What's in store:

What can you expect from Nana Wintour? Given that I am currently on summer holiday I have the luxury of being able to post a lot more frequently than I would otherwise be able to during the year. Rejoice!

Aside from spontaneous posts which will appear over the week, expect to see posts relating to each of the following:

Monday Muse: I love inspiration, without it we wouldn't be able to grasp aspects of life we like and reshape them to form our own identity. So it is with that idea in mind that these posts will be shaped and embraced around. Muses from all walks of life will be presented to you, along with reasons as to why they are the muse of the week.

Mid Week Music: In order to survive I need the following: Food, Water, Shelter & of course Music, without it life would be pretty unbearable. Each Wednesday expect to see either a song clip or music video of my favourite song of that week, or perhaps even just a song which I will never tire of.

Quotacious Quotes: Aren't quotes just fabulous? Whether they make you smile, nod & silently think to yourself "That is so true, why was I not the one to say that??" or, just make you want to write down or memorise what you've just read, quotes add value to everyone's lives. Every couple of weeks I'll share one of my (numerous) favourite quotations with you, and if I'm feeling really intuitive there might be some analysis of said phrase.

The Reading Pile: A monthly look at what books or magazines I am currently reading, along with recommended reads which you might enjoy.

Brilliant Blogs: There are literally thousands, if not millions of blogs out there. Each month my aim is to present at least one of the blogs I either read regularly (religiously) or that I stumble across over the month.

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