March Favourites

March, you mad, sometimes marvellous, other times melodramatic thing. I'm sorry, I don't mean to start this post on a negative note. I will not be elaborating beyond that other than to say, just remember social media is curated. Like your own personal gallery of sorts. Anyway, what March was good for was beauty and non-beauty things, of which there were plenty. I'm just realising now that I left some beauty things out. I'll do a little Instagram post about them in the next few days because I feel guilty for forgetting to include everything. There's a lipstick that has finally won me over, the eyeshadow I'd wear daily and a bunch of other brilliant things. Read on...

Glossier Generation G Lipstick in Cake-So when I first received this lipstick I liked it but I didn't love it. During March I've been on the go a fair bit and this has been in my makeup bag the entire time. I can apply it easily, no fuss, no mirrors and I know it's going to at least add a little something to my lips. Cake is a peachy pink that is more on the sheer side of things, it really gives the lips more of a stained, Popsicle effect as Glossier put it. I like that though and it's been perfect this month when I've not really been fussed with makeup. It's happened more often than you'd think actually. Anyway, I rate it and would recommend grabbing one if you're doing a Glossier order.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Kitten Karma-You're probably all tired of hearing about this now so I will keep this brief. Glittery, rose gold goodness in a tube is all you need to know. It is insanely long lasting and looks so striking on the lids. 

Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood-This was my first immersion into Atwood's writing and it did not disappoint. The plot itself is a loose retelling of The Tempest by William Shakespeare but the actual play is embedded into the storyline. It's a play within a play basically. The way everything was described so vividly really appealed to me. That and the richness of her writing. It is brilliant. I gave it five stars over on Goodreads which I don't do very often so that should tell you how much I loved it. 

Aesop Resurrection Rinse Free Hand Wash-You may think, pfft, a hand sanitiser, how boring. I love this one though and it's the only alcohol based hand wash that doesn't seem to dry my hands out like crazy. It also helps that it smells less chemical than others and is still not going to put a terrible dent in your wallet. Side note: It's great for removing makeup swatches and cream eyeshadow from your fingertips. 

Teen Vogue, Volume One-Teen Vogue has been making the news in a big way recently, particularly for their political coverage. They've also given their digital and print content a shakeup in a major way and I am loving it. You're never too old for Teen Vogue tbh. Anyway, I have to give a mention to their revamped, quarterly issue. The first was centred around the theme of love and was laden with plenty of positivity and inspiring women+guys, shout out to Troye Sivan and of course TV's digital director, Phillip Picardi. I also loved this cover story with Bella Hadid and the accompanying photos. The Sofia Coppola vibes were strong. I am yet to see this issue on the NZ shelves-I have a subscription. If I spot it, I will let you all know. 

Adele-Nine years after first hearing Chasing Pavements and then watching the world catch on in 2011, Adele finally arrived in Auckland last week. Nine years is a long time to wait, Adele. She was so, so worth it though! I laughed, I cried and marveled at her pure amazingness. I still don't quite have words for the experience that was seeing her live really. It was utter magic.

Beauty and the Beast*-The live action remake has just opened in NZ and I am stoked because I have been dying to see it again. Beauty and the Beast was always my favourite of the Disney 'Princess' films although I feel like this one fits that criteria less than some of the others. Anyway, I had high expectations and it surpassed them. Beautiful, vibrant, faithful and then we have the casting. Luke Evans, Emma Watson, Josh Gad, Emma Thompson, Audra McDonald, Ewan McGregor. The list goes on. Josh Gad as Le Fou is particularly brilliant but the whole cast shone. It is also an absolute visual feast too and while I did wonder if the special effects would make it look too animated, it really didn't. The music of course is mostly unchanged too although there are some new songs which I loved. There's not much else to say here really. Go watch it and maybe take a tissue if Disney movies destroy your emotions. I did cry as soon as Belle and the Beast appeared on the staircase and the opening refrains of Beauty and the Beast started. 

-What have you loved during March?

*I was provided tickets to the NZ Premiere of this film but honestly, all raves are my own. I would see this anyway and will be going again and paying with my own $$.

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