Magazines I Read and Liked #2

Y'know the drill by now. I buy/acquire magazines. I devour them over my morning coffee/in free moments. I inevitably like them and then feel compelled to share the love with you guys. So here we have it, four magazines  have read and loved recently. Enjoy!  

Kinfolk-Ahh Kinfolk, you mighty ol' thing. This magazine combines the best of all that we love; design, travel, food and entertaining. It's about the simple and fuss-free. The cleanly designed and the organised clutter. Each issue has a theme, the Winter one centres around design and its widespread significance. They also explore the idea that good design doesn't necessarily need to follow all the rules, in fact it may bend a few along the way. There's something relaxing about reading Kinfolk and I've loved dipping in and out of this one throughout the Summer.

The Happy Reader-If you saw my end of year book haul, you'll know The Happy Reader is a bit of a nightmare to find. Regardless, I thought it deserved a mention around this part. I'm pretty sure this magazine is released by the folk behind The Gentle Man and Gentle Woman magazines. Each issue focuses on a literary enthusiast, usually a well known face who we all know and love. Past issues have included Aziz Ansari and Kim Gordon. There's also a snippet of another book included and a bunch of additional bookish goodness. This won't be a magazine for everybody but if you love books you should hunt this down. 

Yen-Yen have really upped their game recently and it's one of those magazines I make an effort to grab when it's released every two or so months. The latest issue was their annual festival themed one and features interviews with a bunch of artists who are headed down under for various festivals throughout the Summer. There's also some inspirational fashion editorials, musings about travel and even an article about the mysterious cults and secret societies of the world. I'm not sure if this magazine is available outside New Zealand and Australia but it is well worth the read if you can find it.

Cereal-Surprisingly this magazine is not dedicated to one of the best meals of the day. It's a publication, released twice yearly devoted to travel, adventure and all things us wanderlust loving folk are fond of. If this magazine doesn't make you want to pack up and roam the world with a camera, books and the simplest of things, then I don't know what will.

-Have you read any of these magazines before? What are your go-to glossies?

*Have an amazing weekend everyone! It's been ages since I've done one of what I label as 'life rambles' when I'm drafting these posts. Lately though I've got to the end and been so eager to press publish that I've forgotten to add this in. This week's been eventful if I do say so myself, but in a good way. This weekend I am house sitting, catching up with friends and hopefully eating good food. All the important things in life right? See you on Monday with a fresh new post x.

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