Monday Muse

"The cats are in the flower beds,
A red hawk rides the sky.
I guess I should be happy, Just to be alive.
But, We have poisoned everything,
And oblivious to it all,
The cell-phone zombies babble,
Through the shopping malls."

Those words come from today's Monday muse who is a painter, a poet and an extremely gifted musician. Joni Mitchell is one of those people who's name you'll often see in interviews where artists are asked to state who inspires them. That was where I remembered her name from, but it wasn't until I heard 'A Case of You' that I began to really take an interest.

Joni is truly one of those artists who doesn't have a line of carbon copies that have followed after her, which is part of what makes her music and creativity so special. Also as a result of childhood polio, Joni couldn't form traditional guitar chords with her hands so a lot of the chords in her songs have been made up. This is most likely why there are few successful imitators of her music!

'A Case of You', my all-time favourite Joni Mitchell song. 

Another favourite, 'Both Sides Now' performed by Joni on the Johnny Cash Show.

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