looks really natural on. I love that these are travel-friendly as well. 

Peter Thomas Roth Mini Mask Magic Kit-When I'm on a skincare kick, it's masks that I love to work into my routine. Peter Thomas Roth masks are pretty pricey on their own so when I saw this mini mask kit for sale it went into the virtual basket. Inside you get the Pumpkin Enzyme mask, Rose Stem Cell mask and the Cucumber Gel mask. All three are included with different skincare concerns in mind so you could always buy something like this and split the masks up among friends as gifts/party favours. Or if you are like me and don't want to share them, you have three different masks for different occasions. Winning. My favourite has to be the Cucumber Gel mask but the Pumpkin Enzyme mask is up there too.

Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara in Black Honey, limited edition-I spied this mascara a couple of times over on Jane's blog and it really intrigued me. Coloured mascaras are all the rage at the moment and this burgundy black follows that trend without being too garish. I've not opened this one yet as I seem to have a fair few mascaras open but I will keep you posted once it is cracked open. Side note: This shade isn't being ranged in New Zealand as far as I know but the black mascara in this formula will be available.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Hand Cream-This fragrance has to be my favourite of the year, hands down. It's a subtle floral with a hint of musk and I am obsessed with it. So when I saw they'd released a hand cream in this formula I added it to my basket and didn't look back. It's silky smooth, dries down fast and doesn't leave your hands feeling sticky or greasy. Ain't nobody got time for handcreams that act that way. 

The Feelunique Frenzy

Rimmel Lasting Finish Cream Concealer-As far as I know this concealer hasn't been released here in NZ. Given it looked similar to my long-missed, Corrector from Bobbi Brown, I had to try it. It's opaque enough to conceal dark circles (yass!) but it blends out nicely and doesn't look too cakey. It's also long wearing too. A plus to Rimmel.

Bourjois Aqua Blush in Cocori Corail-To be honest I've not experimented with this product much yet but on the occasions I have worn I've loved the way it looks. This creamy cheek stain gives you the perfect amount of tint with a bit of dewiness thrown in for good measure. I recommend using fingers or a duofibre blush to blend this in for the most natural looking effect.

Topshop Beauty Lipstick in Rio Rio-First things first, how stunning is that rose gold embellished lipstick tube? It was a limited design to celebrate 5 years of Topshop beauty recently. While it may not be around now, this colour is part of the permanent lineup. It's the perfect orangey red and gives me major Lady Danger x Mac vibes. It's also matte too so you know it's not going to disappear in the nick of time like creamier formulations tend to. If you're looking for a vibrant red going into the warmer months, this may be the lippy for you.

Bourjois Colorband Eyeshadow+Liner in Mauve Baroque-When Anna dubbed this a dupe for Misty Rock x By Terry my ears pricked up and I made a note to test that theory out. Feelunique had a good sale on Bourjois things recently so that was my excuse to grab it. Now it's not identical but it is very close. Mauve Baroque leans ever so slightly more purple but it does look very similar on the lids. It's also not quite as budge-proof as its higher end counterpart but it does still last a decent time before it fades. I'm going to have to get some more of these for Summer because there's some other pretty shades I need must have in my life.

Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity Fresh Fizz Bar-Zoe's added a tropical touch to her beauty range and it's bound to be just as popular. I grabbed this fizz bar along with the makeup bag, which I'm actually using as a pencil case. As opposed to the original chocolate bar style fizz bar, this one is made up of bigger squares to break off and use. I think there's four or five so you get a decent amount of use out of this one. The scent is tropical but it definitely has hints of florals and muskiness in there too.  

-Have you hauled any beauty products recently? Tell all..
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My Week in Pictures #6

My Week in Pictures #6

It's the end of another week, and almost another month for that matter. I'm quite pleased for Spring and warmer days to be honest. Not to mention being able to abandon tights and all the extra layers. While I will miss wearing my navy trench coat, I won't miss the tights and socks. I really am a tshirt/light top girl at heart. This week's a bit short on imagery and rather than riddle you with excuses, I'll let you know that this week just wasn't that..exciting. Sure there were things happening but nothing worthy of cameras, unless you wanted to see artistic shots of my 'Sophie' badge from work. Ha. Anyway, here is the week that was...

(Above)-Two of my favourite makeup products; the Tartelette blush in Celebrated and Topshop's lipstick in Rio Rio.

-I gave my pinboard a bit of a makeover on the weekend because I wanted to see some more vibrant colours and a touch of flora and fauna on my wall. I love the way it looks. Those cushions you see are from Freedom Furniture and Kmart. 

-A little sneak peek at my first Nouvelle Daily haul. Btw, this took just over a week to ship to New Zealand which is pretty dang fast in my books. It was all so well packaged too and I even got a lil' note from Kate, Jordan and Mouse.

-Some books I'd requested from the library recently. A couple of these are going to be on my September Reading List so you'll hear more about them soon.

*Have the raddest weekend guys and if you're off to Fashion Weekend have fun. I went last year and it is a good time. I highly recommend you check out the Lonely Lingerie stand if they're there because their pieces are a bargain at the Designer Garage Sale. This weekend I'm not too sure what I want to do tbh-I kinda want to go to the Zinefest though and also on a bit of a second hand bookstore spree. Speaking of, if you have any recommendations of second hand bookstores I should check out please let me know! Have a good one and I will see you all on Monday with a haul, or two x.
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