My Current Skincare Lineup

My Current Skincare Lineup

Disclaimer time: I am no skincare expert. I am just a mere mortal with an above average level of enthusiasm for beauty products. Any knowledge I have has been self-obtained or absorbed from the likes of Sali Hughes' books and countless other sources. These products might not necessarily work for you and as with anything, try to trial something new first before purchasing it and/or assess what will work for you. Disclaimers aside, this is my current skincare lineup. I'm going off what I use at night more than anything else and there are some extras which might be missing. Either because I'm not satisfied with what I've tried or I'm still trialling things. I try to keep things as simple as possible, complex routines are less likely to motivate me to maintain a skincare regime but I do try to use treatments and whatnot where necessary. For context; my skin is combination-oily, the latter more so in Summer than any other time of year. 

Super Pure Serum x Glossier: Before anyone asks, here is how I get my Glossier fix. Super Pure is one of Glossier's three serums, this one aimed at blemish prone skin. It contains niacinamide and zinc, designed to soothe the skin, calm down redness and sort those angry blemishes out. It feels incredibly cooling to apply, which I like and is fast absorbing. Wins all round.

Stress Positive Eye Lift* x Dermalogica: The copywriting for this product is a bit perplexing so I'll just talk about what I use it for. I apply this under my eyes, pat in with my fingers and wake up with things around the eye area looking a lot more hydrated. It actually absorbs too, you aren't left with product sitting under the eyes in the morning which I love. 

Clarifying Toning Lotion x Ren: After discovering the Pixi Glow Tonic didn't agree with my skin-boo, hiss, I went back to this toner which I'd used in the past and forgotten about. It's alcohol free and not loaded with parabens or sulfates. Yass Ren. As it's designed with combination/oily skin in mind, I feel like it's a bit gentler for an exfoliating toner. It definitely does what it says on the bottle, but it feels a bit less intensive than something like Glow Tonic. 

Pep Start HydroRush * x Clinique: Clinique's moisturiser has been in my routine for most of the year now and I still love it. The lightweight, bouncy texture totally sells it for me. I love that it's oil free too. Clinique recently sent me another of their moisturisers, more on that later in the week, so I'll be interested to see how they compare. 

Milky Jelly Cleanser x Glossier: What's not to like with this one? Like the serum above, it's got a lovely cooling feeling. The texture as the name would suggest is somewhere between a cream and a gel. My skin loves it and it definitely leaves things looking a lot better, without feeling stripping. I can see why so many people use and rate this cleanser, Anna probably has a whole backup shelf devoted to it now. It's a beaut. 

Drying Lotion x Mario Badescu: My first introduction to this product was c/o Kylie Jenner on Snapchat when she talked us through her skincare routine. Yes I watched the whole thing. Anyway, it was this product she applied to a cotton bud that intrigued me. Mario Badescu are known for their facial sprays but I hear just as many people raving about this product too. The blend of calamine and salicylic acid are magic. Obviously I don't use this daily, just when I have blemishes that I want to be less visible pronto. It really works fast and if you have an emergency, planet-sized crater on your face you want to banish, this is the product. 

-What skincare products do you use?

*PR Sample

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Recent Fashion Finds

Recent Fashion Finds

Happy weekend! This post is a lil' different and is essentially me waxing lyrical on some of my favourite places to find clothes. The novelty of having a Zara about 15-20 minutes drive away is yet to wear off. Annoyingly, a lot of what I wanted to talk about is nightmarish to find online so I might generalise a bit. Apologies in advance. If in doubt, go peruse the shops in question. Anyway, fashion and fashion-y bits incoming...

Zara: Oh Zara, how I love thee. Ever since I discovered it in Melbourne six or so years back I have been smitten. Gorgeous pieces, fabulous tailoring, colours and on-trend without being too gimmicky. Zara is my go-to for blouses, basics and things that you won't really find elsewhere. For my birthday I was given some money and nabbed the dream skirt, it has pockets people, a shirt dress with dramatic sleeve detailing, I love me some sleeve drama and this oversized navy cardigan above. It has tortoiseshell style buttons and is so cosy. I literally feel like I'm walking in a blanket when I have this on. In a good way. This is why I'm not a fashion copywriter...

H&M: H&M can be a bit hit and miss sometimes, I'm not going to lie. If you're willing to tolerate the crowds and never ending racks, it can be a rewarding experience. I go here for basics like skirts and lightweight cardis but also blouses and tops. More recently I grabbed a burnt orange lace blouse with a slightly ruffled collar. It's not overly dramatic, period-actress looking, thank goodness but I love it. The stripes you see above are from a shirt I grabbed not too long ago, with flared sleeves. All about the shirts right now.

Alexa Chung: After watching Alexa's SS17 live stream in the early hours of the morning here in Auckland, I knew I wanted all many of the things. These star loafers are still calling out to me. Love Rays, her non-first date ready tee is in my wardrobe now. It mightn't quite be teeshirt weather yet but I have been wearing this underneath knits (see above) with skirts and tights+boots. I love it.

Pinch & Fold: The lovely folk at Pinch & Fold reached out to me recently and offered me some jewellery, which of course I couldn't turn down. I love their celestial themed pieces, in particular this* necklace, a star choker* (which I have a suspicion was part of the sale) and these earrings. Everything came beautifully packaged too, in a mini mason jar which I actually kept to stop these dainty pieces getting tangled/lost. 

Trade Aid: This is my go-to for ethically produced and sourced pieces from around the world. Whether it be their mugs, chocolate or their jewelry. Seriously their earrings are underrated and I love 'em. These were actually a gift from Emma and they've fast become my favourites to wear on an almost daily basis. Although they do have a tendency to get caught on my swipe-card's lanyard for work but that's redundant. They're a beaut. I've not linked their online store because the selection online is limited so I'd encourage you to head in to have a browse. 

-What are your fashion staples at the moment?

*I was sent these necklaces for review but all love of celestial motifs and dainty jewels are my own. 
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Deskside Beauty

Deskside Beauty

Ever since starting my new job I've kinda shaken things up beauty-wise. I'm not suddenly wearing smokey eyes on the regular, or bold lipstick for days but I am keeping things a lot more pared back. That's partly because I am not an early morning person but also because sometimes I just can't be bothered. Now I feel like a fraudulent beauty blogger. Anyway, today I thought I'd talk you through some of my essentials for workplace makeup. Note: a lot of what's pictured has been in and out of my makeup bag all month and has been used and enjoyed, for the most part...

Lightweight Base: I don't think I've ever been one for the heavy, full coverage foundation, unless it's something I have completely blanked from my memory. Lately I've been using and loving the MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour*. It evens out the complexion and just leaves things looking like you've at least made a bit of an effort. It won't conceal but hey, there's this revolutionary product you mightn't know about called concealer for that. It's lightweight, lovely and super quick to apply. 

Concealer: Aka the love of my makeup life. Some days I actually just throw concealer on as a base. Wasteful I am sure but *insert shrug emoji here*. My go-to's are the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer-sadly not ranged in NZ but amazing for under eyes, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard-I've repurchased this countless times and keep the mini, which I think was limited edition in my bag and the YSL Touche Eclat* for brightening-nonessential but it does make a difference. I use the shade 1.5.

Powder: Now this is one area where there's a few products used. I alternate between the Bourjois powder above-side note, if anyone knows where I can get the shade Vanilla in NZ please sing out and an Hourglass one in a palette I have for setting makeup down. The Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium-I use this every day to make my face look like it's got something at least slightly resembling cheekbones. Blush-wise, if I'm not time pressed I use this-it's amazingly long lasting too. Otherwise I often reach for this Too Faced Gem in the shade I Will Always Love You. Lately I've been using bronzer too, Sunlit Skin Bronzing Powder x Mecca Max is my current favourite. It's showing up much darker online, I have the shade light so don't let that photo fool you. When I feel like it, I've been loving Blinded By The Light x Too Faced for highlighter. 

Eyes: Mascara I tend to rotate so I won't go into great detail other than to say the Wet N Wild mascara above really disappointed me. Mascaras smudging is not usually an issue for me but this one smudges like crazy. I regularly come home to find I look like Taylor Momsen at the height of her grunge phase. As for eyeshadow, I'm all about the light shimmers. I alternate between some Colourpop shadows, my By Terry Ombre Blackstars and this ride or die palette. 

Lips: Last but not least, as you can see from the above photo, I like my lip products. I mainly wear either Balm Dotcom-which also doubles as a quick glossy eyelid product, or nude lipsticks. Modesty x Mac or Brave (also Mac) are my favourites. When I'm after something a touch bolder, I love the Lancome Matte Shaker* in Pink or the L'Absolu Rouge lipstick in Idole. The latter is a shade Lisa Eldridge designed for herself and you know if Lisa's behind it, it will not disappoint.

So I think that covers everything for the makeup I gravitate towards for work. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments and what your work makeup essentials are. Enable/inspire me.

*PR Sample

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The Bookdate, Volume Five

The Bookdate, Volume Five

It's been way too long since a post solely devoted to books made an appearance on this blog so it was about time that was amended. I feel like I've been reading more than usual lately-I like to read on my trains to and from work but also occasionally on my lunch break and at the end of the day. Basically, any time I have free time I'll either be reading or re-watching The Crown on Netflix. You get the gist. Books are great, paperbacks and hardbacks not e-readers are life. Moving right along...

Book Club: My self-established book club on Goodreads has kinda taken an extended hiatus. I have been reading some other book club's recommendations though. For Our Shared Shelf, I've been reading The Handmaid's Tale which for some reason is taking me forever. Side note: I'm going to attempt to finish that in the next couple of weeks so I can report back but so far, I am still obsessed with Atwood's writing. For Between Two Books, I have been reading Too Much & Not the Mood by Durga Chew Bose. Ironically, I feel like I have to be in the mood to read this one but the experience is rewarding as I have several pages bookmarked and underlined. I also recently grabbed one of their past recommendations, Tristimania by Jay Griffiths but I am yet to read it. I will report back here or over on Goodreads though.

Time Out's Book Gifts: One of my two favourite bookstores in Auckland, Time Out have recently launched some rather rad book gifts. You can select a year of books subscriptions; monthly or bimonthly and will receive a book tailored to your reading tastes, a hand selected bundle of books, a gift registry for not so subtle hint dropping and more. Check them out here. I'm not going to lie, that subscription service is tempting me so much. 

Recently Read: / The Wonder by Emma Donoghue. This book is really outside my literary comfort zone, being historical fiction. It addresses topics like mental illness, eating disorders, religious imagery and the fascination with the supernatural or the unexplained. While the story is fictional, it was interesting to think about how illnesses like eating disorders were very much a new concept in 1850. I can see why so many people love Donoghue's writing. She flawlessly combines the grotesque with the beautiful and her prose is extremely compelling. / The Illustrated Mum by Jacqueline Wilson. My Jacqueline Wilson kick continues and I was particularly keen to revisit this one. I remember I used to own it but couldn't really remember much beyond the fact the mother had lots of tattoos, hence the title. I'm pretty sure it used to scare me too, given it deals with manic depression which I really wouldn't have comprehended. That being said, Wilson takes the subject matter extremely seriously and doesn't attempt to condescend or patronise her younger audience. I can only imagine how effective this book would be for a child facing a similar situation.  / Various magazines. Let me know if you want to see articles I've enjoyed, provided I can find the links online and/or know some I've loved lately. 

The Wishlist: / Olympia Le Tan, The Story of O.L.T. I've flicked through this book briefly in store and it is beautiful. Not only that it's packed to the brim with visual inspiration and I want it so badly for my bookshelf and eyes. / What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton. I actually have another of Hillary's memoirs on my shelves and I did start it and loved what I'd read so far but its her upcoming book I'm intrigued by. I think the title says it all really and her publishers are promising this to be her most candid book yet. / Vivienne Westwood. After reading and rating Westwood's diaries last year, I really want to read her memoirs. There's not much more to it than that really.

-What have you read and liked recently?
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Five Things | August

Five Things | August

August is well and truly underway and with that comes another of my roundup posts. I feel like I need to preface this post and apologise if things are a bit lackluster on the blog front. I'll try my hardest to keep things consistent but at the moment I'm still trying to suss out how to manage my time outside of work. Bear with me! Anyway, five things for August; a magazine discovery, a makeup marvel, podcast finery and more...

The Sunday Girl: After bemoaning the lack of magazine outlets in Auckland CBD, I discovered a newsagents close to my work that has quite the selection. Props to those of you on Twitter who pointed me in the direction of it. I grabbed the latest issue of Glamour UK (August) and also The Sunday Girl, pictured. The latter is one I've spied on Liv's many channels and liked the look of. From the quick flick-through I had on my afternoon tea break, it looks super promising. Check out their site here and their dreamy Instagram feed here

Saying hello to Mecca Maxima+Mecca Max: In case you missed it, Mecca Maxima landed in Auckland last week and sent a range of beauty lovers into an excitable frenzy. Case in point, whenever I've walked past at lunchtime this week and even after work, the store has been filled to the brim with people. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you why having a Mecca Maxima around is a good/perhaps dangerous thing. Along with last week's launch which coincidentally fell on my birthday, Mecca Max, the new and extensive brand dropped. I still haven't had a chance to look at this range properly, see previous sentences but I did pick up the light bronzer. It's all reasonably affordable and the branding+thought behind the entire line is definitely worth noting. 

Podcast Loves: To break up the work day a bit I alternate between listening to music and podcasts every now and again. Solange, Lorde & Florence+The Machine are my go-to for music whilst I work. Podcast wise-I basically search for people/guests I want to listen to and go from there but I have found a podcast I really love. Glamour mag's Hey It's Ok is one of my favourites. Start with Jennifer Saunders' episode. You're welcome. I also recommend the Penguin UK podcast episode with Alexandra Shulman and Richard E Grant. So. Good. Last but not least, this episode with Scarlett Curtis on Emma Gannon's podcast is worth a listen.

Zoe and Morgan: I've been obsessed with Zoe and Morgan's gorgeous pieces for a while and was lucky enough to receive this for my birthday. Okay there was some very unsubtle hinting involved. I love it so, so much. It gives me Stevie Nicks vibes, never a bad thing and because it was a birthday gift it has that sentimentality attached to it too. Good luck getting me to wear any other necklaces now. 

Books & Things: So you may have noticed book blogging has really taken a backseat lately. In fact my last book post was nearly a month ago (!). Whoops. So just a quick PSA, the book blogging is still a thing. In fact I have a book themed post coming Monday. If you ever want more of a glimpse into what I'm reading, you can check out my bookstagram, which is dedicated mostly to books, naturally. You'll also find the odd Rory Gilmore picture that seem to attract a ton of likes, a mystery to me. 
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