5 Feel Good Films To Watch

You can't beat a good movie to turn around a bad day and bring some good vibes to the table. Throw in some laughs, killer outfits and you have the perfect cure for a not so sunshiney day. Today I thought I'd share with you five of my favourite movies to watch when I want something that's going to put me in a good mood, make me laugh and leave me wanting a fictitious, never-ending closet..

-13 Going on 30: Back in the days, 11 year-old me thought it must be pretty freakin' cool to be thirty. C'mon, Jennifer Garner does make it not look half bad. Plus she kinda has, and still does have my dream life. Living in New York, working for one of the top magazines. *Sigh*. This movie is hilarious, heartwarming and awesome. You've got to love the eighties nostalgia as well. I love the fun costumes Jenna wears too. That slip paired with her coat is just the right amounts of undone chic. This scene is my favourite. Go watch it if you haven't. 

-Legally Blonde: Who can forget the bend and snap, Reese Witherspoon kicking serious ass as Elle Woods and proving all them misogynistic haters wrong. Oh yeah. This is one inspirational movie. It's funny yes, but let's not forget that this movie is about a girl who totally changes the game and no doubt shook up the fictional legal system as well. I love this movie. So much. As well as all its inspirational-ness, I lovelovelove Elle's wardrobe. The sequel is pretty good too but the original always wins.

-The Parent Trap: This has to be one of my favourite childhood movies. Basically Lindsay Lohan plays twins who meet at Summer camp in America. They realise they're related, decide to switch places so they can meet their parents and hopefully reunite them. I'm sure you've all seen it. It's good old fashioned, nineties fun at its best. There's some brilliant one-liners in there as well. It's just a cute film. I'm not gonna lie, Annie's house in London is and always will be #goals.

-The Princess Diaries: Anne Hathaway (Mia) finds out she's a Princess, thanks to her grandma Julie Andrews (Queen Clarisse). This is loosely based off the book series of the same name but honestly, I think I like them both equally. Who didn't want a makeover scene like this? This is another hilarious movie and my friends and I often rewatch it now. Maybe it's a nostalgia thing but you can't beat it. Make an afternoon of it and watch the sequel as well. Chris Pine's in it, just in case you need further enticement. 

-Sisters: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. What more do you need? Maya Randolph? Good, because she's in this one as well. Amy and Tina play Maura and Kate, sisters who come together to throw one last, high-school style party at their parent's house before it's sold. It sounds straightforward but all kinds of things go down. Sisters is hilarious, laugh out funny, cry-laughing levels of entertainment. You have to watch it if you haven't seen it already.

-What are your go-to, feel good films?

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