A Pink Pamper Night

A Pink Pamper Night

As I'm sure many of you will be aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It's a cause that is very close to my heart and it affects so many women (and even men) each year. In honour of the cause, I decided to think about what pink essentials I'd put together for a pink pamper night. So many beauty brands usually release products at this time of year with proceeds going towards breast cancer research so it's the perfect time to throw one into your pamper routine. Here's my essentials for a pink night in..

No pamper night is complete without a myriad of treats. Might I suggest you add some Pinky bars or strawberry Tim Tams to your lineup. I didn't have any on hand but they're so delish! I like to start the night off with a bath so I usually use one of my favourite bath bombs or bubble bars from Lush. If you're not a bath person, hop in the shower with a scrub or sweet scented body lotion. I love the Sugar Crush body lotion from Soap & Glory. To read I opted for It by Alexa Chung for insights on all things Alexa. The newest step to my routine involves the Skinfood Breast Cream*. It's been released this month to help women get to know what is 'normal' for their breasts. It's an extra step in the routine but hey, it could save your life. The cream happens to smell great too and $2 from every cream sold goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Pyjamas on and it's time for my favourite girly, pink central movie, Legally Blonde. "Whoever says orange is the new pink is seriously disturbed". I'll apply my favourite new Baby Lips in the shade Pink Quartz, reach for pink nail polish and maybe even this gorgeous dusky pink eyeshadow from Stila. After all that I'm probably getting a bit tired. This girl ain't a partier so it's time to call it a night and dream through rose tinted lenses..

-What would be your essentials for a pink pamper night in? Let me know in the comments and you could win your very own Skinfood Breast Cream. Open to New Zealand readers only. This giveaway will close in one week. x

*PR Sample. Note-This post is in no way sponsored. Like I said this cause means a great deal to me and I felt this product deserved to have some awareness raised about it because let's face it breast cancer (no, cancer in general) takes the lives of far too many people. If getting to know what's 'normal' for you and your body has a greater emphasis on our lives then maybe we'll see that statistic decrease. 

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September Roundup

September Roundup

With blogging I sometimes feel like it's easy to get trapped in a corner or niche if you will. For the longest time I restricted myself to only publishing fashion content. I love fashion, but it's not my only love. Throughout September I made a conscious effort to branch out and blogged about fashion, books and other topics that don't really get explored much. Did you like the mix up of content?? Let me know!

Here's a little roundup of some posts that were published during September...

The Extras | A Fashion, Beauty & Stationery Haul-After a recent wardrobe cull I felt like there was some pieces my wardrobe was seriously lacking. Some stationery and beauty were added into the mix as well. Did I mention it's a video? Go watch and subscribe if you're feeling generous.

Daisy Dream-The new Spring fragrance which I'm sure has joined many a girl's perfume collection over the last few months. I'm obsessed with it and it's been one of the only fragrances I've used all month.

SPF's From Clinique-In a bid to save my youthful complexion (ha), I've been incorporating SPF's into my morning routine. These Clinique gems have been working wonders and they're not interfering with my skin or makeup layered over the top. Wins all round.

A Celine Inspired Buy-I may have been hiding my preference of Birkenstocks in the past, not anymore. These Country Road sandals are shiny and comfortable, two things I love. Want all the deets? Click that link..

*I hope everyone's having a fabulous Monday. I'm in the best mood because I got my first A for the semester today. Yep, I'm that person. In seriousness, A's are a rarity for me so when I get them I'm usually always on Cloud 9. I handed in an assignment today too where I got to blog so as a reward I'm taking the afternoon off and disappearing to watch It's Kind Of A Funny Story
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A Mini Wellington Haul

A Mini Wellington Haul

During the last week of the semester break I took a short trip down to Wellington and naturally we went shopping. I don't know what it is about you Wellington, but I swear you have some of the best independent stores. Shout out to Cuba Street. Also you have some of the friendliest salespeople out. Seriously, they have actual conversations with you and fangirl over your purchases with you. 

Madame Fancy Pants, Iko Iko and Matchbox Studios are some of my favourite places to visit when I'm in Wellington. The craftier types will love Minerva and there's plenty of places to find a vintage gem or two as well. When I posted a snippet of my haul on Instagram lots of you seemed keen to see what I picked up so if you are that way inclined, read on..

The Reading Material

Palo Alto by James Franco-As I mentioned last weeks, Unity Books is one of my all time favourite bookstores. We have one in Auckland but it's a lot smaller and a bit more cramped than its Wellington counterpart. It took me ages to choose how to spend my book tokens but this book has been on my radar for a while so it came home with me. Keep an eye out for a review in the coming months.

Mollie Makes Blogging, purchased from Minerva-I'd seen this magazine over on Liv's Instagram and could never find it in the shops so I was really excited to see it in Wellington. Aside from features with the ladies of A Beautiful Mess, there's also a writeup about Blogcademy, tonnes of tips and tricks, handy tools to buy and more..

An Extraordinary Theory of Objects by Stephanie Lacava-When I first discovered this book I found it such an enjoyable read so I'd been eager to add it to my collection. If you've not read this you must. It's a story of objects, life in France and learning to accept your faults. 

The Stationery

Rifle Paper Co 'Botanical' Notebook-Look at that floral gorgeousness! All the pages inside have gold detailing and it's just beautiful. The Rifle Paper Co. obsession lives on clearly...

Grumpy Cat+Hydrangea Ranger cards, purchased from Matchbox Studios-Cards are so good for pinboards, decorating walls and of course sending to loved ones in the post. I'm a little obsessed with Grumpy Cat and think he'll look right at home on my little wall gallery. The latter I think will belong on my pinboard. How gorgeous are those florals? They remind me of that field Dorothy wakes up in when she's on the Emerald City outskirts.

Cartoon Cat, purchased from Japan City-Japan City is one of those shops I always like to visit, even if I never buy anything. For some reason I find it rather fascinating, and I also secretly hope I'll find Muji in there. Anyway, I thought this would be cute to send to a fellow cat-lover. There may have been some Strawberry Pocky purchased here too but as you can see it's long gone.

Rifle Paper Co notepad, purchased from Iko Iko-This was one of Rifle's products designed in collaboration with Garance Dore. I love lists so this 'to do' list notepad was right up my street. They also have gorgeous weekly planners in stock at Iko Iko too and some of the Rifle Paper Co. phone cases which are stunning too.

Gold Chevron Washi Tape+Gem Washi Tape, purchased from Matchbox Studios & Iko Iko-If you saw one of my The Week posts a few weeks back you'll know I'm keen to set up a DIY wall complete with Washi tape as opposed to placing everything in frames. I've been on the hunt for gold tape and I loved this chevron design. The gemstone tape was so pretty as well and even if it doesn't end up on the wall, I'm sure it'll make its way onto gifts and the like sometime soon.

The Extras

Rose-Gold Ring, purchased from Matchbox Studios-You can't see this ring very well in pictures so I'll try to remember to upload one at some point. It's a rose-gold triangle on a thin band and it's so dainty. Lately I've been mixing metals when it comes to jewellery so I've been wearing this alongside some of my favourite silver rings as well for a subtle pop of colour. 

Tassel Keyring-I literally could not walk away without this last week. Rose gold anything seems to have that effect on some people. It actually won't fit on the straps of my current handbag so it might end up becoming a keyring for my car and house keys. We shall see.

*What have you hauled recently? Let us know so we can all live vicariously through each other in the comments xx
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The Week #123

The Week #123

A Touch Of Shine For Spring-A bit of sheen on the cheekbones is nice but I also like to add a bit of shine to my accessories as well. Clearly Country Road's designers feel similarly as a range of pieces with metallic embellishments have made their way into stores. Seen here are the Tassel Keyring and the Hexagon Print Shopper. The keyring may have come home with me from the airport last week. Look how gorgeous it is! 

The Best Milkshakes Ever-I'm quite the fan of milkshakes and last weekend Charli took me to Fidels in Wellington which just so happens to have a rather awesome brunch menu and of course..milkshakes. I had an Oreo one and it was so good. It's inspired me to do an Oreo-Nutella milkshake actually. Maybe that can go on the weekend to-do list...

Style Inspiration-It doesn't happen all that often but sometimes the question of my personal style inspirations comes up. Aside from the queen (Alexa), I actually look at the runways and what my favourite bloggers are wearing abroad more than anywhere else. As NZ is currently Zara-less this can be quite a pain sometimes, but I try to keep an eye out for similar things in our shops. Anyway, Alix shared this video of her current style favourites and I loved it! I'm all for a more minimalistic, yet still classic approach to style these days and she just nails it. Adding leather backpacks to the wishlist as we speak. 

Matte Fantasy-What's this? More eyeshadows and they are matte. I know, I'm a changed woman. In seriousness, I have barely any matte shadows and the new Naked 2 Basics palette looks like it has you sorted. 6 mattes, one with a slight sheen that'll do everything from highlight, define the crease, you name it. Again, adding to the wishlist.

The Best Bookstore Ever-So I still think Waterstones in London is all kinds of amazing but Unity Books in Wellington and Auckland are awesome. Seriously, it is a book-lover's mecca and if you love reading as much as I do, you're bound to leave with a book or two and a slightly longer to-read list. I couldn't find photos online that I liked enough but Palo Alto was just one of the books I picked up in Wellington last week with a gift voucher that I had handy. If you live in Auckland or Wellington you should definitely head here for your book fix.

*Have a radtastic weekend girls (and guys). I've been working on essays and a blog assignment this week, the latter which is turning out to be quite fun. This weekend I'm finishing up said blogging assignment, playing with some new drugstore makeup, heading in to Mecca for some fun times and reading this book.
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The Extras: A Céline Inspired Buy

The Extras: A Céline Inspired Buy

Confession hour: I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to the fashion department. If that wasn't obvious enough then this will certainly prove my point. When we were coming back to Auckland I spied these shoes in Country Road and made a mental note to try them on sometime this week. As you can see that clearly happened...

I'll be honest, I've always liked the idea of Birkenstocks but have constantly been surrounded by people who find them hideous so I tend to just overlook them. They've made a comeback in recent years though and Country Road's new spin on them, complete with metallic hues had me interested. The Harriet sandal is available in silver, as seen above and also gold, black and white. Like the Birkenstock sandal they are ridiculously comfortable. Seriously, I don't think I've owned comfier Summer shoes in ages. I feel like the metallic touch livens them up a bit too. You're either going to love or hate these shoes but I love them. As I said to a friend of mine, they're Man Repeller-esque in the best possible way. You be the judge of whether or not that is a good thing. Oh and one more thing: If you are breaking them in and are prone to getting blisters, wear plasters on the section of your foot where the straps sit. I didn't and I now have blisters so yeah *sad times*.

Anyway, if you want to grab yourselves some of these I'd act fast. They are selling out rather quickly in stores and I doubt they're going to be hanging around on the shelves for long. 

*Do you own sandals like these?
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