8 Ways To Celebrate High As Hope

It's an exciting time for Florence & The Machine fans. Their highly anticipated fourth album, High As Hope is being released eleven days from now. She's starting up a tour and releasing a book next month. In order to get into the mood, I thought I'd compile a list of ways to celebrate the new album in the days and weeks leading up to it. The best kind of celestial fangirling...

Revisit the Old: Start at the very beginning with Lungs, spend the evening dancing around a dimly lit room to Ceremonials and go on a road trip with How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful blasting through the speakers. 

Don some Florence-worthy jewels: One of the easiest ways to channel a bit of Florence Welch magic. These shell earrings give me Ceremonials vibes and also remind me of that time Florence sang in a half-shell on the Chanel runway. I also reckon she'd love a bit of Zoe and Morgan. Their starry earrings and moon pendants especially. 

Read some Between Two Books titles: For those not in the know, Florence has her own book club. Established by dedicated fans, Florence oversees the club and recommends her own books, alongside other women of note. My picks are; Fates & Furies, The Goldfinch, Too Much & Not The Mood and The Great Gatsby. Check out their Instagram for the other titles.

Listen to this cover: Tiny Dancer is already a brilliant song but this reinterpretation takes it to another level. No, I wasn't tearing up when I first heard it, that was just a bit of dust in my eye. *ahem*

Pre-Order Useless Magic: Florence's upcoming book of poetry, lyrics and art is being released at the beginning of July. July 5th I believe. Might I suggest you pre-order it? I think in the US if you do you can get some free postcards with your book. I've ordered my copy through Time Out here in Auckland. Cannot. Wait. 

Read Patti Smith's writing: There's a song on High As Hope entitled Patricia named for Smith. Another great musician and artist. To tide you over, why not give the slim volume of musings on childhood, Woolgathering a perusal? Just Kids her book about her time in New York and Robert Mapplethorpe was a past Between Two Books pick as well. 

Treat Yo'Self: These shirts though. I know Liv has one of these and it looks freakin' rad. I really need the 'Florence' one in my life. Even though it's not tshirt weather. That's what jackets and cardis are for, right? There's also her Liberty collaboration which I've just found.

Read some interviews: This one is a good 'un. The Sunday Times have a great one as well. There's also some gems on YouTube as well. Get hunting.

-How are you celebrating High As Hope?

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