My Week in Pictures #16

I'm back with another week in pictures post. It's been a good week, albeit a busy one. It mightn't look it but there's a fair bit happening behind the scenes in terms of finishing my Parsons x Teen Vogue course and designing a website for someone else, oh and savouring the last of my free time before I go back to university. More on that another time. Anyway, here's the week that was..

(Above)-Morning tea at the Onehunga Cafe which I'd heard good things about from Tara and Ellen. This banana cake was vegan and oh my gosh it was delicious. They do pretty decent coffee as well. 

-I housesit+cat sit for Fiona and got to look after her absolutely adorable kitten Bobbi. Seriously, Bobbi is the cutest ever. She makes my heart melt.

-Pink, cotton candy skies on Monday night. So pretty!

-Cute cards and a lil' thank you gift from Fiona. She gave me a voucher for Kikki K and surprisingly it's still intact. 

-Charlotte Gainsbourg inside the pages of The Travel Almanac. One of the perks of being in a magazine shop+office on a Friday is that I get to flick through a lot of magazines. Not gonna lie, it is a bit of a struggle to not take them all home with me but I survive.

*Have the best weekends guys! I'm typing this with my battery bar on 15%, living life on the edge etc. It's a long weekend here so that's a bonus. I'm keen to go watch a movie or something so that may happen too. Have a good one! & I'll see y'all on Monday with a book post.

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