How To Cull Your Makeup Like A Boss

How To Cull Your Makeup Like A Boss

Let's be real, I am not a fan of decluttering, spring cleaning, whatever you want to call it. I will do it but I really have to be in the mood to and will want to keep going until I am done. That being said, I procrastinate like nobody's business so it often takes me a while longer to do. Anyway, a few months back I did a major beauty cull. Across everything; makeup, skincare and fragrance primarily. It was major and honestly the amount I got rid of made me feel an enormous sense of relief. For many reasons. Honestly though, I am one person, with one face. I don't do makeup for anyone else and my collector-like tendencies have really been dialed back a notch. I still love makeup and get the odd bout of excitement and am drawn like a magnet to things but I don't need as much and don't buy as much as I used to. I wouldn't call myself a culling pro but today I thought I'd share a bit of my process when I did my beauty clear-out recently...

Swatch Everything: I mean, everything. This helps me work out things like what formulas I like, and particularly which products are performing better quality-wise. I am a self-confessed beauty snob but if the formula is particularly unique or decent, in it stays. Example; I recently cleared out most of my pencil liners, in favour of my Colourpop cheapies. They perform so well and come in an array of colours. 

Similar Colours: This applies particularly to my vices; lipstick and eyeshadow. It's also again where swatching comes in handy. So basically you need to be ruthless here. I'm sure many of us gravitate to similar colours. For me it's nude lipsticks and bronze/champagne-y coloured glitter eyeshadows. Old habits die hard. So yeah, be ruthless. If you have duplicates; cut them out. 

The sensory test: Is it dried out? Has the colour changed? Is the gloss all gloopy and yuck? Does it smell rank? Get. Rid. Of. It. Those little pot symbols on the back of products with a month guideline are a good thing to go by as well although powders tend to last longer. Creams and gels not so much. Mascara for me tends to last anywhere between 3-6 months. Trust your instincts here and if you're unsure, google. 

Usage: For me, if it's not been used in 3-6 months, it's an instant cull. I do have some products like pigments that don't get used as often which'll usually survive this process because they're like 'special occasion' staples but for virtually everything else, it's hasta la vista. 

Pass On/Sell On: I'm lucky enough on occasion to be gifted product and whilst I don't get PR parcels every day, or even every week, sometimes I find myself overwhelmed. If it's something I know I won't review and use, it goes into the pile for friends or a pile for women's refuge. If it's something I have purchased myself, I sell it on Trade Me usually. 

-What are your tips for decluttering makeup?

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April Favourites

April Favourites

It's April Favourites time! You'll notice the beauty offerings are slim, that's because I've gone many a day this month with no makeup. Honestly though I've not really changed things up a bunch anyway so most of the products I am using+loving are ones that have appeared around these parts many a time already. The newbies though, they're top notch. We also have a book I loved, an album I've had on repeat all month and even some pens. April Favourites, let's go...**

Velvet Teddy x MAC: This lippy made an appearance in my January Favourites too. Actually this bb one is nearly all used up so I may need to think about investing in the full-sized version sometime soon. I'm not sure what to say about this colour other than it's a one-swipe, long lasting wonder. I know we're spoilt for choice when it comes to lipsticks nowadays. Formulas, prices, shades and the rest but I still think MAC's lipsticks are among the best. 

Molten Bronze x Bobbi Brown: I've tried a few different things from Bobbi Brown over the years and for the most part have liked them. They have a cute little boutique, one of the first in Australasia I believe, right near where the train station is and I saw these and was like *magpie eyes*. Anyway, they've recently launched these long-wear sparkle sticks. Formula-wise they remind me a lot of the Marc Jacobs Beauty twinkle pop eyeshadow sticks. When you apply these you feel a cooling sensation as they adhere to the lids. The colours are beautiful and perfect for everyday wear. I love the ease and convenience of eyeshadow crayons too. 

L'Eau Rosee x Miu Miu*: I've been cramming this in my bag and carting it all over the place all month because I'm that obsessed with it. I mean yes, the design is a winner but the fragrance itself is floral and fresh and easy to layer. I cannot get enough. NZ readers-you can find this in select department stores, I know Smith & Caughey's here in Auckland have it. 

Secrets For The Mad x Dodie Clark: Y'know when a book comes along at the perfect time? This would be the book for April. I borrowed it from the library but it's on my wishlist because it's something I know I will want to refer back to. It's full with Dodie's brilliant writing and words and stories and wisdom and art and apparently I've forgotten how to write cohesive sentences. In seriousness, just read it if you've been meaning to. It's a gem. 

Lust For Life x Lana Del Rey: Going back through my diary the other day, I stumbled upon an entry from January where I declared 2018 the year of Lana. So prophetic *ahem*. Anyway, I love this album and I like to play it back-to-back with Honeymoon. The titular song is one of my favourites but I also love Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems w/ Stevie Nicks, Tomorrow Never Came w/ Sean Lennon and Groupie Love w/ ASAP Rocky. The whole thing tho is a good time. 

0.38 Gel Ink Pens x Muji: Another product I'm sure I've mentioned here before. I feel like it's a bit nerdy to fangirl over pens but y'know what, these are my favourite and I am unapologetic in my enthusiasm for them. Thankfully one of my stationery-loving friends keeps me well stocked. If you're near a Muji and haven't tried these ones. Do it. They make your writing look all spidery and are a dream to write with. 

-What have you liked during April?

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**Idk, just run with it.
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More Little Things

More Little Things

Today's post feels timely-given I've been reading Dodie's book, more on that soon. I last did one of these blog posts back in February and I know it's kinda selfish but sometimes I go back and read it just for me. I feel like these list-y posts resonate too so if you like 'em, let me know and I will do them more often. Anyway, more little, great things comin' right up...

Alone Time: So I've always known I'm a sensitive person and am reading about it atm but the reason I need my quiet time to myself is largely attributed to that and makes a lot more sense. Anyway, taking time for yourself is the best. Whether it be at the end of a working day or just spending the weekend in your own company. We all need it and it's a good way to recharge. For instance, after I finish this blog post I am taking myself off to a cafe, solo, to drink coffee and read+blog plan. I often go to the movies by myself as well just because I can. 

Discovering Hidden Gems: Shout out to the amazing gelato store in Onehunga whose name I cannot remember. The best. Also to Shut The Front Door in Newmarket which is tucked away off Teed Street. Liv actually featured their Christchurch store here. They have so many dreamy things and stock some of my favourite brands like and Meri Meri among others. Well worth a visit. Stop off at Burger Burger too for a rose mojito. SO good. 

Rewatching Shows: Hi The Good Place, here's lookin' at you. Yes it's great to discover new favourites but I love to revisit my television loves as well. I've rewatched The Crown, S1 and am rewatching S2 at the moment. I really want to watch Gossip Girl again too and Gilmore Girls

Tweets from the faves: Aka the one where I cheekily tweet Alexa frickin' Chung, never expecting a direct reply and get one. Cue me dying temporarily. Basically I told her she needs to come to NZ sometime and she replied saying she wants to so #yass. 

Making Things: In the last month I've been to a mosaic class and also a class making pendants/earrings out of clay. In both I was one of the youngest people there by a long shot and that made me kinda sad. I dunno, I feel like my generation need to get on board with things like this more often. Both were such unique experiences and were such relaxing, calm ways to unwind. I'm hoping to go to another mosaic class soon and ceramics+calligraphy are always on my list. 

Good Poetry: Real great adjective use there, Sophie. Ahem. Seriously though after reading a string of poetry that didn't quite hit the mark for me, I've stumbled upon some brilliant works lately. First up we have The Hawk in the Rain which I featured in Monday's blog post. Ted Hughes's volume dedicated to Sylvia Plath. Brilliant. Will read again. Secondly, sticky notes x Indy Yelich. Now available here in Auckland. Indy's writing is exquisite. Thirdly we have Ariel x Sylvia Plath. Her most famous volume, published posthumously. I've only just started it but already know I'll enjoy it-for lack of a better word, 'enjoyment' feels a bit trite given the circumstances surrounding Plath. Anyway...

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The Autumn Book Haul

The Autumn Book Haul

Autumn seems in full swing as I write this. Leaves are scattered endlessly across the grass, rain seems inevitable some days-I even had to bust out the blanket-cardigan from Zara last week. It's getting serious. Carrying on the seasonal trend we have a bevy of books I've acquired over the last few months. So they're not technically all autumnal acquisitions but *insert girl shrugging emoji here*. We have a lotta fiction, some poetry and a sprinkling of nonfiction for good measure. Enjoy! 

homegoing x yaa gyasi: This month's read for Poppy Loves Book Club and I am yet to start it. I have nine days before the IRL discussion too-wish me luck. Anyway, this has flitted on and off my mental to-read list over the last year but whenever I hear or see it being mentioned, it comes back to the forefront. A novel that spans generations and shows two sisters; one working in slavery and another living the life of luxury. It's not a lengthy read so I am really curious to see how this all unfolds over the short(ish) page span. 

the hawk in the rain x ted hughes: During February, Unity Books had a lil' three day sale in a cosy little building opposite their High St store. I went in, it'd be rude not to, and left with two titles from the Faber Modern Classics series. This being one. I read this a while ago now but I really enjoyed it and bookmarked poems to go back to. It even includes The Jaguar-a poem I recognised instantly as we studied it in English class at school. 

tangerine x christine mangan*: A disappearance, unravelling friendships, and comparisons to Donna Tartt. I don't read a lot of thrillers but the synopsis of this one really drew me in, along with a fantastic write up it received in British Vogue. I feel like this'll go down a treat as the nights start to cool down. 

am i there yet x mari andrew*: Instagram lovers will probably be familiar with Mari Andrew's hilarious, incredibly relatable illustrations. Now she has an illustrative memoir slash impromptu guide to adulthood. I am yet to read it but given I enjoy Mari's Instagram so much, I'm really looking forward to getting in to it.

the price of illusion x joan juliet buck: This title has been on my wishlist for an age and now I finally have it. Also, take a minute to read that excerpt from O Magazine's review. I love my magazine editor memoirs and I have high hopes for this one. In fact, I would've read this sooner but recently finished a book about Plath's time at Mademoiselle magazine and felt like I needed a hiatus from glossy-land. Anyway, no doubt you will hear more about this if I love it.

girl meets boy x ali smith: The Ali Smith infatuation continues. Described as a tale of change for the modern world, it offers new twists and turns on the classic love story. Knowing Ali Smith it'll be a neverending, Wonderland-esque escape of a book. Side note: I don't personally know Ali, I wish.

crystals x yulia van doren: One of my lovely friends surprised me with this book recently-I suspect because she got sick of my crystal questions haha. Thank you S! To be honest I haven't really had a chance to look at this much yet but I will be delving in because I am interested in knowing more and finding out which ones I should have on me at all times and vice versa. 

the remains of the day x kazuo ishiguro: Another Unity sale buy and another book I have wanted to read for ages along with Never Let Me Go. Admittedly, this is partially so I can watch both movie adaptations. I purposely don't know a lot about it so I can't really tell you much in the way of expectations but I quite like that I'm going in with no real ideas about it. 

-What have you read lately?

*Review Copy

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Newsletters of Note

Newsletters of Note

Much like podcasts, I feel like the old-school, digital newsletters are having a comeback. They sure beat the almost spam-like advertising from online stores. The junkmail for the 21st century/pigeons of the Internet, am I right? Newsletters are more for settling down with, discovering longer pieces to read and like and just having something to look forward to in your inbox. Today I thought I'd share six of my favourites that I read, like and bookmark to visit all the linky goodness they include for later on...

Monday Motivator x Betty Magazine: So technically I usually read this on a Tuesday because of the time difference but hey, it's still early enough in the week to be inspired and a treat to read. Charlotte shares some weekly wisdom and food for thought, as well as fun links and of course things to buy. Honestly, her recommendations are so good. Well worth a peruse. Subscribe here.

Big Feels Club: BFC was first brought to my attention via frankie magazine towards the end of the year. After reading their interview with founders Honor & Graham, I went to investigate their website and immediately signed up. Every second Monday, a new newsletter makes its way in to your inbox. For anyone dealing with life shiz and in need of perhaps a comforting read+some darn good advice, this is for you. Subscribe here

Wild Kin x Urban Wild: My pal Brit has a radtastic newsletter that she curates biweekly full of fantastic links from around the interwebs. She also lets you in on what she's been up to and shares handy links to all her blog+vlog goodness. It's the place to get sneak-previews of her awesome babe vibe interviewees as well. Subscribe here and scroll down to the end of the page. 

Sunday Duvet Reading x What Olivia Did: My internet pen-pal has a newsletter all her own that I love settling in to read on a Monday morning. Again, time differences and the like, not a terrible thing. Landing in your inbox most weeks, Liv rounds up the best of the interwebs, shares her blog posts to revisit (I'm a Liv fangirl, so chances are I've read them already), ideas worthy of a RT, someone cool to follow and more. Subscribe here, again scroll down. Scroll scroll scroll!

Read. Look. Think. x Jessica Stanley: I can't remember how I stumbled upon this brilliant newsletter-possibly through someone else's blog. Anyway, read+look+think is a curation of, as Jessica puts it, "the thoughtful, complex, beautiful and good." The newsletter name is pretty self explanatory and each is laden with plenty of things to peruse. There's not a regular schedule with this one but I'd say you can expect to find it in your inbox at least once or twice a month. Subscribe here

the frankie morning news x frankie magazine: Ahh, my beloved frankie also has a newsletter. It's pretty snazzy, brightening your inbox weekly. Expect to see things to make, music to look at, books to read, thing to cook-then eat among other things. If you're too time-pressed to read their blog, it also serves as a best of the best of that. Subscribe here.

-What newsletters do you read and like?
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The Beauty Files, Vol. 7

The Beauty Files, Vol. 7

Well it's been a while since beauty blogging has made any sort of an appearance around these parts. I feel like I say that every time now when I share anything remotely beauty-related but it's true. Beauty and all its goodness are definitely still things I love, but it's just not what I want to write about all the time. Anyway, this month I have some new things to show you-actually this whole post is essentially about newness. If you're feeling indulgent, or in the mood for a good ol' #treatyoself2018 sesh, keep reading...

Something new: L'Occitane x Rifle Paper Co*. When one of my favourite stationery+designer paper brands gets their floral goodness all over L'Occitane delights, it's bound to be dreamy. I was kindly sent the two hand creams; Shea Butter and Rose Shea Butter and they smell so good. I always have hand cream on me at work because the sanitiser I use can be a tad drying so these'll be put to good use. I kinda have my eye on the mini set too-I can't help myself! I think there'll be more products in this collaboration launching in the coming months so stay tuned. 

Something loved: Miu Miu L'Eau Rosee*. A new extension to the Miu Miu family is this delightful offering. Forget what you expect of rose scents as this is far from the heavy, overpowering kind of thing I was anticipating. Instead we have something softer, with notes of blackcurrant, lily of the valley and musk. So really it's far from your standard rose scent. It reminds me a lot of the Baies candle scent from Diptyque, albeit slightly softer and I love that about it. It's very wearable and not too intoxicating. 

Something unconvincing: Glamglow My Little Pony Glittermask. Not linking to this because first and foremost, why does glitter belong in skincare!? Secondly, why does it need to be in different colours? A mask is a mask. I'm not sure-the unnecessary addition of glitter to products does my head in. Moving right along...

Something rediscovered: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I haven't been using this concealer for a while, favouring the soft matte complete concealer instead. Honestly though I'm not sure why I stopped because this concealer is such a godsend for quick, all-over coverage. Aka; the one to reach for when I'm feeling lazy af and caffeine-deprived in the morning. They seem to have increased their shade range too which is always a bonus. 

Something(s) lustworthy: / / Coco Mademoiselle Intense x Chanel, which is as it sounds, a souped up version of the original. There's not much more to say here, just that I am one hundred per cent dreaming of it. Get in my life. Etc. Etc. / / Naked Petite Heat Palette x Urban Decay. Still no word on when this is launching in the Southern Hemisphere but this blend of colours looks beautiful. I am really loving matte eyeshadows at the moment, particularly in more orangey, rusty tones and this looks right up my street. 

-What beauty bits have you been loving lately?

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Five Things: April

Five Things: April

Hello and happy Thursday to y'all. April is here and rather than a list of five 'things' per se, I have a selection of clickable links instead. They're mainly all stories but for those of you who want a bit of digital retail therapy, you're sorted here too...

Our most private collections: I seem to flit in and out of the Man Repeller blog but right now I am firmly back. Their articles have been on point lately and I am one hundred per cent here for it. Anyway, my inner nosy-parker loved this story on people's private collections. It gives me throwbacks to the 00's girl magazines who'd share stories like this as well. Anyway, well worth a read as is the Man Repeller archive. Do it. 

You are going to be okay: Thought Catalog is a site I stumbled upon early in my university days and would frequent regularly. They feature brilliant pieces but this one particularly resonated. I keep it bookmarked for days when everything seems to be going pear shaped. It's short but effective-I've even forwarded it to friends in need a couple of times as well.

Tavi Gevinson, photographed x Tom Newton

Where to start with Ali Smith: As the title gives away, Laura has written an article for Book Riot of where to start with the sometimes daunting writing of Ali Smith. I completely agree that The Accidental is a perfect place to start, followed by How To Be Both. Her short story volume Public Library is a great introduction as well. 

Shop small: The online independent maker-scene is one of my favourite places to find new illustrators and artists to support. Rebecca shared this list of her favourite stationery brands+art prints as well as places to buy cute treats for your doggos. I'm lusting after things from Wildflower Illustration Co. as well as Sonni & Blush.  

Tavi Gevinson: Prepare to feel old because Style Rookie recently turned ten. Anyway, in honour of the occasion and Tavi being one of the faces for Kate Spade's new fragrance, she shared her Top Shelf over on Into The Gloss. It's worth a peruse and her bathroom is seriously dreamy. 

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How to Be Both x Ali Smith

How to Be Both x Ali Smith

I recently stumbled upon Poppy Loves Book Club, a worldwide book club for women w/ IRL and online discussions aplenty. When I saw they were reading an Ali Smith book, you can bet I signed up mighty fast. How to Be Both is Smith's award-winning novel inspired by fresco painting, a technique which she seamlessly applies to text.

How to Be Both is split into two narratives; eyes and camera. The beauty of this book really is that it is printed at random. You might stumble upon a book that begins with camera, alternative copies begin with eyes. Each are separate tales, involving separate protagonists and time periods but they both intertwine. Through the common themes of time, art, loss and love, we see that the experiences faced by Georgia in 2014 run parallel to what Francesco dealt with in renaissance Italy. I feel like Ali did this in order to show that our life experiences transcend time. We may have new technologies and so many new advancements but our experiences with the likes of loss, finding one's own identity and vice versa remain the same. 

This isn't really a book you can spoil per se but the way in which the narratives of camera and eyes fuse together is so cleverly done. There is no correct way to read this book, and it may just be because my copy started with the camera narrative but I really think it informs the reading of eyes that much better. In fact I'm almost certain it does because when I first tried reading this book upon its release, a copy that started with eyes, I was perplexed and confused, eventually abandoning it. That being said, when I revisit this book which I am almost certain I will, I plan to read it in reverse so it will be interesting to see how that modifies the reading experience, if at all. 

As the text was inspired by fresco painting it really mirrors the multilayered aspects of these artworks. While fresco painting isn't a technique that is readily employed now, the personal galleries we curate for ourselves and build upon are much like fresco painting. In the camera narrative, Georgia arranges images on her wall, one being the photograph on the cover of the novel but also pictures of her mother who has recently passed away. In eyes, we see Francesco painting frescoes and building upon his work as the story progresses. 

I could talk about How to Be Both all day and probably still not be done with it. I was so disappointed I had to miss the Auckland discussion of it last week. Although in many ways maybe it's a blessing because I probably wouldn't have been quiet. My copy is overrun with annotations and notes+ideas which really emphasises to me how much I loved this book. If you do read this, you are in for a treat. It's worth persevering with but that being said, if you aren't used to Ali Smith start with one of her short story volumes. Her writing style is very distinct and does require a bit of patience, speaking from experience so I recommend starting with another book first. 

Before I make this love-fest any longer, I thought I'd share some of my favourite extracts from the novel because it is beautiful:

"She will lie in bed with all the covers thrown off and the stars will be directly above her, nothing between her and their long-ago burnt-out eyes." (pg. 12)

"She is not going to get the important boredoms and mournings and melancholies that are her due and are owing to her just from being the age that she is, for now it will be interrupted by real mournings and real melancholies." (pg. 83)

"Cause nobody's the slightest idea who we are, or who we were, not even we ourselves." (pg. 282)

"...we go out anonymous into the insect air and all we are is the dust of colour, brief engineering of wings towards a glint of light on a blade of grass or a leaf in a summer dark." (pg. 282-apparently I liked this page)

-Have you read How to Be Both? What did you think of it?

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