October Reading List

It's October which means Halloween is here, Spring is in full swing and a new pile of books is here for the reading. There's actually a lot of awesome books coming out in the next few months, with Christmas and all around the corner so it's an exciting time to be reading. Today though, here's the books I am hoping to finish this month. Emphasis on hoping. We all know how much of a serial reader I am...

Rookie Yearbook 4, edited by Tavi Gevinson-I've owned this book for almost a year now so it's quite shameful that I am yet to read it. Whoops, sorry Tavi and co. This is what was dubbed the senior year for Rookie yearbooks and is the last one they intended to publish. I'm not sure if it signaled the end of Rookie books entirely because their books are awesome. Anyway, Rookie's fourth yearbook combines content from the past twelve months, the best of the best basically. For the print version, they also throw in a bunch of exclusive extras, especially with content from people we all collectively fangirl over. Lorde contributed an article about her songwriting process for starters. Admittedly I've been a bit too busy to read beyond the first editor's letter but I am looking forward to reading this more thoroughly soon.

Holding Up The Universe* by Jennifer Niven-This is one of the books in October I'm most looking forward to reading. It is actually released today which is timely as well. YA fans will know Jennifer Niven as the author behind All The Bright Places which was an incredibly strong debut novel and earned her an extensive fanbase as a result. I don't know much about this yet but it does sound a bit like ATBP in that it unites two teenagers who are a bit undone and fix one another. I will keep you posted.

Girl Up* by Laura Bates-The follow-up book to Everyday Sexism has been on my to-read pile for ages, and I have been reading it, albeit slowly so I'd love to finish it this month. It's a bit more crude and funnier than its predecessor but still just as informative and worthwhile reading. I'd say this one is aimed more at teenage girls or people who are new to feminism. In fact, if I was a librarian I'd have multiple copies of this in my library. It's important reading.

Asking For It by Louise O'Neill-Thanks to Emma for lending me this to read. Asking For It is a book which deals with sexual assault, cyber bullying and the dangers as well as aftereffects of both on young people. With such a heavy subject matter, it has to be said that this book will be triggering for some people and it is by no means an easy read. In fact, it's really quite distressing at times. That being said, it is such an important read and O'Neill handles the heavier issues so well. They're not romanticised, they're presented for what they are. This book is so important and if you've not read it yet, you should.

-What are you reading during October?

*Review copy

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