December Reading List

The one with the laughs, the stories and the novel that's getting a lot of attention....

Scrappy Little Nobody* by Anna Kendrick-My first introduction to Anna Kendrick was in that unnamed vampire franchise, which I shamefully spent the better part of a year recommending people read. Dark times. Dark times. Thankfully I put that aside and saw her talented self in Into The Woods and Pitch Perfect among other things. Her Twitter has always been incredibly witty, especially when she engages in banter with Aubrey Plaza. Anyway, Scrappy Little Nobody reminds me a bit of Amy Poehler's book, which I also love. So naturally I loved this. As well as containing humorous musings on Hollywood, she also talks about life pre-fame, how not to throw parties and what it's like being in the weird fashion labyrinth that is celebrity styling. It's an extremely entertaining read.

something to say by frankie magazine-Before I get carried away with retelling one of my favourite stories from my holiday, I'll let you catch up here. Now that's over, here we have the best of twelve years of frankie hilarity and stories that as they put it, will make you laugh awkwardly in public. Fan favourites like Benjamin Law, Marieke Hardy and Rowena Grant-Frost all have work featured but there's tons of talented writer's work in here. One standout piece which I'm so glad is included is a story called 'things wheelchair users wish you would know' by Stella Young. It's hands down one of my all-time favourite pieces of writing frankie has included for many reasons. If you're a fan of the magazine or just like witty, humorous, sometimes mischievous writing then this is for you.

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett-This is one of those instances where I saw the cover and was intrigued, partly because the model reminded me of Cate Blanchett in Carol. However it was the blurb that enticed me further and this book has been atop bestseller lists for months. In fact, I think I requested this quite a while ago from the library. Commonwealth is a story of two families and how fate can set unexpected events in motion. I really love books like this that flit between two periods of time and the different stages characters are at so I'm sure this will end up being a book I thoroughly enjoy. 

How to Win at Feminism* by Reductress-Harper Collins kindly sent me this for review and I was intrigued from the get-go. Rather than being a no-nonsense, instructional manual on Feminism 101, this is in fact meant to be more satirical than anything else. Goodness knows, we all need a laugh after the year that was 2016 so I'm looking forward to winding down with this book during December.

-What are you reading during December?

*Review copy

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