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Y'know how I feel about books and stationery by now. I do not make it obvious anywhere online/offline at all... Recently I discovered the brand Obvious State either on Instagram or Buzzfeed and I was absolutely smitten with it. Come pay day I had this small lineup in my basket, one thing led to another. You know how this goes...

Obvious State are a New York based design studio with a love for words of the literary kind. They're also partial to a floral, art-deco inspired print or two as well. It's a match made in heaven really. As well as the products I grabbed, they also have a range of stationery available; tote bags, mugs and even a book with some stunning photographs as well. It's all relatively inexpensive as well which is always a bonus. One thing I will point out is that this took just about five weeks to get here. For a bit of context, I have had packages from the US arrive within a week. It's not necessarily a bad thing, although if you were buying something from here as a gift internationally, you'd want to buy it well in advance just to be safe. Anyway, here is what I grabbed from Obvious State's well stocked, literary lovers' paradise...

Bloom Bookmark Set-To know me is to know I love a good floral print. Miranda Priestly mightn't find them particularly groundbreaking for Spring, but I do love 'em all year round. These are absolutely beautiful and feature quotes from British Romantic Poets, including Wordsworth and Coleridge. I actually studied romantic poetry in AS Lit and loved it so this was an inspired, and brilliant purchase indeed. I've already given a couple of these out as gifts, don't worry I am saving some for myself. They're so stunning. Insert heart emojis for days here.

Stars Notebook-I'm also a fan of constellation, galaxy prints, preferably the more minimal designs. I also love notebooks of all shapes and sizes. I usually have several going at once. I got this one though to stick in my handbag. It'll be useful for exciting times when creative inspiration strikes, and the not-so-exciting times, like when I need to remember to buy washing powder. It feels pretty sturdy too so fingers crossed it will not get too battered in my bag.

Harmony Card-If you follow my book-themed Instagram, @whatsophieread, subtle plug, you will have seen this already. This card features the quote "That voice of unpretending harmony" which is from one of Wordsworth's poems. I do have a soft spot for Wordsworth. Anyway, beautiful card, gorgeous card stock. I've actually framed this up and stuck it on my bookshelf, although it may eventually end up on the wall.

-What stationery items have you bought and liked lately? Do tell! I am sure myself and fellow stationery lovers would eat your recommendations up. x

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