The Beauty Files, Vol. One

Another week, another new feature. Introducing the Beauty Files, a monthly round-up of beauty bits new, old, loved, lusted and some that are perhaps a bit baffling. Regarding the latter, it goes without saying that this is just my opinion so please don't interpret it as me being slanderous. It's just my personal skepticism towards whatever that product/trend may be. Anyway, on with volume one.

Something New: Avene Cleanance Mask*. Unfortunately I don't think this is available in New Zealand but it is online, see link. Avene gave me the opportunity to choose some of their products to try and I went for this one, after remembering it was one of Anna's must-haves. Part clay mask, part scrub. This reminds me a bit of a mask Anna sent me actually, but gentler and better. If your skin's particularly blemish prone, you can use this once a week but because I'm rather slack when it comes to masks, I'm only using it once every couple of weeks. Although honestly, that's probably all my skin needs when I'm using this* as well. 

Something Loved:Tartelette in Bloom-Is it just me, or have Tarte seriously lifted their prices? I swear I didn't pay $84 for this palette over a year ago. In fact, that seems a bit insane to me. Although I would say this is worth the money, given I use it several times a week and there's not one dud shade, with the exception of the top right which I just wouldn't use often anyway. It's a seriously beautiful palette and offers something a bit different to the other myriad of neutral eyeshadow palettes out there. I highly recommend this one. 

Something RediscoveredBite Luminous Creme Lipstick in Pepper-After a seriously major overhaul of my beauty stash, this was one of the few nude lipsticks that survived. I know, first world problems and all that. Pepper, a Dusty Rose is what I'd describe as a my lips, but better and slightly darker shade. Sorry for that tired beauty blogger cliche, not sorry. It's creamy but dries to more of a satin finish and stays put. Naturally the colour fades off a bit throughout the day but it isn't enough to warrant a touchup. Translation: If you're a bit lazy like me and don't faff around reapplying lipstick, this is for you. 

Something Unconvincing: MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks*-Okay I should begin this by saying I have nothing against the formula of these lipsticks. In fact of all the liquid lipsticks out there, MAC's are some of the better ones in terms of longevity and not settling into the lines of your lips. It's these new colours, released during NZ's Autumn that I am less swayed by. Pictured are the shades Ess-Presso and Simply Smoked. They both come out on the darker grey-brown side of things on me and do not suit me at all and I'm wondering who MAC thinks these colours are accessible to. I'm sure they'd work on deeper skintones but for everyone else, I'm not so sure. 

Something Lustworthy: Perricone MD's No Bronzer Bronzer. I've seen this product doing the rounds on a few Top Shelves as well as its praises being sung by Alix which is pretty much all the convincing I can ever need. This liquid bronzer adjusts to your skin colour, providing just the right amount of warmth and glow. I've only ever tried one liquid bronzer before and wasn't overly wowed by it so I'm curious to see what this one's like. Maybe I'll grab a sample next time I'm in Mecca.

-Have you tried any of these products before? What do you think of them?

*PR Sample

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