to be read

to be read

Hello! Long time, no write. Whoops. So....strange how that seems to happen yet I feel like I write all the time but somehow this poor lil' corner of the interwebs gets a bit neglected. And I feel guilty about it. So naturally it makes sense to be writing now, at almost midnight. Logic is fabulous. Anyway anyway, today I thought I'd do something a bit different and talk about books I am hoping to read soon. Aka the "tbr"/to be read pile!  There's a mix of new books, a classic I am yet to read, some Booker prize candidates and more...

The Truants x Kate Weinberg: This recommendation comes straight from the lovely Chloe at Unity Books Auckland. Side note: Chloe has the best recommendations so go in and ask her for bookish suggestions if you are in the city. Anyway, here we have a campus novel, this time set in Norwich and it gives off Donna Tartt vibes but in a dare I say it, more accessible way. I'm only about a third of the way through it but it's a book you can easily immerse yourself in and I feel like I will be lauding it as the perfect beach read in a couple month's time. 

Trick Mirror x Jia Tolentino: One of my most highly anticipated essay volumes of the year, bought to my attention by Madeleine and what feels like everyone whose reading recommendations I trust online. Jia Tolentino's writing is a highlight of reading the New Yorker-which admittedly I don't read enough but anyway.  From the little snippets and interviews I have been reading to tide me over until it arrives in New Zealand, I am sure it's gonna deliver the goods.

Ghost Wall x Sarah Moss: This is Time Out's next Lit Read and was a contender for the Women's fiction prize this year. A book I have been meaning to read for a while so this seems like the perfect occasion. I have been told it's one you can read in one sitting so maybe I need to set aside some quiet evening with wine and this for escapement. I will keep you posted...

The Bell Jar x Sylvia Plath: A classic that somehow I have never read, despite reading a fair bit of Plath's writings now. Well I say somehow,  there is something daunting about this book to me for whatever reason but more on that some other time. I've already read a book about this book, I know, so meta *ahem* and while it feels wrong to say I am looking forward to reading it-that's the truth of the matter.

Ducks, Newburyport x Lucy Ellmann: Another awards longlist contender, this time for the Man Booker Prize. And it is mighty, clocking in at 1020 pages. I will let this review from Jay do the rest of the talking for you. 

Animals x Emma Jane Unsworth: One of the NZIFF highlights which sadly I missed but in the interim, there is this gem of a book. I say it's a gem in a somewhat prophetic way but hey, Caitlin Moran loves it and that's enough for me. 

Year of the Monkey x Patti Smith: Ah Patti Smith, her writing is the tonic and I am so so looking forward to this new volume which is being released very soon. And underlining. And reading and re-reading. I love Patti Smith a lot, can you tell?

-What is on your 'to be read' pile?

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