So Sad Today: A Review by Grace Georgia

Happy Friday. Today we have a guest post from one of the most amazing young bloggers around at the moment. Her name is Grace Georgia and she's a total girl-boss in the making. She's written a book review for us all today and when you're done, you need to go check out her work because it's fantastic. Anyway, I'll let Grace's words do the talking from here on in...

I gravitate strongly towards modern literature and nonfiction; as a child I never read Percy Jackson and I have no real interest in any mystical fiction, or general fiction-unless we're talking Louise Pentland's. new novel because I am sure to give that a go. The reason I love non-fiction so much is that my true heart is found in writing. I love telling people's stories. I love the writing of literature, the bringing together of an article-and so non-fiction and modern literature like personal essays, they give me that feeling of story telling. I myself am not telling the story, but when I open the pages of Jordan Bone's  memoir I am privy to her personal journey and that makes me feel more connected on another level than writing does, with the journalist I am. 

Non-memoirs don't win out when it comes to popularity on Goodreads. People love fiction-in part this is probably because men and women read to escape the world for a bit, as you can in fiction. Rather than just read about the world and its people like you do with non-fiction. As a journalist and writer I love reading about the world and its people as an extension of the storytelling I am tethered with.

My most favourite nonfiction book, that probably falls under the modern lit category is a series of personal essays by Melissa Broder called So Sad Today. Melissa's essays are definitely not designed for the 'every reader'. I would describe them as beautifully uncomfortable, gracefully disgusting I suppose. Basically when and if you read these essays get ready to abandon social niceties and 'acceptable subject matter'-but I promise you if you do make yourself vulnerable and read this book-you will only gain. Melissa's ability to say what 99.9% of people are afraid of saying, her fearless raw nature will give you a new perspective on everything. It might even ruin you in that beautiful way that all consuming and worthy literature does. 

For the non-fiction lovers and fiction buffs amongst us, you'll love this book. It gives you a fascinating insight into the life of another human, and this insight might almost appear fictional because it could be so far from the life that you know, so in that sense it becomes a narrative which still has all the appeal of a non-fiction text.

I did say 'you'll love this book' but the truth is I probably shouldn't make such a definitive statement. It is one of those texts you either hate or love. It is something you'll either connect with or fall out with but either way it is worth a try. If you're in the right headspace it is a text that could change your perspective on all things from relationships to technology, pop culture to food and eating habits. 

This text will make you rethink how you think about everything and then it will make you fall in love with the parts you don't talk about. It to me is the definition of a fabulous text for all these reasons. I''ll be picking up Louise's novel for sure but my great love of lit will always be non-fiction and Melissa Broder's 'So Sad Today'.

-Grace is a freelance writer and the founder of gracegeorgia.co.nz. Follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram too.

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