Lush Christmas Bath Bombs

'Tis the season to stock up on Lush. They're certainly one of the key players when it comes to Christmas bath and body gifts and their stores are always manic in the days leading up to Christmas. They have some standout sets but for me, their hero product at Christmas are their bath bombs. Today's post is therefore a bit of a love letter to these carbonated, often sparkly and surprise-laden delights. Cynics might say you're literally dissolving money but there's just something so comforting and fun about bath bombs, especially during the stressful festive season...

Never Mind The Ballistics*-If you like bath bombs that fizz away slowly, allowing you the chance to unwind and recharge your batteries, this is the one for you. Its scent reminds me of Perky Nana chocolate bars, which are my fave so I love that about it. Like Butterbear, mentioned below, it contains cocoa butter so it has that moisturising quality to it. Your skin is left smelling sweet and feeling silky smooth. What more could you want?

So White-So White is one of my favourite Christmas bath bombs from Lush. It's not as showy as some of Lush's other bath bombs but don't let that lead you astray from it. It's apple scented and is like bathing in Granny Smith apples. It smells sweet with just a tinge of sourness and while it may not be the most memorable of bath bombs, it's still a nice one nonetheless.

Northern Lights*-From what I can remember, this is a new addition to the Christmas bath bomb range and admittedly I am not a fan. Its scent reminds me a lot of Granny Takes A Dip which is more on the herbal side of things. Although the notes lean more floral so maybe it's just me imagining scents. Either way, I feel like Northern Lights has a very distinct scent that won't be for everyone so choose wisely. 

Shoot For The Stars-I have to confess, I am yet to use this bath bomb but I have been assured by Lush enthusiasts and staff alike that it is beautiful. I may have even seen it being demo'ed at their Christmas launch last month. Inspired by Van Gogh's famed Starry Night painting, the water is left a deep, shimmering blue and notes of Brazilian orange and bergamot fill the air. S Club 7-inspired singing sessions are encouraged with this one. 

Butterbear*-This is the Christmas twist on Lush's popular Butterball bath bomb. A blend of vanilla with real bits of cocoa butter throughout. It's like bathing in a chocolate milkshake, albeit a very moisturising one. I feel like this bath bomb would appeal to a wide range of people; from kids through to Mums so it'd make a great stocking stuffer. 

Star Dust, not pictured-I'm a bit obsessed with star shaped things and this love naturally extends itself to bath bombs. Star Dust combines the scents of rosewood, vanilla absolute and bergamot oil. It colours your water a milky blue and leaves behind a trail of multicoloured stars. So yes, this is a visual treat. It also smells divine, like vanilla shortbread or Macarons so again it's a winner with me. I'll be trying to stock up on these before the end of the festive season. PS-Santa, I would not say no to one or four of these.

Golden Wonder, not pictured-I couldn't do this post and not mention what is quite possibly my favourite Lush bath bomb ever. In saying that, I've not bought any this Christmas. I'm a disloyal fan. Golden Wonder is a present shaped bath bomb which fizzes away, releasing some gold stars and lustre (Lush's equivalent of glitter) before leaving you with turquoise blue water that looks like something from a Greek island. Admittedly it's this colour that is the biggest appeal for me but I love the scent of it too, kinda sandalwood-y and beachy. 

-Have you tried any of Lush's Christmas bath bombs? What did you think of them?

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