Kylie Cosmetics: Tips, Tricks & The Products

An alternative name for this post could've easily been the lip products that break the Internet. I'm sure you're all familiar with Kylie Jenner and her now notoriously sought-after range of lip products, from the lip kits to the liquid metals.  Ever since she launched them near the end of 2015 there's been a lot of love and enthusiasm for her products, for many reasons. It took me a while to succumb to the hype-the original three colours really didn't appeal to me. It was when she started adding more wearable neutrals to the range that I began to get interested. The hype is justified but I will let the rest of my post do the talking.

6 things you need to know:

*I have not been charged at customs for buying a lip kit. This may be because I only have ordered one at a time but as far as I know, friends who have ordered more than one have not had to pay fees. I can't speak for everywhere else overseas but just be mindful. It seems like the UK vloggers all seem to have to pay customs on them.

*If you don't want to pay for Kylie's app to keep up with the restock dates and product launches; Instagram is your best friend. The official Kylie Cosmetics handle post plenty of updates as well of course as Kylie. Her snapchat is handy for restock information too. Just stalk Kylie in a sane way. 

*Another handy place for restock information including the times for different destinations around the world is this blog. This is where I checked for the times and I just converted it to New Zealand time as Australia was the closest. I think, depending on daylight savings, we are usually 2 hours ahead of Australia so just go by that if you are unsure or google the time in different cities.

*Be patient x400. #1 The website tends to go nuts when the restock happens, hit refresh like crazy. Although now I think you can just wait in a virtual queue and not have to refresh like a maniac until you get to the payment window. Have the colours you want ready in your mind so you can get them as fast as possible, without panicking. If they sell out, there's always next time. #2 Your confirmation email may not arrive fast. Mine took a couple of days (I think) but it will come. #3 Shipping times seem to vary. My kit below took just under a week (including the weekend) to arrive so I was very impressed.

*Buy from the official source! Scalpers exist and will usually try to resell them at a much higher, more extreme value. That's not always the case but I've seen people trying to sell single kits for $100 in various currencies. Crazy given they sell for $29 US, excluding shipping. This ties in with the patience thing but seriously, unless people are only selling them for a slight markup, it's not worth the extravagant pricing.

*Kylie's products are all cruelty free and almost all vegan. This is awesome! Apparently they are made in the same factory as Colourpop. I've heard the formula of her liquid lipsticks vs theirs is not the same but if you don't want to wait, you could always order some of theirs. If you type any of the colours+dupes/alternatives into Google there's a lot of handy swatch charts around too. 

Now on to the kits...

First up we have Koko K, the most notoriously difficult shade to get. This is the lip kit that seems to sell out the fastest every single time they restock and I can see why. I actually bought this off Trade Me which I wouldn't normally advocate, however it was only a little bit dearer than buying direct from Kylie Cosmetics so I took the plunge. Of the two I own, this one is my favourite. It's a light, pinky-nude. Think your lips, but better. Sharpen the pitchforks all you naysayers who loathe that term. One thing to note is that these seem to apply darker to your lips than they appear in the tube. Maybe it's because I'm considerably paler than Kylie but that is something to be mindful of. Anyway, I love this colour. It's so stunning. If I remember to before this post goes up I'll post a selfie so y'all can see it in action.

Next we have Posie K, the kit I bought direct from Kylie's site. I also really love this colour. Lily Pebbles described it perfectly when she said it's similar to Syrup from MAC, just a touch darker and matte obviously. Here's a photo of me wearing it. As you can see it applies quite dark but it's still wearable enough to not feel intimidating. Posie K seems to be the kind of shade that would suit a wide variety of skintones as it does pull darker than some of Kylie's other nudes, with the exception of True Brown K. It's another beautiful colour though and I am glad I went for this originally. 

As for the wear of these, they are honestly the most comfortable liquid lipsticks to wear. Not that I've tried absolutely everything and anything but of the ones I have tried, these are easily the most comfortable feeling on the lips. They dry down really fast and don't seem to flake off or wear away in a gross/obvious way. To remove them I just use this which I use with all my eye and lip makeup. As it is bi-phase it breaks down everything so easily. Price-wise, one of these kits with international shipping (14.95 US) will set you back less than a MAC lipstick and liner would which I think is pretty reasonable. Btw, when I reference MAC and pricing I'm meaning in New Zealand, where you can buy a lipstick+liner for just under $80 here. I'm seriously impressed by these. Kylie is on to a good thing here!

What do you think of Kylie's lip kits? If you have any more questions leave them below! I have tried to cover everything here but I'm sure I will have missed something out.

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