August Beauty Mail

You may have noticed a lack of beauty mail updates over on Instagram this month. That was incredibly intentional as I wanted to save them for a blog post. This is something I’m going to trial while I’m working so if you enjoy it, please let me know. It’s much more convenient than me stressing out about not having showcased something yet. Oh and the lack of natural lighting by the time I get home each day. The struggle is indeed real. On that note, I do not review or feature everything I’ve been sent. Anything sent to me is not guaranteed to be featured, especially if it’s not something I like and would recommend. More so if it just doesn’t fit in with this ol’ blog. Anyway, disclaimers aside, I feel like I’ve done plenty of those recently. Here are some of the highlights of August’s beauty mail.

L’Oreal Micellar Water, available from August*: Another wallet-friendly micellar water. Can I get an amen? I am yet to crack into this bottle as I’m just finishing off a never ending bottle of Bioderma so I will keep you posted if this is something I rate and recommend. There is also a version designed for sensitive skin, in a blue adorned bottle.

Clinique Hydroblur Moisturiser*: Last month Clinique sent me a fun quiz which determined the moisturiser from their line up that would be most suitable to my skin. The result is this. Again I am yet to crack into this as I am nearing the end of my Pep Start Hydrorush* moisturiser. I’m being super disciplined with not opening things unnecessarily these days. Who am I?

Mecca Max 'The Illuminati' Metallic Eyeshadow: The couple of bits and pieces I’ve tried from Mecca Max have not disappointed. While this was not something I received in the mail,, I wanted to include it here because it is brilliant. It reminds me of the Stila Glitter and Glow shadows, just not quite as intense. It also has a cream to powder finish so it sets down fast and does not budge. I have the shade Showbiz and LOVE it.

Blaq Mask*: This is one of those charcoal masks that seem to be popular in Instagram selfies. It’s designed to help congested skin of which mine certainly is right now. *sigh* I’m incredibly fussy when it comes to masks but I haven’t tried anything quite like this before so I am intrigued.

MAC Rollerwheel Liquid Liner*: In the drafted version of this post I’ve called this the pizza cutter liner. Obviously not its proper name but that’s what the little wheel on the end reminds everyone of I am sure. Regular readers will know I am not an eyeliner expert by any means but the couple of times I’ve used this already, it’s not gone totally pear shaped. Read, I have not looked like Amy Winehouse unintentionally. Not that there's anything wrong with Amy Winehouse levels of liner. I have the shade Rollerwheel Brown and I wasn’t expecting brown eyeliner to suit me but it is quite dark so it’s not noticeably brown. It doesn't 'pop' against my skintone if that makes sense. There’s also a blackened navy and a matte black, the former I might just have to grab when this dries out.

Zoeva Rose Golden Buffer: This brush is quite possibly a beauty blogger cliché but I can see why it is so loved. This might be an extravagant claim but it is undoubtedly the best buffing brush I have tried. Super soft, super seamless and an absolute dream to use. I am rather smitten with Zoeva’s brushes. They really deliver.

The Beauty Collective Face Brush*: The Beauty Collective are no strangers to bringing us products that are usually much more costly, at a more wallet friendly price. This new brush is no exception. Side note: As I edit this TBC's website is down so I will update links and things asap. I wasn’t sure what to expect of this one, given it resembles a giant spoon disguised as a brush but it’s fantastic. If I am in a rush, in other words I’ve savoured my morning coffee for much longer than necessary, this is what I reach for. It makes blending in base products super quick. It’s not the softest brush in the world but for the price it’s not half bad.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Purifying Cream Wash, available from August*: Another extension to L’Oreal’s pure clay range is these new cleansers. There’s also a foaming one, which I typically avoid and an exfoliating scrub. I’ve been alternating between this cream cleanser and this and I love how gentle and lovely this feels to use. My face never feels tight or stripped afterwards and it gets rid of anything my micellar water may have missed. In other words, exactly what you want from a cleansing product.

Soap and Glory Heel Genius: This is one of those products Anna has raved about but I dismissed because…well, erm, I have a phobia of feet. The idea of massaging mine is actually making me shudder as I write, although I’ve done it once already. Anyway, weird dislikes aside, I rather like this. My feet take quite a battering during the week and admittedly my shoe choices aren’t always in their favour. Using this however gives them some TLC, hydration and smells divine. I might be a convert, just don’t line up for foot massages any time soon!

-What beauty products have you been trying during August?

*PR Sample

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