The Book Club

I did it, I finally started a lil' book club. After some friends and I became a bit frustrated about cultish young-adult fiction, one of them suggested I start a book club. Then I took the question to Twitter and quite a few of my followers were keen so I bit the bullet and made one. Side note: I refuse to use the phrase "highly requested" because I don't have tons of followers and I dislike that expression. Anyway, Sophie's Book Club, because original names escape me, is a thing and if you want to know more, keep reading...

Sophie's Book Club is over on Goodreads and is going to be a place where we can all discuss books in a friendly environment and hopefully get some engaging and inspiring discussion going. I plan on also doing blog posts about the books we read as well as YouTube videos. Most of the time we'll be reading writing by women, and in fact I think all the books I have in mind so far are by women. They'll be inspiring and thought-provoking, although I am partial to books that are more for escapism than anything else so they may appear as well.

We'll be reading one book per month, starting from July and you can vote in the poll here or just leave a comment below if you're not on Goodreads and I'll add your picks to the tally. The books up for July are; The Girls, Vinegar Girl and Ctrl Alt; Delete. Whichever book comes second in this poll will be our book for August. 

I think that covers everything for now. This post is laden with bad book puns so that's surely a sign I need to wrap things up. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments and your votes for July's book. I'll be back Wednesday with a beauty post for you all!  More like a paper-themed post on Friday because I brilliantly misread my schedule.

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