August Goals

It's officially August; birthday month and naturally a month where I get a bit nostalgic, you have been warned. It ends up being quite a busy month, with several friends and family celebrating their birthdays but also fashion week on the horizon among other things. To recap, here is what I set out to achieve last month. For the most part, I did succeed with this apart from the writing side. Actually that isn't true-I just remembered I did a fair bit of this at the beginning of July but then y'know the whole job thing happened although really that is no excuse. Anyway, August goals. Keeping this short and sweet for now...

'Adult' Properly: This might seem a somewhat self critical place to start. In fact it is but I want to stress that it's more about maintaining the illusion than the legitimacy. This whole 9-5 shenanigans is very new territory to me and I want to get better at managing my time, both to/from work and then again when I get home. It truly doesn't feel like there's enough hours in the day and things like unwinding, answering emails and to an extent looking after this blog, catching up with friends and the like are falling to the wayside. Not good. That and I am not an early morning person so I really need to have everything ready in the morning. Yesterday for instance I forgot my phone and sunglasses (semi nonessential but also, why). It is probably time to reinstate my weekly planner slash make better lists when I'm not in a dazed, end of the day state. Advice on a postcard please.

Fixate on the good: Last month some not-so-good things went down. Many were out of my control yet I still felt liable and let it cloud my mindset at times. That being said there were also some brilliant moments and I maintained my sense of humour+ability to laugh in spite of the unpredictable chaos. It is the latter I want to focus on and be mindful of, rather than the former. Daily journalling and coming up with five good things each day certainly helps but I also want to pause more during the day to mentally note when something does give me that spark of excitement or happiness.

Start a travel fund: Maybe it's because I spend a lot of my time looking at travel documents now or perhaps it's just because I feel like my Instagram feed is filled daily with pictures of far off lands. Let's be honest, holidays are more often than not the best. Anyway, I want to go on a mini-break to Sydney sometime soon so I need to start saving them $$. Plus I have dreams of going further afield eventually. The irony is that flying gives me worse anxiety now but it's worth it in the end.

-Have you got any goals for August?

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