April Reading List

How is it actually April? Seriously, I can't really fathom it. There's another lineup of books to be read and already April feels incredibly busy. Regardless, I'm going to continue to make an attempt at reading all of the things. So here's what's made its way into the pile of books by my bed this month...

A Series of Unfortunate Events, books 11-13 by Lemony Snicket-I've been re-reading this series for the last year or so now and I'm finally nearing the end. Revisiting these books has been just like reading all the books for the first time in all honesty, as I was probably 12 when the last book was released. They're so good, I love all the references and all-round cleverness of this series. 

Radio Silence* by Alison Oseman-After seeing, and hearing how much Emma loved this book I knew I needed to make more of a point of picking it up to read. It tells the story of two teens, who unite over a fandom and love for an online series/podcast of sorts. It's such a sweet book and I'm loving all the references within its pages. Parks and Rec gets a nod so it definitely earns my approval. I'll do a full review over here when I am done.

Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates-This book hasn't had too much of a dent in it yet as I've been having an in-depth read of Moranifesto instead. I decided to pick this up before I read her second book, Girl Up released this month. I have heard a lot of people talk about this book and share their thoughts on it. So far it's been eye-opening and just reinforcing why I hold many of the beliefs I have. 

Moranifesto* by Caitlin Moran-Caitlin Moran is fast becoming one of my favourite women, and writers. She's just brilliant. Many of you will have probably read How To Be A Woman, dubbed feminist book of the year. Now Caitlin is back with a collection of the columns she's penned for The Times as well as some freshly written pieces especially for the book. A lot of ground is covered here, from feminism to David Bowie (RIP), Starbucks coffee, hipsters-even an excessive obsession with Get Lucky by Daft Punk. Written in Moran's truly hilarious, best-friend banter style. It's one book you won't want to be without.

-What are you going to read in April?

*Review copy

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