Goodbye 2015!

Goodbye 2015!

Oh 2015, where have you gone? You blissful, beautiful, many-splendored thing. It's been a really good year on many, many fronts but also a somewhat testing year. I stepped away from my studies until the end of September and I won't dwell on that much now, mainly because it is quite personal but it really changed a lot of how the year went, in good ways and bad. This year I also finally became licensed to drive alone and while I can't drive anyone without a full license yet, it's really the most liberating, amazing thing ever. One of my favourite things is driving in the countryside with the windows down and wildflower spotting. A month or so back I started doing the social media for a magazine store and I love it. Magazines are my passion and to get to be surrounded by them, their pages and ideas makes me one very happy human being. There was also a few adventures in the mix, with trips to Sydney and Wellington, the latter twice. An evening with Florence Welch happened too and she was mesmerising as always. I made new friends this year and this blog took a new direction with books coming more to the forefront. The lovely Kate Key designed me a pretty swish new blog logo too, and I'm still as smitten with it now as I was when I first saw it. So 2015, thank you for being decent and not diminishing my sense of optimism too much.

And of course here's to you dear readers. Thank you for continuing to be your amazing, wonderful selves and for always being so lovely to me, whether online or in person. Your kind words, emails and messages of positivity never fail to make my day. Here's to 2016. May it be full of adventures, good vibes and amazingness for us all xx.
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December Favourites

December Favourites

I'll spare you all the usual, 'where has the year gone' statement. That'll come tomorrow... December's been a darn good month. For so many reasons it's my favourite month of the entire year so I'm glad it lived up to its expectations. It was also a good month for favourites as well and there could easily have been a fair few more items in here. For now though, here's the eyeshadow I'm quite smitten with, a book I wish I'd read sooner and everything in between...

Printicular App-This app's had a fair bit of the limelight around these parts so I'll keep this brief. Cheap, cheerful, Instagram sized images at your disposal. If you live in New Zealand and have a Warehouse Stationery handy you need to give this app a go. These are also great to gift somebody else as well of course as keep tangible versions of your visual memories.

Mac Satin Lipstick in Brave-Thanks to the lovely Fiona this lipstick made its way into my life this month. Whether or not it is Kylie J's shade of choice, it is a stunning colour. It's a lovely pink nude, with the slightest pearlised sheen running through it. Go give it a swatch and be prepared to swoon.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Eyeshadow in Bette-Dear Charlotte, please bring your luxurious makeup to the Southern Hemisphere in 2016. Love from Sophie x. These cream shadows are heaven in a frosted glass jar. They're so moussy which makes blending them a dream and the pigmentation is spot on. Bette is a golden bronze hue, perfect for the Summer months. It might be a bold claim but this is definitely one of the best cream eyeshadow formulas I have ever tried.

Essence Mattifying Compact Powder in Light Beige*-This powder was sent to me months ago and I remember liking it at the time but it ended up lost in my makeup drawer. It's definitely getting a thrashing at the moment though, when my face begins to resemble the reflective surface of a CD. Every day in other words. This powder is porcelain-skin friendly, doesn't look cakey and helps to keep shine at bay. It mightn't be the most long-wearing of powders but given how cheap and cheerful it is you can't really complain.

About A Boy by Nick Hornby-It took me far too long to read this one, given I watched the movie months ago and bought the book at the beginning of the year. Whoops. For those unfamiliar with the story it charts the journeys of Will, a thirty-something singleton and Marcus, an adolescent+outcast. Their paths cross and ultimately they both have a lot to learn from one another. This novel offers an interesting insight into life in 1990's London as well as the contrast between youth and adulthood. It's well worth the read.

Gilmore Girls-No brainer: I'm doing that thing where I rewatch Gilmore Girls and love it+inevitably declare it a current favourite. Let's be real, it's at all-time favourite status now. It doesn't even need a proper explanation.

Memories by Lang Leav-When I spotted this in the bookstore it was one of those moments where I judged the book solely on its cover. It didn't disappoint. Biographical, nostalgic, mesmerising poetry is contained within its pages. If you like inspiring writing give this a try.

-What have you loved during December?

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What I Got For Christmas: 2015

What I Got For Christmas: 2015

I'm back, and while I did take a little bit of a blogging break, as per usual I ended up missing it too much so I returned here earlier than I expected. Maybe I will make like Anna and take the odd break or two from posting in 2016 but we shall see. On Saturday amid a humid haze I made my return to filming. For all you curious folk who like to know what people got for Christmas, this one's bound to keep you happy. Oh and apologies for my nearly naked face. I had a smidgen of makeup on but couldn't be bothered going the whole nine yards. More so when it was just going to disappear off my face. Anyway, the video is below. Enjoy! x

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas | 2015

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas | 2015

It's that crazy, wonderful, hectic time of year. If you've left your Christmas shopping to the last minute, it can feel even more stressful. My advice; take advantage of the early morning opening hours and the later closing times. If you're feeling a bit stumped on what to get, how about something along these lines? These are all items you can easily go out and buy yourself in Australia and New Zealand, and even some you can order online and have looked after for you...

-Hourglass Blush: The Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette may be everywhere this season and while it is stunning, it's really not the best value for money. I'd recommend picking up one of their full sized blushers, bronzers or face powders instead. They're luxe, beautiful and such flattering powder products. Available from: Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima.

-Tender Love & Carry Pouch: I have a rose gold one of these and love it! It's designed to be a makeup bag I'm sure but at the moment it's become my temporary wallet until I buy a new one. They're really lightweight and compact, perfect for storing things like beauty minis, beauty tools, pens, whatever you want really. You could stick her favourite lipstick or something equally as lovely inside too. Available from: Farmers, 

-2016 Diary: There's just something about fashionable stationery that builds the illusion that you're an organised person who has it together and has excellent taste. What better way to keep tabs on all your fabulous moments in 2016 than with a diary. Whether it be weekly, daily, or monthly that you're after, they are a godsend. I'm sure some people will think they're archaic in the days of iCal and the rest, but you cannot beat pen and paper. Available from: Kikki K, Typo, stationery shops. You know the drill..

-Kinfolk Home: Or Kinfolk magazine, whichever floats your boat. I've actually gifted this book to Amy as a wedding gift and she+her partner love it. It's even on my own wishlist. If stunning interiors and home design+decor are popular, they're bound to love this one. Available from: Book Depository, Mag Nation and other specialty book stores.

-Printicular Photos: This one is really easy guys-all you need is a phone, an app and an internet connection+access to a Warehouse Stationery store. You can choose to sync this to your Instagram or upload your own photos, choose what size and finish you want, order them on your phone and bam. Once your pictures start printing they're usually ready not long after. These square sized options are perfect for your Instagram pictures. I think these would make a great gift for someone else if you chose to print out their photos for them. Available from: Warehouse Stationery, the Printicular app is on the app store.

-An iPhone/phone case: The number of people who tote around an expensive phone without a case on it astounds me. Not only do they look rad, but they keep your phone protected! C'mon people. If you're looking for something with a bit more functionality, those phone cases that double as a cardholder are nifty too. Available from: Rifle Paper Co., Kikki K, Typo, I even think Kmart may have some options.

-Freedom Bowls: Homeware is the one item that can be a bit risky as people's tastes with this are either really clear cut or a bit more relaxed. You can't go wrong with something like bowls or plates though. They might seem boring but if you buy something that you know will appeal to someone's tastes then it's much more thoughtful. I love this Freedom set (pictured) but they have a ton of other great options in store too. 

-What would you recommend someone buy for Christmas as a last-minute gift?

*Have an awesome Christmas everyone! If you don't celebrate, I hope you enjoy some rest and relaxation as well. This is my last post until next week-I'm not sure when I'll be back blogging because I'm really just winging things at the moment. I'm working pretty much every day next week too so it might be a bit more difficult to upload posts. We shall see. I'm off now to tidy my room and then I might do some Christmas themed reading. I'm working Christmas Eve so I'm trying to relax now while I still can haha. See y'all sometime next week-post Chocolate and gift giving x.
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The New Brow Game Changers

The New Brow Game Changers

'Tis the season for strong brow games. Season might be a bit modest, it's been more of a year for brows. I've been trying some new brow products lately and I love them. It seemed about time that they received a bit of attention around these parts so here we have it...

L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper in Dark Brunette-I've tried a few brow mascaras now and this one has to be my favourite. This colour's dark but it doesn't add too much colour to your brows. It's really easy to dispense the colour through your brows and works well on its own or combined with a brow pencil to help set things in place. The one thing that lets this product down is there are only a blonde or brunette option available. What about the redheads and people who aren't blonde/have dark eyebrows? There is a transparent one too but still, there should be more options.

Smashbox Brow Tech Gloss Stick in Brunette*-Ignore the gloss part of this product's name for a second because you're not going to be left with shiny brows. I guess the gloss comes into it because the pencil is quite creamy as opposed to something more waxy. Anyway, this is a wind up brow pencil with a spoolie on the other end to comb through your eyebrows. It's super quick and easy to use and this colour leans more on the natural side of things. If you have dark brows like me, this is what you want. It's long-wearing as well and combined with the brow artist plumper you have a match made in eyebrow heaven.

-Have you tried either of these brow products before? If not, what are your go-to brow products? 

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My Week in Pictures #14

My Week in Pictures #14

It's Fri-yay! This week's been lovely, albeit busy so I'm looking forward to a much more chilled, quieter weekend ahead. As you're about to see, things have been looking rather festive around these parts lately. I'm sure Instagram may have gave that away somewhat as well. Anyway, here's what I've been snapping over the last week, when I've not been buried deep in Vlogmas videos...

(Above)-Some blue deliveries in the post. I still haven't tried the St Tropez gradual tanner but it's on the priority list. The Instax experience. I seem to not have the greatest luck with this when it comes to taking pictures. If anyone knows how to master the art, holler. 

-Some of the lovely little bits 'n bobs that are tucked into the latest Frankie magazine. I love the writing paper and their mammoth yearly planner.

-Christmas presents all wrapped up for friends and family. I was quite stoked with how these looked, until I saw Zoe's post. I'm definitely going to be checking her blog out for inspiration next year.

-A little snapshot inside one of the magazines I was photographing at work. It's called Papier Mache and is absolutely beautiful. 

-Christmas macarons from Bluebells Cakery. How cute are these!? They tasted as good as they looked too.

*As always, have the most amazing weekend everybody. If you're out doing your Christmas shopping this weekend, good luck! You're braver than I am. I'm off to work today and maybe visiting Ben and Jerry's. It's a bit hard/rude to avoid it when it's right across the road. I'm having a festive day on Saturday with one of my friends and we're gonna go look at some Christmas lights. Fun times! See y'all on Monday with a new post.
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Favourite Reads of 2015: Part One

Favourite Reads of 2015: Part One

2015 is drawing closer and closer to its conclusion, which freaks me out something chronic. It's been a good year on many fronts, and when it comes to books I think I've had my best reading year in ages. According to Goodreads I've read 83 books this year, this includes comics and also some magazines so it's probably not that high. Nonetheless I feel like this is pretty good going. Today I'm sharing part one of my favourite reads for 2015. Side note: Not all of these books were published this year but they're all fairly recent releases so you shouldn't have an issue tracking them down...

Wildflower by Drew Barrymore*-I was really looking forward to reading Drew's first self-penned book and it didn't disappoint. Inspiring stories, interesting anecdotes and marvelous insights are contained within its pages. It's a bloomin' good read, floral puns intended and would make a great addition to your Summer beach bag.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt-Also known as the paperback big kahuna, to me at least. This was a mammoth read and took me a good few months to get through. There's just something wonderful about Donna Tartt's writing. I think it's the fact that within her pages she manages to create characters with backstories and depth as well as building an entire world. Writers can do that across entire series but within one book it's more of a rarity in my opinion. She does it incredibly well though. I really enjoyed this book and it was the perfect one to dip in and out of. 

Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling-This year I read both of Mindy's books but her latest was my favourite of the two. If you're a fan of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's books then you're bound to enjoy this one. It's equally as hilarious. 

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes*-To me the measure of a good book is if I'm willing to sacrifice sleep over it. How do I know this? On a ten hour working day I woke up at 4am to finish this book because I knew I couldn't go the day without knowing how it would finish. I loved this. The story of Will and Lou was perfect and the intertwining of their character's stories and lives was lovely to escape into. Be prepared to feel all the emotions with this book though, and perhaps keep tissues handy. It's a wonderful tearjerker. 

Funny Girl by Nick Hornby-My cousin convinced me to buy this book and I am so glad I listened to her. I've been a fan of Nick Hornby's screenplays for a long time but this was the first novel of his that I had read. Side note: It's taken me until December to read another of his novels *taps wrist*. Anyway, Funny Girl tells the story of Sophie Straw, a girl swept away from Blackpool to London where she becomes a sitcom star. Think the British equivalent of Lucille Ball. Sophie's character was written with Rosamund Pike in mind, which I loved and even before I knew that I could visualise her as the protagonist. If you're a fan of Nick Hornby's already or love books with down to earth, relatable characters then you'll enjoy this.

-What have you read and loved in 2015? Keep an eye out for part two of this post, coming next week! 

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An Ode to Kikki K

An Ode to Kikki K

If you're a longtime reader of this blog, you'll know just how much love I have for Kikki K. Their stationery is always so unique, beautiful and well designed. Everything is really good quality and they really go the extra mile in making their brand special. Today I thought I'd show you some of my favourite Kikki K things. A lot of these are still in stores at the moment so you should be able to grab them if they take your fancy...

Slim Ballpoint Pens-I rather like Kikki K's pens, evidence here. Aside from looking so darn cute they're really good quality and can take a bit of a thrashing. Seriously, they last for ages. I have these in virtually all my bags and even have some spares from a set a friend bought me for my birthday this year. Thanks G. 

Be Brave Vision Board Kit-I don't actually own one of Kikki K's vision boards, but my friend Amy has one and they look amazing. These cards are designed for vision boards or for keeping on your desk, inside your diaries or even framed if that's what you feel like doing. I've even seen people sticking these to the side of their desktop computer screens for a bit of inspiration. These watercolour ones are stunning and I love the gold lettering.

A5 Essential Notebooks-The 'Be Brave, Be Bold' collection might just be one of my favourites. Those watercolours just speak to me, y'know? These A5 lined notebook sets are really great if you want some notebooks for yourself for Uni or non-academic writing. They also make great gifts too and if you buy a pack of three you can split the set up so everyone gets their own lil' notebook. I love the compactness of these ones too, they take up next to no space in your bag. 

Geometric Vessel-There's a better photo of this on my Instagram if you want to see it in all its glory. This is from the new Svenska Hem collection. Isn't it pretty? I haven't decided what I'm going to use this for but it'll most likely house my pens on my desk. You could also use something like this for makeup brushes, small kitchen utensils, anything really.

Mindful Colouring Book-This was actually given to me as part of Kikki K's #makethemomentscount movement for December. It's really beautiful and while I've not had a chance to colour in this one yet, I know it's going to be a good, relaxing time when that does happen. 

Everyday Ballpoint Pen+Everyday Gel Pen-Again, more pens from Kikki K that I love and use on the regular. The gel pens are just that little bit fancier and I'm pretty sure you can buy refills for them as well. Bonus.

2016 A5 Inspire Diary-I've been using Kikki K diaries for ages now and this A5 size still remains my favourite, mainly because it's perfect for popping into your bag. This inspire diary is filled with motivational quotes and other inspiring tidbits as well. 

Note Pad-Now this is actually not on the website yet so I think this must be pretty new. There's little notepads now in every letter of the alphabet initialed with gold lettering. They're perfect for writing short notes to people and give fancy vibes. It's all about the organised vibes+luxe writing set vibes right? These would make awesome stocking stuffers for any stationery loving folk you're shopping for.

-Do you love Kikki K as much as I do? What are your favourite products from there?
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My Week in Pictures | The Phone Edition

My Week in Pictures | The Phone Edition

Another week, another portion of the best month of the year gone! That's such a buzzkill of an opener actually, haha. This week's been so busy but in a good way. I feel like I've been all over Auckland and I finally, with the exception of one or two small things, have finished my Christmas shopping which I am super stoked about. My big camera has been having a bit of a rest this week but my phone's camera had quite the working instead so I thought I'd share some of my iPhone snaps with y'all. Enjoy..

*An amazing crystal terrarium at Bio Attic on Ponsonby Road. Swoon times a million. *December's stack of books to read. I've finished two of these so far and highly rate Memories by Lang Leav. Absolutely beautiful writing. *An utterly beautiful Christmas tree in Smith and Caugheys.  *Butterfly print at The Market pop up store. Also on Ponsonby Road. I highly recommend both these places for Christmas gifts if you're a bit stuck for ideas. 

*One of this week's advent calendar goodies from the Benefit 12 Days calendar. I've wanted to try Watts Up for the longest time so finding this behind one of the windows made me extremely happy. *An outtake from Wednesday's post. My book recommendations for Christmas presents. *Iko Iko doing Christmas displays right. They have so many cute things. *A wall to ceiling bookshelf in a local cafe. How crazy is this? *A snapshot from the Auckland Fair captured by Emma of ohflowerchild blog. 

-As always, have an amazing weekend everyone! I'm going to be checking out the Franklin Road lights at some stage which I am excited about, playing with the Fujifilm Instax that I'm borrowing, hopefully watching a Christmas film and just chilling out, eating more chocolate than is necessary. It is Christmas after all...
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A Gift Guide for Book Lovers

A Gift Guide for Book Lovers

'Tis the season for more reading, and gifting of course, but you didn't need me to tell you that. I've done a couple of beauty gift posts but today I thought I'd bring it back to the books. Unless you're buying for someone who is really against the idea of reading, I feel like they're not the sort of gift you can go wrong with. Provided you have a general grasp of someone's tastes you should be safe with them. To make things extra easy for you, I've curated some of my book recommendations to suit a range of people. From foodies to fashionistas, we have you covered...

For the fashionista: The Sartorialist X by Scott Schuman*-Many a fashion savvy individual will be familiar with the original street style blog, The Sartorialist. Scott Schuman's released a number of books now collating his photographs into something you can hold and admire. This is the kind of book that's perfect for the coffee table, as a conversation starter or just something to flick through for outfit inspiration. 

For the comedy lover+memoir enthusiast: Yes Please by Amy Poehler-I'm the sort of person who loves memoirs and autobiographies and if I put in book requests at Christmastime, there's usually bound to be at least one of these on the list. Smart Girls co-founder and all round awesome woman Amy Poehler's memoir is brilliant. It's hilarious, inspiring and such a fun read. 

For the girl who likes a bit of everything: Frankie Magazine, issue sixty nine-A bundle of their favourite magazines would no doubt go down a treat, but this issue of Frankie is even more of a present. As well as all the usual Frankie brilliance, you get a bunch of rad extras like notepaper, postcards, gift tags and two calendars to tear out and make your wall look extra snazzy. It's like the present that keeps on giving. 

For the foodie: Bluebells Cakery: Sweet & Savoury by Karla Goodwin*-Bluebells Cakery is a very well-loved spot here in Auckland, more so now that they have two cakeries for people to enjoy. Karla's just released this new cookbook in time for Christmas. Combining some of their most-loved items and original new recipes from their sweet and savoury menus. As well as recipes for the amazing cakes Bluebells are known for, you'll also find tasty treats like lollipops containing edible flowers and even some brunch options. If they love cooking or making an abundance of sweet treats, they're bound to love this.

For the beauty lover: Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes-I feel like a lot of beauty books are more on the lacklustre side of things, but if there's one book that's the total opposite of that, it's this one. Packed with all the information you could ever want from a beauty book, as well as some no-nonsense advice, it's one book every beauty enthusiast needs in their life.

For the beauty, fashion and style icon: Love Style Life by Garance Dore*-Something that combines the best of all worlds is Garance Dore's book. Fashion, life, and beauty are just some of the topics in the mix. It's witty and brilliantly written. She'll devour every word of it.

For the well-read: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 150th Anniversary Puffin in Bloom Edition-This book is just beautiful and whether you're buying for an Alice fan, or a literature lover, this is such a gorgeous gift.  It's illustrated by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co so you know it's going to be stunning. It'd even be a lovely book to read with the younger people in your life too.

For the girl (or guy) who wants to rule the world: Rookie Yearbook Four-So maybe world domination is a bit extreme for Rookie but run with it guys. The fourth yearbook from Rookie recently launched and it's a good'un. This is the book you want to take away with you to the beach for some Summer reading poolside and some inspiration to see you through into 2016. There's even some rad, offline bonus content in there from the likes of Lorde, Florence Welch and more.

-What books would you gift someone for Christmas?

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An Introduction to Charlotte Tilbury

An Introduction to Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury has been one of those beauty brands that has really captivated me for the last two years since it launched. Being unavailable here in New Zealand, which breaks my makeup-loving heart btw, I've always relied on the reviews of others or the one or two pieces I have seen in my friend's makeup collections that I've had a play with. I own one of Charlotte's Lip Cheats already but I've been wanting to try more from her range for the longest time. I bit the bullet a few weeks back and added some of her eye products to my collection. These were both bought from Beautylish and I can't remember exactly but it did arrive pretty fast. It was definitely within a week. Everything all arrived so well packaged and there was even a little note with it too. It definitely made the Charlotte Tilbury experience that much more magical...

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise in Bette-This photo's really not doing the colour or packaging justice. For starters, it comes in a frosted glass pot. Charlotte Tilbury brings it on the luxurious aesthetics front. This golden-bronze colour is so, so pretty. These shadows have a mousse-texture which gives you a bit more time to blend them in. Once they've set down though they stay put and don't crease for ages. I imagine the wear would be prolonged with a neutral powder shadow underneath but they last just as well on their own with only a shadow primer. I definitely want to try more of these in future.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Dolce Vita-The star of the show, and the one item I've been dreaming about since Charlotte Tilbury launched her brand two years ago. After seeing this in person at Fiona's place I knew I had to get it. It's basically all I've been wearing on my eyes this month too, I love it. Each palette comes with eye shades to prime, enhance, smoke and pop (the glitter) and they all complement each other beautifully. When it comes to colours and formulas you won't really find anywhere else I feel like Charlotte Tilbury is one step ahead. This palette is absolutely stunning and if you want to treat yourself this Christmas, this would be the item to get.

-Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury products before? Which do you recommend?
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My Week in Pictures #13

My Week in Pictures #13

It's Friday, and three weeks exactly until Christmas. Yay! This week's been busy with a bit of errand running, working on part four of my course (fashion media, as awesome as it sounds) and even some Gilmore Girls marathoning. There's also been some snapping here and there too. I'm not doing Vlogmas, the idea of it stresses me out but I thought I'd try to capture as much as I can of Christmas+Summer holidays over the next few weeks in photos instead. Maybe I should rename this post, Picmas? Lame jokes aside, here's the week that was...

(Above)-Christmas decorations! These are just some of my personal ones which I'm splitting between my room and the tree, when we get one. 

-Some of my Instagram snaps that I printed this week using the Printicular app. If you're in NZ you can use this app and then collect your pictures from Warehouse Stationery. It's not too expensive, I got 20 photos for $8 and it's a much quicker way to print your photos than waiting for them to arrive from overseas. 

-December's page from the Rifle Paper Co. calendar and one of my star decorations. 

-A cosy New York bookstore from the Cereal New York guide. I hope they do more of these because they're pretty awesome.

-Some of my recent loves, although I had to stop using that mascara because I think I'm allergic to something in it. Props to that Katy Perry perfume though for smelling amazing.

-My two advent calendars. I'm enjoying the Benefit one, aside from its ability to burst into song at random times. I'll post a photo on my Facebook page of the first four days of treats.

*As always, have the raddest of weekends everyone! My weekend's looking busy. I potentially have to go to work tomorrow and then Sunday I'm off to the Auckland Fair with Emma so that'll be exciting. Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already! Scroll down to the post below this one for all the details. x
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Four Years of Nana Wintour and Four Festive Giveaways

Four Years of Nana Wintour and Four Festive Giveaways

It's crazy to me that this blog of mine is (almost) four years old. What really began as a place simply for me to write the things I wanted and share what I loved has developed to something I never would've thought possible. To celebrate the occasion, and also acknowledge one of my favourite times of the year I've put together four gifts of beauty and book goodies for y'all to enjoy. Find out more about them and how you can enter below!

Prize One-This one is for the beauty fanatic. You love a good beauty haul (or five) and are just as excited by skincare as you are makeup. This one contains something exciting from the team at and though it looks small, it's the one with the red sticker, don't let the size deceive you if you choose this one.

Prize Two-Another beauty themed prize, but this one is more for the skincare and bodycare fanatics among you. There's a mix of New Zealand brands and international gems in this one. 

Prize Three-One of the two book and beauty prizes. There's also something for the flatlay lovers in here as well. If you're here for feminism and women doing awesome things, this may be the pack for you.

Prize Four-Inside this prize you'll find one of my favourite books of the year. There's also something beauty-themed for the party season in here and again, something to keep your flatlays looking swish, or keep your cup of tea company.

Terms and Conditions:

-Due to these gifts containing heavier items and also some flammable beauty products these giveaways are going to be restricted to New Zealand residents only. Sorry international folk! I'm going to organise a giveaway for you guys asap though because y'all are awesome. 

-To be eligible for this giveaway you must be following my Instagram and also like my Facebook page. Each of the additional options in the Rafflecopter box will earn you extra entries. Note; If you aren't following my Instagram or Facebook, your entries will be disqualified.

-To be eligible you must leave a comment below telling me which of these prizes you'd like to win. There will be four winners, one for each prize.

-If you're under eighteen, please get the permission of a parent or guardian before entering as I will need an address from you to send your prize to.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Entries close next Tuesday December 9th. I will notify the winners later that day. Good luck!

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November Favourites

November Favourites

As much as I'd like not to begin with the cliched, oh my gosh how is it the end of November remark, I feel like it's necessary. This month has gone way, way too quickly. It's been a month of change and success, happiness and a little bit of sadness but all in all it's been pretty amazing. There's some products I succumbed to the hype with on show and then some I fell in love with all by myself. Plus that album I'm not going to be tiring of any time soon..

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer-My lovely Mum bought this back for me from Sydney and I am so thankful she did. This primer seems to work like a skincare treatment+makeup extender in one. Unlike most primers, it is really moisturising and creamy so it feels much more nourishing on the skin. Would I use this in place of a moisturiser? No but as a pre-makeup step it is rather lovely.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop, limited edition-I succumbed to the hype and believe the hype because this is perfection to the next level. It's the most flattering highlighter and doesn't settle into pores or leave unnecessary glittery stripes across your face. This champagne-gold colour is warm but not overly so. I really wish this wasn't limited edition because when it is discontinued I'm going to be wanting a backup.

The Comforter Shower Cream*-One of Lush's Oxford Street exclusives made its way into some of the Christmas sets this year. Can I get an amen? If you like The Comforter bubble bar then you're bound to love this. It's the blackcurrant, lolly scent we all know and love in cream form and it's bright pink. What more could you want, other than this being stocked in the Southern Hemisphere Lush stores?

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Celebrated-All my Tarte blushers could be in here this month, but that would have made for one very crowded post. There's just something about these blushers. Like Champagne Pop, they're also very flattering on the skin and don't settle into pores. They're also crazy long-wearing and don't fade too much, if at all when I'm wearing them. That's saying something too, because my cheeks seem to eat makeup like it's going out of fashion. 

Clinique Lip Pop+Primer in Melon Pop*-I know a few people who love Clinique's lipsticks so I had high hopes for this new one. It did not disappoint. Melon Pop is a peachy pink that leans more on the nude side of things. In other words, it's the perfect Sophie colour. At this time of year I seem to exclusively wear nude lipsticks, more so if they're peachier so it's right up my alley and is getting used heaps right now. It pairs nicely with their Cheek Pop blush too if you're a fan of coordinating makeup.

25 x Adele-Adele's left us all in the dark for four years, wondering if she'd end our deprivation for her freakin' amazing tunes. Plot spoiler: she did. If she doesn't completely clean up this awards season I will eat my words. Seriously. 25 is much more uplifting than previous Adele albums, which she herself has described as melancholy. There's still the classic, nostalgic Adele song or two thrown into the mix and a song or four that'll make you cry but the tone of this one is much less mournful. It's a tough call but I think this may have taken 19's place as my favourite Adele album. Stand out tracks: When We Were Young, I Miss You, Remedy (the whole entire thing basically).

Love Style Life by Garance Dore*-I say this a lot but I feel like a lot of lifestyle books let me down, more so if they contain the cliched 'wear this, style your lounge like this' tips as if they're the absolute definition of style. I like to think style can be learned or dictated to a degree but it is largely discovered and curated on our own. Anyway, Love Style Life is a curation of everything that defines Garance's aesthetic and how she mixes her Parisian taste for New York City. She also talks about how she grew Garance Dore into the flourishing business and incredibly rad blog it is today. This book is beautifully presented and is as inspiring as it is hilarious. If you're stuck on what to get a girlfriend this Christmas, buy her this.

-What have you been loving during November?

*PR Sample
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The Freedom Homeware Haul

The Freedom Homeware Haul

A little while back I was lucky enough to get a sneaky preview of Freedom Furniture's homeware selection for Summer, as well as their exclusive festive range. Being the decor+interior design lover that I am, this was a dream come true for me and I couldn't wait to go shopping after. Freedom very kindly gifted us a voucher to use instore and I took advantage of it a couple of weeks ago. The experience was akin to what I imagine a kid being left alone in a candy store would feel. Here's what made its way home with me...

Ecoya Sweet Fruits and Pink Champagne Candle-Candles aren't really the sort of thing I buy for myself if I am entirely honest but this one smelt so decadent that it had to be purchased. Its scent is tropical yet the champagne notes give it an air of sophistication as well. 

Cuddle Mug-Firstly, how cute is that name? This is the white cup speckled with blue in the photo and it'd like to contain your hot and cold beverages of choice. Sorry, channeling Frankie mag here. Seriously though, this is very cute and they have some other lovely colours for this design too so go give 'em a look.

Galerie Tumbler-Now this is stunning, the clear tumblers edged with gold honeycomb detailing. From memory they're handpainted too. These would look so lovely on your table at Christmas time or during the year if you want to keep the festive vibes going. 

Lagoon Cereal Bowl-This is so stunning. My photo's not going to do it justice. The glazed interior reminds me of what I imagine the water in Greece looks like. There's a range of pieces in this style like dinner plates and salad bowls plus there's a similar design in a darker blue colour as well. It's a bold claim but this might just be my favourite buy of all from Freedom.

Delight Side Plate-"She said, just like Marie Antoinette". This appealed to my sweet treat loving self and I was attracted by the gold lettering and matte black background. I'm really loving the matte ceramics at the moment. They have these plates available with more festive sayings too and a sweet one that says something like 'it's lovely to have you here' which would be such a neat thing to serve guests breakfasts on. 

Gold placemat-I'll be honest, this was purchased primarily for photographic purposes. Blogger life...However I will probably end up using it for its intended use as well. There were silver ones as well I believe but they weren't identical. 

-Have you hauled any homewares lately? What did you grab?

*Have an amazing weekend everyone! TGIF. No really, T.G.I.F. Maybe that's just my reaction at present because I'm tired but it's been a long week so the weekend is warmly welcomed. Despite my best attempts today, the Uber Kittens won't be a reality *sad face*. This weekend I'm going to the lovely Amy's wedding and that's about it really. Have a good one and I'll see y'all on Monday with my November Favourites. 

**All of these products were redeemed with a gift voucher, with the exception of the Ecoya Candle which I paid for myself. As always, all love of #homegoals worthy items are my own.
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A Christmas Wishlist

A Christmas Wishlist

As someone has just reminded me, next week it is December. I actually told them they were joking, proceeded to look at my calendar and momentarily freaked out. Not gonna lie, I haven't done quite as much Christmas shopping yet as I would have liked (thanks car bills, you legends xox) but anyway, I digress. Today I thought I'd make a lil' wishlist of what I'd love and will probably continue daydreaming about finding under the tree. Nobody would spend $140 on a book for me, let's be real but nonetheless it's fun making wishlists. Here's what I'd love this Christmas. Santa, take note...

Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue-This book was out of print for a number of years but it's been re-released. I'm not sure if it's a limited print run but y'know the drill, when you want something bad enough, you chase it. Now the idea of spending $148 on a book does frighten me somewhat but this would be such an amazing gift. Grace Coddington is one of my favourite people in fashion and her editorials are nothing short of mesmerising. 

Meadowlark Dagger Solitaire Ring-I have quite a few pieces of Karen Walker jewelry now so it's time to broaden my NZ jewelry horizons, in my opinion. I've always lusted after Meadowlark rings but never bitten the bullet and purchased one. Maybe this can be my next special occasion buy. It's simple but detailed enough to keep me happy. 

Oh Gosh Cindy 'Leslie Knope' Print-Oh Gosh Cindy is easily one of my favourite stores on Etsy. Her prints are just beautiful. My love for Parks and Recreation+Amy Poehler is well documented around these parts now so the reason this print is here shouldn't require elaboration. 

GlamGlow Poutmud Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment & Wet Lip Balm Duo-This product from GlamGlow is attracting me mainly because I am curious. It's a combination of a lip scrub and then a balm and sounds like the perfect thing for keeping your lips nice and nourished.

Florence Album Cover Faded Vest-This really isn't an essential but I do love these sorts of tops, especially in Summer with some denim cutoffs. Chicness goes out the window in Summer, let's be real. Also, it's Florence freaking Welch. No explanation needed..

Kate Spade Glitter Bug Stacy Wallet-My current wallet is actually broken and I'm kinda over buying cheap wallets that fall apart so I'm ready to invest in one that's built to last. Kate Spade is now available in a shop here in Auckland and I've been eyeing up her wallets for the longest time. Psst, Santa....

-What's on your Christmas wishlist this year?
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Comfort and Joy x Lush

Comfort and Joy x Lush

When it comes to Christmas sets that pack a punch into your pamper night or day, Lush are the ones to rule them all. They cater for a range of budgets, from your $20 Secret Santa buys to the more luxe sets of all the bath treats you could ever need. Today I wanted to show you the Comfort and Joy set because it is one of my favourites that they have out this Christmas

The Comfort and Joy* gift set contains a lovely mix of bath and shower products, although it is more shower friendly so that's handy if you're shopping for somebody without a bath. In this set you get a shower gel, a shower cream, a mini tub of body conditioner and a soap. Side note: This kind of kit would be perfect to give a guest or even someone in a bridal party because it has such a perfect mix of products.

The shower gel included here is the ever-popular Twilight shower gel. It's the same scent as the bath bomb of the same name, a blend of lavender and tonka. I'll be honest, this isn't my favourite scent because I'm not overly fond of lavender scented things but it's okay because the rest of the box makes up for it. Next we have an exclusive product in this kit, The Comforter Shower Cream *squeals*. If you're a Lush fanatic, you'll know this product is currently only exclusive to Lush's flagship Oxford St store over in the UK. It's making a cheeky appearance in some of the sets this Christmas and a little bird told me it may be setting sail for other countries next year. If you love The Comforter bubble bar you're gonna love this. It's basically somewhere between an in-shower moisturiser and a shower gel. It smells absolutely amazing and it's a bright berry pink. We're here for the visually pleasing aesthetics as well. 

There's a mini sample of the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner in here too. This is such a handy, travel-friendly size and it's perfect if you've been holding out on buying this because it is on the pricey side. It's rose scented but it's not overpoweringly floral and is super nourishing on the skin. Last but not least there's a chunk of the Reindeer Rock soap, a Christmas exclusive. This is one of my favourite Christmas soaps from Lush and it is lingonberry scented so it reminds me of Summer fruit, my fave.

-Have you picked up any Christmas products from Lush this year? Which are your favourites?

*PR Sample but as always, all love and appreciation for Christmas goodies is very real.
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Taking Stock: Volume Two

Taking Stock: Volume Two

Happy Friday! In lieu of my usual photographic roundup I thought I'd revisit a post I did in May. I like this tag and while it may not be as enticing as pictures, it really gets across what I have been up to in words..

Making: As of right now, dinner and also some pages for my visual journal, all to the sweet track that is Sorry by Justin Bieber. Don't try to pretend you're not obsessed with it. 
Cooking: Meatballs, pasta and mushrooms. Carb loading slash it's 8pm when I'm writing this. I came this close to ordering takeaways but because I had a coffee I am all goood.
Drinking: Water.
Reading: Four or so different books. Am I machine? Not really...I just keep moving titles around depending on what priority they are to be finished i.e. library book, a book I'm reviewing for a post etc. So, at the moment I am reading: Love Style Life, To All The Boys I've Loved Before (not sure how I feel about this one), Money and Mindfulness and Wildflower.
Wanting: To somehow find a Fleetwood Mac ticket for Sunday's show in the streets. I need to see Stevie Nicks guys, it's problematic (perhaps on a first world level) that their show falls the exact same weekend as Florence's.
Looking: At this screen. Riveting...
Playing: Spotify's top 40 for New Zealand. It seems to consist entirely of Justin Bieber's new album and I am okay with that. 
Wishing: I was in California on a road trip with a full battery on my camera, the best soundtrack on Earth, friends, books and sunshine.
Enjoying: Watching Season 2 of Parks and Rec. I relate to April Ludgate a lot, it's kinda scary actually. 
Waiting: For the weekend! I'm seeing Florence and the Machine on Saturday and then on Sunday I have one of my best friend's bridal showers to go to.
Liking: Kikki K's new collections. That store is dangerous guys, but dangerous and addictive in the best possible way.
Wondering: What my first day at a new job is going to be like tomorrow and also wondering what kind of dress code they have. It seems like smart-casual but I'm wondering if they go extra casual on Fridays. Hmm..
Loving: Scream Queens. I am obsessed with that show.
Pondering: What I'll be doing next year-will I be studying? Will I still be juggling all the hats? Who knows..
Considering: What to get my Secret Santa for Christmas. Myself and a few of my friends are doing it. We have a $20 limit and I've got so many ideas for her. I just need to condense it down to the best one.
Watching: Scream Queens, Parks and Rec Season 2 and re-watching Gilmore Girls Season 2. 
Marveling: At some of my newest Instagram discoveries. More on that soon.
Needing: New shoes that aren't casual, boots or high heels. I don't like shoe shopping either so this may take a while.
Wearing: A black muscle-back tee, a black skirt and a ring from Lovisa. Basically my work clothes but I took my jacket off.
Followingfromroses blog and loving her feed and blog and overall aesthetic. Such a gorgeous beauty and lifestyle blog.
Noticing: That I've listened to Sorry x Justin Bieber four or five times in the last hour because I keep switching Spotify playlists..
Knowing: That I am in a much better place mentally than I was a year ago. I feel so much more happier and content with who I am and where I am going. It might not be the most direct of paths but it's working for me so yeah. Cryptic but I'm sure some of you will get what I mean.
Thinking: About what I am wearing tomorrow and what I'll be doing when I get home. I can answer that second one for you, listening to Adele's new album immediately.
Admiring: Some of the inspirational images I've torn out of magazines recently.
Sorting: Out a letter I have to write tonight. Fun times.
Buying: Nothing *sad face*, hooray for car bills. Although I may just have to get some Florence merch on Saturday. 
Getting: Excited as anything for the weekend...mainly Florence. I love ya A, but Florence is going to be something else.
Bookmarking: Pages in books when I'm half asleep and don't want to finish mid-sentence or paragraph because I know I won't remember a thing the next day.
Disliking: That Amy is moving to Australia really soon. It's not that far away, but far enough to make me sad. I guess that gives me excuses to head across the ditch though!
Opening: Same as last time, the new Mecca Christmas catalogue. I wonder how many hints I can leave for Santa. Should I bookmark the pages?
Giggling: At April hanging up the phone on people calling Ron Swanson on Parks & Rec before they've even started talking. This sums up my attitude to phone calls sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) perfectly.
Feeling: Content.
Snacking: On the Little Island Banana Bean icecream. It's dairy free and I love bananas so yeah. It's an exciting thing.
Coveting: An Ikea Billy bookcase, and also a new DSLR so I can film HD things and not kill my wrists using my phone to film.
Helping: People with marketing things and writing things. Yep.
Hearing: Hailee Steinfeld declaring that she loves herself and doesn't need anybody else. Good message, even if some people seem to have their minds in the gutter about her lyrics.
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