Five Things: February

Just like that it is February! A frenzy of heat, a need for frozen drinks and ice-blocks, foundation slides off, fun times. And of course five things for February; Florence, reads and some blog posts you need to give a peruse. Let's go...*

Florence: Wednesday night was one of music and hope and Florence freakin' Welch. I went to her High As Hope tour whilst it was in Auckland and it was magic. I've seen Florence a few times live now and this was definitely my favourite performance. She turns Spark Arena in to an intimate venue, despite the crowds of thousands who appear to see her. She danced and flitted across her stage, as is trademark for her and encouraged us all to never give up hope and lose sight of what we love. And I cried. And then of course she sung Patricia and spoke about that song and I cried. It's a wonder the glitter eyeshadow didn't come sliding right off really. The long and short of this story? See the artists you love live. It's worth every penny.

Books to pre order: 2019 is looking hella good for books and upcoming titles. Our shelves are blessed. My wallet is cursed. Cursed I tell you. My shelves and mind though are blessed. Okay musings aside, here are the books I think y'all should order and pre-order that are releasing in 2019. Well some of them. *I Used to Be Charming x Eve Babitz, *Daisy Jones & The Six x Taylor Jenkins Reid, *A Love Story for Bewildered Girls x Emma Morgan, *The Sisterhood x Daisy Buchanan.

Living Abroad: My international blogger babe Sandrine is about to move to London, lucky lady. While she gets ready to travel across the world, she interviewed some like-minded ladies who have all lived abroad. As someone who has lived in the same city and town even, most of their life, I find it really fascinating reading about people's experiences moving overseas. If you want to read the series, and you should because there are some great tips in there, head here

Seasons of Friendship: Maddy published a brilliant piece this week on surviving the loss of friendships and it really hit home. Whether that be a childhood friend you have drifted from, or one of your first friends you made post-school, losing friends feels kinda shitty. As a sensitive soul I feel like the painful, almost heart achingly awful side of it does affect me more than I like it to. Then again, friendship is so much more valuable in quality, not quantity. Anyway, go read her post here

Marie Kondo Your Makeup: Cass shared this brilliant post about decluttering your makeup and it inspired me to get quite ruthless with what was left of my makeup last weekend. It's so satisfying. While I am not totally on board with Marie Kondo and her ways, ahem, her book philosophy, I do appreciate the general gist of it. Side note, I wish you could Marie Kondo memories. Anyway, great post that demands to be read. And have a squiz at Cass's new blog design. It is dreamy.

*I blame Lin-Manuel Miranda for my sudden adoption of this phrase. 

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