The Week #131

The Week #131

We are infinite-Sometimes I do things on a whim like spend an hour browsing the Auckland City Library. Aside from a ridiculously brilliant selection of books they also have a ton of CD's and sheet music. I hired The Perks of Being a Wallflower soundtrack and it didn't disappoint. Fans of the movie should know that though. My favourite track so far is Heroes or the 'tunnel song' as it's better known.

Barbarella-My friend and I made a little order through recently and I added this Nars lipstick to my basket. It looks scary orange in that picture but because it's more on the sheer side it doesn't look too orange on. I'd say it's more of a peachy pink with the subtlest hint of orange. It's just beautiful. It wears really well too and doesn't feel drying. 

My new favourite bookshop-We used to have a lot of really great bookstores in NZ but many of them have since disappeared. Thankfully some of the best independent bookstores still exist and one of my favourites at the moment is Time Out in Mt Eden. It's not the biggest of stores but they pack a hefty amount of books into their little shop. They have a bit of everything, and there's even a shop cat who makes appearances from time to time. If you're in Auckland it's well worth the visit. 

Man Repeller and Iris Apfel-Leandra Medine and Iris Apfel, two of my favourite fashionable women got together recently and aside from an adorable photoshoot, they also filmed a video and my corner of the internet exploded. They both have such a brilliant approach to fashion.

Snow in Summer-Fun fact. I have never seen Snow in real life. Ever. Do I feel deprived? Not really. Okay, maybe just a tad. Maybe I can "fake it 'til I make it" with this Instant White Snow from Kikki K. It looks awesome! I was playing with it at the counter in store the other day, because I act like an adult when I'm alone *ahem*. If you too haven't seen Snow then maybe you should pick some up for yourself this weekend.
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A Look At Pinterest

A Look At Pinterest

I joined Pinterest back when it was invite-only and ever since I have been hooked. My tastes in decor and fashion may have changed drastically since those days, but it is still my favourite online destination to seek out inspiration and ideas for everything really. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my favourite images I've found over on Pinterest lately. If you want to follow my boards you can do so here.

Metallics-If you follow my home-centred boards you're going to notice copper, rose-gold pieces appearing an awful lot. There is also a lot of white and minimalistic settings. A container like this would be perfect for your makeup brushes, skincare, stationery...the possibilities are endless.

Lipsticks-My name is Sophie and I'm a lip product addict. That's all.

Nike Kicks-I'm not sure if these are genuine Nikes. They look like the ones from the Liberty collection if they are though. If I had floral, comfortable sneakers I'd probably consider wearing them more. Maybe...

Smoking Slippers-These are such gorgeous shoes! I used to have a pair of gold loafers similar to these but I think this pair are so much more fun.

Simplicity-Another simple room setup. Look at those big window spaces too! Perfect for reading in the sun.

Pearls-I used to be all about the crazy jewellery but in recent years I seem to have really toned that down. These giant pearl accessories are a trend I could get behind though. Those rings look gorgeous.

Zoe & Morgan Earrings-These would be so gorgeous for Christmas but when are stars not gorgeous? I think these would be perfect in silver as well.

Pineapple Lamp-Dearest gold pineapple lamp. Please feel free to join my life+room. We'd all get on splendidly. I believe Laura Ashley have something similar to this if you're in NZ. This would add a unique touch to any room it is placed in.

-Are you on Pinterest? Leave your links below so we can all go on a follow spree! x

*Hasn't this week gone fast!? Maybe it's just me. I've been busy with blog stuff, paperwork and the continual job+intern search. Thrilling stuff! Today I'm off to run some errands in town and hopefully take some photos. I'm planning to share another visual diary soon. I also have a tropical themed dinner to go to. I'm supposed to find something colourful to wear amongst my monochrome wardrobe. Yeeeah that's not gonna happen. I hope your weeks are going fab x.
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Miscellaneous Christmas Gifts + Wrapping Ideas

Miscellaneous Christmas Gifts + Wrapping Ideas

I'm back with another little Christmas Gift Guide for y'all today. Now this was meant to be a video but life got in the way. I'll spare you the details but these are all gifts I think would be great for your non-beauty loving friends. They're all things I'd love to receive too. Obviously it's what on the inside that counts but the outside is just as important, especially at Christmas! I've also rounded up some of my favourite gift wrapping bits into this post. You may notice a recurring colour theme...

A Very She & Him Christmas-Christmas albums are something you'll either love or loathe. The Mariah album is not for me but come Christmas time, Love Actually's soundtrack and this classic from Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward come out to play. It's definitely one for those with more indie-geared music taste but it's a lot less painful to listen to than some of the cringe-worthy compilations out there. 

Rookie Yearbook 3-This is the best of Rookie online in book form with loads of extra interviews and stories that aren't online to keep fans happy. If you're like me you might drift in and out of Rookie but it's always a site I come back to. This would be great for a teenage girl, Tavi fangirls or just anyone who loves darn good content.

Rifle Paper Co Stationery-Look how gorgeous these notebooks are. Now think how good they'd look in whoever's hands you choose to deposit them into. Rifle Paper stationery is all beautifully designed and presented. They've also got a range of prints, calendars, recipe cards and even children's books to choose from in their online store. Shipping to NZ can be a bit pricey but it all arrives in perfect condition and really quickly so it's worthwhile.

Music & Book Vouchers-Let's be real, some people are just hard to shop for and if you know they're music or book enthusiasts then vouchers can often be the way to go. They can choose what they want themselves and everyone wins. iTunes gift cards are always bound to go down a treat and can be used across Apple's extensive iTunes store. In terms of book vouchers if you're based in Auckland I'd suggest heading to Unity Books or Time Out Books. They have fantastic ranges in store and whoever you're shopping for won't walk out empty handed.

Magazine Subscriptions-I already know that I'm getting a Frankie magazine subscription for Christmas and I'm not gonna lie, I'm really excited about it. Subscriptions are one of those things I don't tend to buy for myself so when I'm gifted one it's the best. Magazines I'm loving at the moment and think are worth subscribing to are; Frankie, Kinfolk, Nylon, Yen and Donna Hay if you have a foodie to shop for. 

Etsy Prints-Or anything from Etsy really! They're a great destination to shop for unique gifts and are perfect for pop culture fans. Above are some Gilmore Girls cards I featured in yesterday's post. Simply think of any movie or film star (for example) that you or your gift recipient love and you'll be rewarded with a range of gems. 

Gift Wrapping Loves

Kikki K 'Merry Christmas' Card-This is giving me Kate Spade vibes and those dots. Beautiful! I believe you can buy these cards in sets too if you're wanting to share them around.

Rifle Paper Co Joyeux Noel Cards-I think the visual above does all the talking for these really. I'm going to be giving these out to some of my rad friends and blogging pals and hope they love them as much as I do. 

Typo Gift Wrap-Gees Typo, you could've been a bit more inventive with your names..Surprise surprise, more gold. I initially bought this paper to wrap up some bits'n pieces from a swap I just did but the rest is going to go towards Christmas presents. I'm not a fan of paper that looks too Christmassy, so this paper with subtle gold accents and motifs appealed to me.

Typo 'Give It To Me' Tags-Now gift tags are by no means an essential but they add a nice little touch. You can attach them to some twine or ribbon if you're feeling creative as well.

Typo Christmas Card-I'm pretty sure this card came home with me because of the mini envelope factor and of course the gold+dot detailing. I think this is such a cute card and if I wasn't planning on adding it to my Christmas moodboard it'd definitely be making its way into someone's letterbox.

*What's on your wishlist for Christmas?
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A DIY Art Wall

A DIY Art Wall

I've wanted to showcase my prints and photos that I collect on my wall for the longest time and have even considered framing them. Sadly though framing is expensive, especially when you have to get custom frames made for you. Well I've seen washi tape art walls all over the show, from Nouvelle Daily to Lily Pebbles' blogs, and I decided to put one together using my own art bits'n bobs. This technically isn't on the wall yet because I'm waiting until they're repainted. This DIY is so easy though! If you want to find out how I did this then keep reading...

What You Will Need

*An A3 sheet of black card or paper.
*An assortment of prints, cards and photos.
*Trusty scissors.
*A ruler.
*Washi Tape. I've got quite the problem obsession with gold washi tape at the moment so that's what I chose for my wall.


*Select your items for your wall gallery. I opted for a selection of prints, cards, Taylor Swift Polaroids and an Audrey Hepburn photo which was in an old calendar. I'll link these prints and things below x.

*Lay the images out on your black card and play around with how you want them arranged. I had a variety of different sizes so I played around with the order to mix it up. I also had a few quotes and phrases so I tried to separate those so the text wasn't all in one corner.

*Once you've settled on an order you can then trace around the images on the black card, label them and then cut the black card out. Now I didn't do this but you can label each print on the black card and then move them around on your wall to see how the layout will look. 

*Grab your Washi tape and get sticking! I opted for a gold chevron tape and then a gold striped one but if you want something that isn't patterned you could just use plain coloured Washi tape instead. I chose to do some with just tape in the corners and then used longer strips on the larger prints. It's entirely up to you what you do here. This is just what I liked.

*Stand back and admire your handiwork. Here's what my finished 'wall' looked like:

Voila! Let me know if you enjoyed this DIY.

*What would be on your DIY wall?

Prints+Images Used

*Je T'aime Card, Rifle Paper Co.
*C'est La Vie Print, Society 6.
*Deer Cat Print, Bird in a Bunny Suit
*Taylor Swift Polaroid, part of the 1989 Deluxe Edition.
*Bill Cunningham Quote, from a set of fashion cards at Kikki K a couple of years back.
*Audrey Hepburn photo from an old calendar. They usually include this in most Audrey calendars when they're released so you're bound to find it in there or any Audrey photo books.
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The Week #130

The Week #130

Beauty Editors' Favourite Things-Beauty editors get sent a lot of stuff so naturally it takes a product a good deal of work to win them over. The Coveteur published their findings on what some of America's top beauty editors love. I'm adding Kevyn Aucoin mascara to my wishlist after seeing multiple raves for it. 

Christmas Is Looking Ambient-The beauty brands really seem to bring it during the festive season and this year Hourglass have decided to bring back their popular Ambient Lighting palette from last year but have reworked it for their new blush palette. There's two of the existing blushers included and one limited edition inclusion but if you're clever you can mix the colours for a custom colour. I'd be very happy to see this one under the tree next month...

Garance Dore + Rifle Paper Co-There's just something about fashion illustration that seems to get me every time. The Garance Dore + Rifle Paper Co collaboration is no exception as I've got one of their to-do list notepads in my life. Well they've added some new bits 'n bobs to the range. I love these notebooks. For the beauty-obsessed, they have some products adorned with makeup illustrations too. I'm obsessed basically.

A British Reading List-Now I thought my reading list growing up had been heavily influenced by British literature. Apparently, I was wrong because there was maybe one or two books in Sanne and Liv's video that I had read. I added several books from this video to my Goodreads feed and top of the list is I Capture The Castle. If you're bookishly inclined I suggest you give it a watch.

Taylor Swift Meets Gone Girl-Or as my friend so aptly put it, Tay Tay goes cray cray. This is such an awesome video though. Aside from the Gone Girl vibes there's eye candy, cats, a tonne of costume changes and red lips. Taylor's killin' it in the best possible way.
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