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It's probably not obvious to anybody that I love Gilmore Girls. In case that wasn't obvious, the previous statement is laden with sarcastic undertones. Gilmore Girls is one of those shows that is just so nostalgic for so many of us. Its one of those programs that became a bit of a tradition to watch, dissect and debate the various suitors for Lorelai and Rory. It probably did Pop Tarts a deal of good and introduced many of us to a plethora of iconic pop culture moments. The humour was always there and the fast talking put it in a league of its own. Even now in the days of endless distractions you have to be paying attention to watch it, lest you miss some crucial piece of dialogue. Whether that be one of Emily's not so subtle digs or Lorelai's love for sarcasm. 

Unless you've been living under a rock you'll know Netflix is blessing us with four, ninety minute specials in November. It's just under three weeks away actually. In honour of that I decided to create a Gilmore Girls tag. There could've been heaps of questions here but I decided to limit it to ten. This was so fun to put together too. So have a read, sit back, get your IV's of coffee and Red Vines, cake or Pop Tarts at the ready and enjoy...

-What was your first introduction to Gilmore Girls? I remember Gilmore Girls used to be on TV here on a Sunday afternoon and I know it became a ritualistic thing for a lot of people. I was not one of them but I do remember it being on in the background at home. Some of my extended family love it though and one Summer afternoon, my cousin and I binge-watched three or four episodes in a row. Perhaps it's because we watched partway through a season that I didn't really connect with it. I liked it but for some reason I didn't pursue watching it beyond that. Fast-forward to the Summer holidays in 2011 and I changed that. The rest is history. 

-Who is your favourite character and why? Lorelai freakin' Gilmore, the cool Mom. The one played by Lauren Graham. Side note: Why am I explaining this...She's armed with a whole arsenal of pop culture references, she talks fast, she's witty, she's stylish. She's just awesome. Yes she's a fictional character but if she were real I feel like we'd totally be friends IRL. Seriously.

-Are you on Team Jess, Dean or Logan? Why? My answer to this question changes all the time. I feel like all of Rory's potential suitors have strengths and distinct flaws. For now though I am fully on Team Jess. Yes he had a tendency to up and leave and wasn't the greatest at communicating but he seemed to care the most about Rory. He also loved reading just like Rory and when he wanted to be he had that whole quiet intellectual thing down. 

-How many of the books have you read from Rory's reading list? For reference, here is Rory's reading list. There's 339 books on here so it's rather mammoth. With this list in mind, I have read a grand total of...27 books. Dismal I know. Let me know in the comments if you've read more than me.

-Would you rather; only be allowed to drink coffee, or never be able to eat Pop Tarts again? This is easy for me, I'd rather never be allowed to eat Pop Tarts again. C'mon, imagine if coffee was your only beverage. That would get bad, fast! Also I kinda think Pop Tarts are disgusting, with the exception of the S'mores ones. 

-Who is your least favourite character? This might be an unpopular opinion but here goes, Taylor Doose is my least favourite character. I know he serves a greater purpose as town selectman but he's just so annoying. I can't think of a character, with the exception of Kirk, who he doesn't enrage for some reason or other. He's just awful, and despite claiming he has the town's best interests at heart he just seems selfish and power-hungry. Sorry Taylor, you're just a pain. 

-Are you on Team Luke, or Team Christopher? Team Luke, always. Who cares that Christopher was Rory's Dad? Luke was always, always on team Lorelai and Rory. Even when they both made mistakes of their own. He makes a good cup of coffee too and is a genuinely nice guy. Team Luke forevs. 

-If you went to Stars Hollow, where would you most like to visit? The Gilmore Girls house, The Dragonfly Inn for one of Sookie's next level meals, Luke's for coffee (duh), the bookstore (whose name escapes me), the lake where Luke pushed Jess in for nostalgic reasons, the black and white cinema. So many places. I'd have to pass by Hartford to visit Emily though, even though that'd be terrifying af. 

-What would you steal from the Gilmore Girls set? Lorelai Gilmore's pink coat. There's just something about it. I'd also steal some stationery from The Dragonfly, a coffee cup from Lukes and maybe some books from Rory's room. Sorry Rory. 

-Finally, what do you hope happens in the revival? This is totally random but I would love to see a Hillary Clinton cameo. It seems unlikely but I'd love it. On a more realistic level I just want to see Lorelai and Rory happy. Going off the trailer it seems like they both hit a bit of a roadblock but I hope they resolve it. What else...I want to see Lorelai and Luke married, please. I have also discussed the idea of Emily moving in with Lorelai after Richard's passing and the inevitable chaos that ensues, that'd be hilarious. 

*I hope you all enjoyed this tag. I had a lot of fun coming up with it. I'm gonna tag some of my fave Gilmore Girls lovers to do this: Britney, Tara and EllenAmyTemi and everyone else who wants to do this. Have fun!

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