The Kmart Haul

Hello and welcome to a post which feels really, really old school. A haul. Kmart is one of those places where you walk in with one purchase in mind, or maybe more and then you somehow get swayed by their absolutely enticing, beautiful, affordable things. I am not the only one, there are whole Buzzfeed posts devoted to this. And if it's on Buzzfeed, it is obviously official. I am sure if you are from Australia and New Zealand, you will know the pull of Kmart. With the holiday season coming up, it's a great place to find things for DIY's, as you will see and also cheap and cheerful gift ideas. Anyway, here is what I have acquired from Kmart recently. Apologies not everything I have here is linked on the website...

Draw String Bags+Tassel Trim: I think Anko is like Kmart's own brand for a lot of their stationery bits and pieces. They have some very on trend, wallet friendly pieces. From memory these bags were only a couple of dollars. I got them to use to house some of the Advent Calendar bits. The tassel trim is also for the Advent Calendar, I want to use it to tie gifts up. It may not work but we shall see.

Protea Journal: Oh hey, another journal shock horror haha. All seriousness. I LOVE the protea themed things at Kmart. Just taketh my money okay. It may end up being a part of someone else's Christmas gift. We shall see but I had to include it.

Botanic Parcel Tags: I got these to use as labels/placeholders for the Advent Calendar days. There's 30 in this set so I will have a couple left over. I was feeling the natural/Scandi/minimalist vibe this year. I mean there will undoubtedly be glitter elements in here somewhere because I can't go totally minimalism on y'all but yeah. That was the vibe I felt this year.

Magnets: SO cute! And y'know, who doesn't need magnets for their fridge? I like the patterns on these ones. Again, another thing that may end up as a Christmas gift but I think they'd make such an adorable stocking stuffer. Not that I am biased or anything. Ahem...

Sticker Book: Since I got back into journalling in general, I have really got back on the sticker vibe. I mean, don't get me wrong. I have always been a sticker girl. Anyway, this book is super cute. There's gift labels, alphabet letters, motivational messages, bullet journal headers and the like. It's so versatile. I picked one of these up for a friend of mine as well because I thought she'd love them.

Protea Case: My current phone case of choice because in case you can't tell, I like proteas. I don't know what else to tell you. It's a phone case. It protects and decorates my phone. End of.

Foil Alphabet Stickers: So I got these for my Advent Calendar, the other side of the packet contains numbered stickers...*hopefully* I will have enough and while they aren't exactly what I wanted-they will do the job.

-What have you hauled from Kmart recently?

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