May Favourites

May, a month of goodness (Auckland Writers Fest, full license acquiring, sparkly brogues) and also some less than great things. In the interest of keeping things positive and upbeat, today I'm focusing on some of the things I loved in May. There's quite a bit of beauty, including another mascara dalliance as well as a revisited book and the album I'm a bit obsessed with...

An Extraordinary Theory of Objects by Stephanie LaCava: Why it has taken me so long to revisit this book, I have no idea. Objects, their associations and their stories have always fascinated me. I am that person who will want to know where items of interest are from in people's houses and find the mini curations we display and collect so interesting. Naturally this book was always going to appeal to me, and the way in which it discusses anxiety and outsiderness is so refreshing. LaCava's writing is fantastic.

Texturizing Hair Spray x Ouai: This was a buy from Sephora Melbourne last year and I love it. It also acts as a dry shampoo in part which is a major bonus for me too. I spritz it liberally through my hair and it just adds a bit of oomph. Basically it makes me look like I've at least attempted to style my thick, unruly hair. It also helps that it's scented beautifully too. 

Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette x Anastasia Beverly Hills: It's probably no surprise this palette is making an appearance this month. I've really only used this when I've been wearing eyeshadows. They're beautifully pigmented, versatile and easy to blend. Honestly the colours are perfect. This palette's getting a lot of attention but it is so worth it.

Brow Definer* x Mellow Cosmetics: Mellow Cosmetics have only come to my attention recently and it's their brow products I've been loving. Pictured is their brow definer pencil, I have the shade Chocolate. It's not too crazy pigmented but it's just enough to add a bit of something-something to the brows. I love the angled pencils like this too as they're so quick to swipe through, brush with the spoolie and be done. Lazy makeup ftw. 

Harry Styles: Possibly cheating a bit by including this album, given it only came out just over two weeks ago. It's pretty much been in my car's stereo ever since. What I love most is the distinct story the album takes you on from start to finish. The way the tracks are arranged works perfectly and there's a mix of softer ballads with rock and some slight country+alt-pop influences. The songs are catchy as anything too. If you're skeptical because Styles started out in a boy band, put your cynicism aside and give this a listen, you may well be surprised. Standout tracks for me are; Carolina, Only Angel, Ever Since New York and From The Dining Table. 

The Volume Mascara x Kevyn Aucoin: So I feel like a bit of a mascara traitor, having endless flirtations with various formulas and brands. I do feel like in Kevyn Aucoin's Volume mascara though that I've found the one. Now that is a bold, bold claim. For now though I can see why this mascara is so highly regarded. The secret is in the lash fibres, they take things next level. As it's a tubing formula it's super easy to remove at the end of the day as well. I lovelovelove it. 

Pure Clay Mask* x L'Oreal: You know that time in between seasons when your skin packs a sad? That is my skin currently. When I feel like things are looking a bit red or congested I've been reaching for the charcoal clay mask. It's gentle, but it leaves things looking a lot smoother and clearer. 

-What were your May Favourites?

*PR Sample

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