June Favourites

June Favourites

Well June, you've been interesting and over really darn quickly as always. Time flies when you're having fun? This month I feel like I've been wearing less makeup because my skin's been throwing a few tantrums and also because I just haven't been bothered with it. I also didn't really acquire any new makeup this month until about midway through the month, and then in the last week with some online shopping. So this month's a real mixture of favourites as a result but I've loved all of these nonetheless. Maybe you'll find some gems among this list too...

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, Florence & The Machine-Was anyone expecting this not to be here? Florence returned to the music scene after a bit of a hiatus and it did not disappoint. Perhaps slightly less melancholy in tone than some of her other albums, there's still the soaring vocals that we know and love as well as some amazing orchestrations. Those horn sections make me so happy, I can't really explain it. I think I've mentioned this already on here but in my imagination, this is the ideal US roadtrip soundtrack. Standout tracks: Caught, Delilah, How Big+How Blue+How Beautiful and Queen of Peace. 

Maybelline ColorSensational Rebel Bloom Lipstick in Blushing Bud*, out July-Maybelline have some wicked launches headed our way next month but more on that soon. Some of the standouts for me though have to be these new ColorSensational lipsticks. Creamy, longlasting, vibrant colour all inspired by Spring/Summer blooms are what you'll find in this collection. Blushing Bud is the perfect rosy pink and reminds me of the colours essiebutton wears on her lips. Hibiscus Pop and Power Peony are next on my wishlist.

Secret Garden by Johanna Basford-Colouring for grown ups has really taken off recently which is mainly down to Johanna Basford's intricate colouring books. These drawings are so detailed and you can really unwind for a good hour or two completing these illustrations. I also find colouring in so relaxing and really zone out from any distractions. It's great. 

Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation in Mont Blanc-I never thought a fuller coverage base would take my fancy but the newest foundation from Nars seems to have changed my mind. This foundation is so lightweight, it feels like you're wearing no makeup at all. I also love how flawless it looks on the skin. My favourite thing about it though is the fact it stays put really well without powder. Seriously, I powder maybe once or twice during the day if I'm wearing this. There's also a really wide range of shades available too and if you have combination or oily skin, you'll probably get along well with this one.

Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions Mascara*-This mascara has been my holy-grail since I ran out of Roller Lash. I curl my lashes first, apply this and then it's like bam, hello fluttery elongated lashes. It really does hold a curl well throughout the day and is fairly water resistent even though I don't think this mascara is waterproof. Max Factor mascaras are pretty pricey here in NZ but I think they do some of the best 'drugstore' priced mascaras around so they're worth the hype.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt-So finishing this book has been a long time coming. 800 hefty pages does take a while to get through. I've read The Secret History which is also by Donna Tartt and really enjoyed that and The Goldfinch was just as good. I had no idea what this was about going in and really had no clue what was going to happen in this book which I think appealed to me most. I like a non-predictable storyline. This story also takes place through a number of different time periods and is mainly set in New York which I liked as well. I highly recommend this if you like mystery, drama-laden novels.

-What did you love throughout June?

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The Week #158

The Week #158

La Petite Anglaise-I do love me a good fashion blog discovery, and I love Ella's blog. She mixes designer fashion with high street pieces and never fails to create classic, chic, effortless looks. I'm a bit obsessed with her style can you tell? If you've not cast your eyes over her blog yet, you need to make time for it this weekend.

The Tale of a 90's Classic-Clueless is one of those nineties movies that never goes out of style. You just can't beat a good teen flick really. I'm probably more of a Mean Girls devotee but I can still give you a good few references c/o Cher Horowitz should you be wanting one. If you're in a similar position, might I suggest you give this article about Clueless from the latest Vanity Fair a read. Side note: Vanity Fair's writing is legitimate #careergoals right there. Their columns are amazing.

A Drop of Vitamin C-Given the ridiculous inevitable drop in temperatures across NZ this week I'm sure we're all needing a little Vitamin C back in our lives. Thankfully The Body Shop have just the product for it. Their new Vitamin C Glow Enhancer*, out July doubles as a primer and a complexion perker-upper. Its deliciously zesty scent and silky smooth feel are an utter treat for your skin. I highly recommend grabbing this or any of The Body Shop's similar skin priming products actually. They do not disappoint.

Olivia Takes Queenstown-The lovely Olivia from Olivia Round Town often gives me a serious case of travel envy. She goes on some rather rad looking adventures and given her knack for taking a seriously good photo, it often leaves me with all the wanderlust feels. She recently took a little trip to Queenstown and despite the chill in the air, it looks like she had a fun time. Also, how stunning is Queenstown? I've never been there but now I feel obliged to. If you're headed there you should give her post a read because she's found some absolute gems to visit and thrown in tips for travelers headed there too.

*PR Sample

-As always, have the loveliest of weekends everybody. This week's been a bit of a rollercoaster in all honesty. Some not so lovely news put a bit of a dampener on things but then there's also been some excitement around planning my brother's upcoming 21st party and also some potential change in the air. I hate being vague but I hope it'll be a good kind of change. Just what the metaphorical doctor ordered perhaps. This weekend should be quiet I think. My brother and I are going to the movies  and then Sunday I have to do some work but other than that I'll just be chillin' and possibly downloading Hilary Duff's new album. Have a good one xo.
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Books I Want To Revisit

Books I Want To Revisit

Today's post is inspired by one I saw earlier in the week over on Emma's fabulous blog. Despite having a rather ridiculous 'to be read' pile, there are still books I want to re-read. Sometimes I like doing this when I can't decide what to read next, or if I feel like I need a break from a particular genre. Ironically, most of the ones below are young adult fiction. Anyway, here's some books I want to read again..

Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer-After reading Off The Page a couple of weeks ago I really want to read the first book in this series again. The ideas of characters within stories interacting with people in the real world, and the idea of book characters being like actors in a play really appealed to me. 

Yes Please by Amy Poehler-When things are a bit 'meh' I always like to read something entertaining and that I know will make me laugh. Amy Poehler's book is guaranteed to do just that. I also read it quite fast initially so I'd like to take my time reading it again. 

Paper Towns by John Green-Given the movie is coming out next month it's the perfect time to revisit this one. I actually didn't enjoy this as much as some of John Green's other books when I first read it. Maybe I was just in an off mood reading it because I know heaps of people love it. Either way, I'm willing to give it another go.

Wildwood by Colin Meloy-This series is like Famous Five mixed with the fantasy of the Narnia series. There's magic, talking animals, a political uprising of sorts and royalty. It's really unlike any other children's book that I have read or can think of. Even adults would enjoy these books too. I loved the gorgeous illustrations throughout and I may have to add this to my collection at some point.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell-Like Paper Towns, I liked this on the first read but didn't love it. I think because I held Eleanor & Park, also by Rowell in such high esteem that this was going to be really toughly judged by me. Is anyone else like that with books by authors they love? Again though I know this book is really popular so I want to give it another chance before the spin-off book about Simon Snow is released later in the year.

-Which books would you re-read? 
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Max Factor Creme Puff Blush

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush

Lately blush has been one of my favourite makeup components. It may be sometimes overlooked, but it seems to really make the difference in brightening up a complexion, especially if it contains subtle hints of shimmer and radiance. There are some more higher end blushers that deliver in this department, but they're certainly getting a run for their money from some newbies of Max Factor's...

The new Creme Puff blushers come in a range of neutral shades that are more on the wearable side of things. As you can see, they have marbled veining throughout and really small flecks of shimmer. I have the shades Lavish Mauve which I picked up in Australia and Nude Mauve*. Nude Mauve is pretty similar to Mood Exposure from Hourglass and some of the more peachy shades are good dupes for the Ambient Lighting blushers too. They're just as pigmented and the colours are stunning. I love how compact these are too and how luxe the packaging looks. What's even better is these are only around the 20 dollar mark.

If you're after a luxe blush without the hefty price tag you'll love the Max Factor Creme Puff blushers. I know they're available in Australia and the UK at the moment, but I believe they're out in New Zealand next month so we don't have too much longer to wait. Oh and side note: Don't let the testers put you off. The testers I swatched came up really disappointing but the actual blush itself is so fantastic. 

-Have you tried the Creme Puff blushers from Max Factor? What did you think of them?

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The Week #157

The Week #157

It's all in the metallic details-Copper detailing is one of my favourite things ever and I love seeking out inspiration incorporating it in both fashion and decor. I love this setup Izzy shared over on her blog this week. That copper wire frame is such a unique way to display things and switch it up every now and again. I love that Kmart lamp too although I can never find it anywhere in stores *sad face*.

Off The Page-During my teens, Jodi Picoult's books were some of my favourites to read. I think the fact that the stories often unfolded from multiple perspectives really appealed to me. In recent years though it's her young-adult novels, co-written with her daughter Samantha that have won me over. Off The Page is the followup to Between The Lines, the story of Delilah and Oliver, the prince in a fairytale novel that is not all it seems. Both books are so enchanting and contain beautiful illustrations as well. I love the concept and idea behind these stories too. 

Sheezus-Last month I bought this album on a bit of a whim and it's since become one of my go-to's. I feel like compared to Lily Allen's older album this one is quite underrated. My favourite track is the title one but I also highly recommend you give Insincerely Yours and URL Badman a listen as well. So much googndess.

Oy with the reunions already-Although in seriousness, any kind of Gilmore Girls reunion earns itself a bottomless cup of coffee from Luke's Diner. In case you've been under a rock, the Gilmore Girls cast got together before their panel and it's such an awesome interview+great to see almost all of the main cast together again. Their almost two hour long panel is now online too and I'm totally going to sit down and watch it this weekend. 

#readthegirl-Do you remember the popularity surrounding the Millennium Trilogy? Well Lisbeth is making her return in August in a new novel. In the meantime, we can reread the books and anticipate a new story. I've only read The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo but it was a while ago so I've been enjoying rereading it and I'm looking forward to browsing through the other ones.
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New In Beauty

New In Beauty

It's been a while since a good ol' fashioned beauty showcase occurred around these parts, and it was whilst browsing through my makeup bag recently that I realised I'd not given many of these products the love they deserved. Some are new releases, others are new to me. They're all pretty darn impressive too. Read on if you want the inside scoop on what's new in the beauty world...

Australis Metallix Eyeshadows in Gold Gaga and Pearl Jammin-My cream eyeshadow obsession continues. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I wore a powder shadow alone on my lids. These two from Australis are both cruelty free and affordable too which is a major bonus. I love these shadows and find them comparable to the Stila Magnificent Metals ones. These two colours are both on the coppery, rose-gold side of things i.e. the perfect Sophie colours. I highly recommend you try these if you haven't already.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Roll-On*-Given the fact at least one person will mention I look tired if my eye bags are slightly out of control, I need an eye cream that's going to be hydrating, brightening or a combination of the two. This isn't so much an eye cream, but more of an eye gel. It's housed in a tube with a metal applicator so you do get that cooling effect. In terms of minimising puffiness it does a pretty good job, but it's not the best. Maybe this would work better in the fridge perhaps. If you've tried this, let me know how you use it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel*-A fair few brow products seem to have made their way into my collection recently, including this brow gel. I know it's a favourite of Lily Pebbles so I was curious to try it. Clear brow gels are great for days when you just don't have time to faff around with brow colour but want to keep those caterpillars/face framers in place. One thing I'd recommend is wiping the excess product off the wand first just to stop your brows feeling crispy but other than that I cannot fault this one.

Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water*-If you saw my tweets about the mysterious cucumber that arrived a couple of weeks back, this is what it was a little clue for. The market seems to be a bit oversaturated with micellar waters at the moment, although I guess some would argue that isn't a bad thing. It just means we are spoilt for choice. Sukin's is one of the cheapest and most natural in terms of ingredients. This one's infused with camomile and cucumber. It isn't fragrance free but it isn't heavily scented so I can't imagine this upsetting sensitive skin. It's very lightweight and does what it says on the tin bottle.

Sally Hansen 18K Gold Nail Hardener*-After spying this on Leonie's Instagram I was intrigued. I don't have weak nails per se, but I do have somewhat damaged nails. Don't bite your nails kids..I've been applying this a couple of times a week since it arrived and it really has been strengthening my nails. They're not ridiculously long because #1 I am a nail biter and #2 old habits die hard but I hope one day they won't look as feral. I realise that is such a superficial statement but meh, sometimes I want nice things.

Max Factor Glamorous Extensions Mascara*-Mascaras are one of my favourite products to try and as a result I usually have high hopes. The last I really loved was Roller Lash but my tube sadly ran out. The newest Max Factor mascara is certainly giving it a run for its money though. It definitely makes your lashes look so much more lengthened and holds a curl really well. It's not the greatest for volume but I do have thicker lashes so that doesn't bother me too much. Psst NZ readers, Max Factor mascaras are $20 at the moment if you're in need of a new one.

Topshop Beauty Glow Pot in Polished-The arrival of the new Topshop store in Auckland meant we could finally get our hands on their beauty range. Can I get an amen? I picked up this cream highlighter over the weekend as I know it's one of their most popular products and it's a lot cheaper than the RMS Beauty alternative which I've coveted for a while. It's also housed in their limited-edition packaging which is a bonus. 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel*-This moisturiser *insert rays of light here*. I can see why Morgan sung its praises over on her blog. Lightweight, cooling and ridiculously moisturising. It might be similar to the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly which is a tad more pricey. I've even got a few friends hooked on this moisturiser. It's hydrating, but not excessive. It's also often on offer at the supermarkets, or Farmers which is never a bad thing.

Clinique Turnaround Revitalising Serum*-2015 seems to be the year I've really begun to appreciate the goodness that is a well-formulated serum. The Turnaround serum is designed to encourage 'natural cell-renewal leaving you with smooth, glowy skin'. My skin's been a bit uneven in texture lately and this has really helped to sort that out. It really does leave your skin feeling much smoother too. PS-Combo/oily skinned girls and guys: it's oil free too which is a bonus.

-Have you tried any of these beauty products? What do you think of them?

*PR Sample/Gifted product.
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The Book of Joan

The Book of Joan

When Joan Rivers passed away I remember feeling so gutted. She was always one of my favourite comedians and I had always admired her work and how she made the red carpet circuit during awards season so much more fun and lively. She was the host of Fashion Police, one of my Saturday night rituals for a very long time. I loved her dark, honest humour and her ability to say what we at one point or another were all thinking. She was a legend. After her passing, her daughter Melissa Rivers was approached to write a book and the result was released last month to coincide with Mother's Day in the US. I was lucky enough to be sent a copy for review so I thought I'd share my thoughts on it...

The Book of Joan* is a collection of memories and anecdotes about Joan, as told by the woman who knew her best. It's broken up into mini-essays on everything from Joan's frugalness with money to her speech at Melissa's graduation. That speech is included in full actually and is really freakin' good. I also enjoyed the story about how Joan would hide money everywhere and how she never dressed down for anything. Grandson's football game? Joan would just turn up in full hair and makeup. Fabulous. I would've liked to have seen more anecdotes about Fashion Police but this book does offer up so many behind-the-scenes insights into the comic legend that it more than makes up for it.

This book as expected was hilarious. I had moments where I'd put the book down to find someone to share particular snippets with or to text someone about it. Melissa is such a gifted writer and while the book is candid, it never feels melancholic. If you're a fan of Joan Rivers or just wanting an entertaining, uplifting memoir to read, you're bound to like this one. 

-Have you read The Book of Joan? What did you think of it?

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Sydney Photo Diary

Sydney Photo Diary

This time a month ago I was still in Sydney. To be honest, I wish I was still there if only for the warmer weather! Today I'm finally getting around to sharing some of my holiday snaps with you all. I actually ended up taking less photos than I expected, even though I did have my camera with me most of the time. Sometimes I think it's just nice to wander and not feel obliged to take pictures all the time. Anyway, without further ado, here's what I saw, liked and admired in Sydney...

(Above) -Coffee and cute suburb maps down at Darling Harbour. This was on the Friday before another particularly spendy day of shopping so caffeine was essential.
-Sydney Opera House from The Rocks. I've never been inside here before. One day...
-A wall of Les Miserables goodness outside the Capitol Theatre in Sydney.

-A tower and display of Laduree Macarons in the Westfield building in central Sydney. This was not far from Sephora actually so if you're in the area after some beauty shopping I highly recommend you head here.
-These rock candies were from a brand called Suga and man they were amazing. So, so good! My Mum's going back to Sydney later in the year and I will be roping her in to bringing some more back.

-This was taken whilst I was on the top level (I think) of the QVB building. This building is seriously beautiful and features stunning architecture.
-Another snap outside the Capitol Theatre. Musical theatre buffs, go see Les Mis you will not regret it.

-How intricate are these beautiful ginger cookies?! These were from The Rocks markets and were just so beautiful and detailed we had to buy some to stare at and eventually eat.
-Sydney Harbour Bridge.

*Have an amazing weekend everyone! You may notice The Week  is MIA again this week. I'm kinda in limbo about whether or not I want to keep the feature going. I might make it an alternate week kind of thing. Last night I went along to the Flo and Frankie opening party with Amy which was a good time. This weekend I'll be going out for a bit of a solo shopping day and doing some unexciting errands at some point. Oh, and also I'll be beginning to make a good dent in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo as I'm re-reading it this month! See you all Monday with another book review xo.
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Things I Bought & Liked #1

Things I Bought & Liked #1

If you know me, you'll know I have a lot of interests and I love shopping. This new feature will hopefully combine the best of both worlds then. It's also another way of me showing you things that may not necessarily make their way into my monthly favourites posts too. So without further ado, here are some things that I have bought and liked loved recently.

Patterned Jersey Top, H&M-Whilst I was in Sydney I took a trip out to H&M which was so worth it. While I did only leave with this and this, they were both purchases I loved. H&M has such affordable, great quality things. Breton tees are an absolute staple and I love them for their Parisian charm. Plus, any chance I get to channel Alexa Chung will always be taken advantage of, let's be real. I love wearing this with my Topshop Jamie jeans (comfiest jeans ever btw) and a trench coat or a fluffy cardi. 

Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation in Mont Blanc-I really ummed and ahhed about buying this one but after two sample pots I decided it was the right foundation for me. It is pretty full coverage but as the name would suggest it looks so lightweight and not cakey on the skin. It also has crazy good lasting power too and I barely need to powder when I'm wearing this. It is perhaps more of a satin finish than some of Nars' other foundations so if you're unsure if you'll like it, I highly recommend stepping in to Mecca for a shade match+sample.

Clear Rosa Phone Case, Rifle Paper Co-If there's one thing I'd class as a magpie item, this would be it. This phone case is so beautiful and sometimes I take it out of my bag just to marvel at its prettiness. It's lightweight and doesn't add too much bulk to my phone but it's a very sturdy case and I can't imagine my phone slipping out of it *touch wood*.

*What have you bought and liked recently?
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A Decor Update

A Decor Update

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that my room's been given a fresh lick of paint. It really inspired me to rethink how my room looks and of course to declutter. Seeing as my room also doubles as an office (of sorts) I really wanted the space to not look overloaded with stuff and for it to be a relaxing atmosphere. I'm still in the process of replacing some furniture, my mirror and bookshelf, so I'll give you a full look at it once it's done. Today though I thought I'd share with you some recent decor additions...

The New Things:

Teal Faux Fur Throw, The Warehouse*-This may not be the exact same throw that I have pictured but it looks similar enough. I love to have throws on my bed in Winter because they're just so cosy and warm. They're great for when you want to watch a movie or box set in the living room and don't want to freeze either.

Stanford Cushion, Freedom Furniture-The cushion I used to have on my bed was really oversized and just looked a bit out of place so this one's really the perfect size. It's slightly smaller than a pillow and it really blends in well with the other colours in my room. Freedom have such a nice variety of cushions, especially if you like pastel hues.

Tassel Garland, Typo-Tassel garlands are all over Etsy but they're often quite pricy so when I saw this one in Typo at a more affordable price point it had to come home. The silver and white look so pretty together and I can't wait to have this up.

Amethyst and Clear Quartz, purchased at a market in Sydney-There was a whole stall of precious stones at The Rocks markets in Sydney and I chose these two. I've always wanted some rose quartz too but they only had massive pieces. Anyway, I know some people are skeptical about the meanings behind having these stones in your space but I really like the idea. It helps that they're also pretty to look at too.

Esha Quilt Cover, Bed Bath N' Table-This print is just beautiful isn't it? Morgan & Finch do the most stunning bedlinen. It's all fantastic quality and they have such a vast array of designs. You're bound to find at least one print you'll love. They're often on sale too which is always a drawcard.

Peonies in Jar, purchased with a Kmart voucher-If there's one thing I love it's peonies. Having some all year round that won't die is a bonus. My previous track record with plants is dismal, so faux it is. I have these on top of my bookshelf with some other candles and trinkets. They'll certainly tide you over until the real deal come back in season.

Heart Bud Vase, West Elm-What is there to say about this white, gold foil heart adorned gem that I found in Sydney. West Elm was an absolute interior design dream and like stepping into a Pinterest or Instagram home. #lifegoals. While I didn't leave with the copper measuring cups (I know..), I had to get this vase. It is quite small so it's probably not the most practical but it'll be perfect for daintier flowers come Springtime. 

-Where is your favourite place to seek out home inspiration?

*PR Sample

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The Week #156

The Week #156

Colouring for adults-That's a thing now guys. Or maybe it always was and I was just too busy being an ignorant teenager to notice. Anyway, I'd seen the Secret Garden colouring books on Zoe's channel and thought it looked stunning so I had to order one for myself. I've only done a little bit of colouring so far but it is so therapeutic and fun. All these drawings are so intricate and detailed so you can really get absorbed in it for a while. I love it.

Kendall & Kylie Jenner x Topshop-Let's be real, if Topshop collaborate with current fashion icons you can usually guarantee that it's going to be cool. Their latest collection with the Jenner sisters is certainly no exception. It's not a massive line, but there are some stunning Summer pieces. I love this floral shirt and the matching shorts. There's also some cute denim shorts and maxi dresses as well. A lot of the collection is sold out now but you can check it out here. Fingers crossed it'll be in the Auckland store soon!

An American Dream-I'm not sure many people know this about me but at some point I want to do a road trip across the States, mainly in California I think. I want to see Big Sur, the Joshua Tree, Salvation Mountain and so many other landscapes and landmarks. This desire seems to have been spurred on by these photographs by Eleanor Hardwick and friends of a recent road trip they took across the States. They're such inspiring, ethereal images. Seriously, I hope I get to do this some day.

Matchbox Studio in Auckland-The lovely Charli introduced me to Matchbox Studio last year in Wellington and it became one of my favourite little treasure troves. The necklace you see above is from there. Well now they've set up shop in Auckland. Huzzah! They're housed in the St Kevins Arcade up on K Road. Honeytrap, creator of some of the tastiest milkshakes+food ever is nearby so I suggest you grab a shake and check out some art+creative things to buy.

A Floral treat for your cheeks-Clinique's cheek pops are truly a work of art. They're embossed with a daisy flower design which doesn't seem to fade, no matter how much swatching you do. It helps that the colours are all stunning as well. They've added a few new shades to the lineup recently and Melon Pop, above has caught my eye. Who can resist a flattering, peachy pink? I'm not sure if these are out in New Zealand yet but here's hoping they reach our shores.

*I hope you have the best weekend everyone! This week's been pretty good-any week that involves an extra day off is naturally better though to be honest. Last night I went to an event celebrating 100 years of Maybelline which was fun. I got to see some familiar beauty blogging faces as well as meet some people IRL. A little jaunt to Time Out bookstore may have happened afterwards as well. You may remember I talked about my room being repainted, well it's happening today so hopefully I will be back in there this weekend and will be able to start redoing my wall decor a bit. Note to self: avoid the blu tack! Right, I'm off for a bit of a Florence & The Machine listening spree. Have a good one x.
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Makeup Essentials x That's Just Fabulous

Makeup Essentials x That's Just Fabulous

Hi Nana Wintour readers! I'm excited to be guest posting and taking over Sophie's blog today. I've decided to share my must-have products. Those products that I reach for pretty much every morning and would feel a bit lost without.

First up for the base...

Chanel CC Cream: At the moment I'm into bases that are just enough to even out my skin tone and give me a bit of glow. I'm a fan of all over glow so I usually steer clear of matte formulas. I find this tends to work best with my dry skin type.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer: My go-to concealer for everything. I find this tends to be the best at covering my dark circles (aka the bane of my existence). 

YSL Touche Eclat: Definitely my most used highlighter. I use it in the corner of my eyes, my brow bone, cupids bow and down my nose. It's also the product of choice for me to throw into my handbag. Since it works as a concealer and a highlighter it's perfect for touchups. 


Maybelline Full N' Soft Mascara:  My holy grail mascara for sure. This stuff doesn't budge, holds a curl like no other and gives me fluttery lashes. Even though I own and try out many mascaras, this is the one I always come back to.

L'Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper (Translucent): I had a bit of a toss up between this product and my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. In the end this guy won-all due to its ease. On mornings I'm running behind or for quick afternoon touchups this is the perfect product. It keeps my brows polished and is pretty foolproof. 

Finishing Touches...

NARS Dual Intensity Blush 'Fervor':This blush has dominated my makeup bag for the past few months. It seems to be my perfect match. The lighter pink side gives just the right amount of flush and goes with so many looks.

Clinique Chubby Stick 'Heaping Hazelnut':This was a purchase that was fully enabled by the Olsen twins. Once I discovered they favoured this product I had to have it. It gives the perfect amount of colour while being balmy and hydrating. The perfect nude to always keep on hand.

Let me know if you use any of these products in the comments below!

And a big thank you to Sophie for letting me take over her blog for the day!

*Thanks to Faith for guest posting today! Be sure to check out her blog and also her gorgeous Instagram here. 
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June Reading List

June Reading List

How is it June!? I just cannot deal with that realisation right now, although I guess I will have to given the rather dramatic drop in temperatures. Enough about the weather though. Today it's time to talk about the books I've got lined up to read this month. Some I've already started, and while I may be biased (ahem...), I think it's quite a nice mix of titles this month. Here's what's on the reading list for June..

Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home by Emily Schuman-I love interior design and I love the Cupcakes and Cashmere blog. Put the two together and you have quite a winning combination. Emily's newest book looks just as fantastic as her first and it has all-new content which I think will mean people who aren't familiar with her blog will enjoy it as well. It's beautifully put together and features stunning photography so I cannot wait to delve in.

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella*-This book was sent to me by Penguin last month and at first I thought it was another piece of adult fiction from Sophie Kinsella but it is actually young adult. Penguin know me well. I'm currently reading this and am really liking it so far. It's giving me Eleanor & Park vibes which is never a bad thing. The main character deals with anxiety and I think it's great seeing more authors explore and educate readers on this topic because it's not something we see a lot of in the YA genre. 

Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon-My first introduction to Kim Gordon came from Tavi's former blog, Style Rookie and then I think I read an interview with her in an old issue of Lula. Either way, she's one kickass woman and when her book caught my eye in the shops I knew it'd be added to my to-read list. Again, I'm not too far into it but I always like a good memoir so here's hoping this one is a good'un. 

The DUFF by Kody Keplinger-One of my book buys in Sydney was this one and it's been on my wishlist for a while so when I saw it on sale the inevitable happened. From what I can tell, and having only read one chapter so far it seems slightly Mean Girls-esque. The whole DUFF idea reminds me of the third wheel situation (story of my life) and it just seems like the perfect relatable and nostalgic read.

*Have you read any of these books before? What did you think of them? Be sure to let me know what's on your June Reading List or if you have any recommendations. 
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