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If there's one thing Benefit Cosmetics are known for it's their attention and dedication to brows. They have the market cornered with their on-counter brow services and abundant array of brow products for us all to use at home. This year they've expanded their brow lineup to include some new brow tools in a range of new formulas, from waxy pencils through to creamy pomades. They've also given their packaging a revamp and introduced new colours for existing products like Brow Zings and Gimme Brow. I was lucky enough to attend the launch for their new products last week with Fiona and got to have a play with some of the new things. Today I thought I'd talk you through some of my favourites before they land on counters next Friday, the 22nd. As Benefit say, 'Hocus pocus, brows are our focus'....

ka-Brow in #5*: This is one of Benefit's new products and the one I was most looking forward to trying. I used to love using Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and this is Benefit's take on a creamy brow pomade. Think of it as a cream eyeshadow for your eyebrows. What I love about this is it comes with a mini angled brush in the lid. I'm usually pretty skeptical about brushes that come with products but this one is not something to be dismissive of, it's actually very good. The product itself is pigmented but it's a bit subtler than Dipbrow. You have more control with the product and can build it up depending on how strong you want your brows to be. As my brows are already quite dark I tend to just fill them in once. It's so easy to use. I'm Shade 5 of 6 and find it matches my brows perfectly. If you've been wanting to try a brow pomade or something similar you may like this one.

High Brow Highlighting & Lift Pencil*: High Brow is a product I've had used on me before but it's never one I've actually owned. This is a light, pink toned pencil that you're supposed to apply under the brow and as the name will suggest it makes the brows look higher up than they are. This is great if you have thick brows like me as it makes them look that little bit further away from your eyes. High Brow is very creamy so it's easy to blend out with your fingers or a brush. If brightening is more your thing, High Brow Glow is just as good.

Honourable Mentions:

Precisely, My Brow: Benefit have bought out two new brow pencils; Precisely My Brow and Goof Proof. The latter is thicker and more angular. The Benefit Brow Gal used Precisely, My Brow on me on Friday and I loved it. It has a shorter pencil so you can draw in natural, hairlike strokes. The effect looked super natural and is really easy to achieve. I've got a couple of Anastasia's brow pencils on the go but when they run out I would consider buying this to mix things up a bit.

3D Brow Tones: After seeing Fleur and Alix raving about this product I knew it was one I had to try myself. Brow Tones is a brow-gel that is designed to soften the colour of brows and add highlights to them. It basically stops your eyebrows looking flat and like a block of colour in other words. This product is super subtle but it really does make a difference. I like how it lightened the colour of my already-dark eyebrows without looking too crazy in the process. I'm not a huge fan of clear brow gels so something like this is right up my street. I'll definitely be splurging on this one very soon.

-What are your go-to brow products? Are you going to try any of Benefit's new offerings when they're on counter?

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