Five Things: June

My roundup of five things is back for June. This month we have; a couple of online reads, some things you should watch, a book you should read and some earrings you should send me on the sly in the post. All jokes aside on the last point, if I win Lotto or something-these are mine. 

The Royal Wedding According To Caitlin: "The prince who goes against all narratives of masculinity, and is brave enough to speak openly about his own emotional and mental problems, and revolutionises the way we think of a heavily stigmatised illness. The prince who rejects all the nice, blonde English girls he is supposed to marry and finds a woman from a different continent and culture, a woman who is emotionally stronger than him, brighter than him, more confident than him-and gives her, in front of a global audience of two billion people, his platform, to show her world." Caitlin Moran wrote a brilliant piece for the Times about the recent royal wedding. She expands on some of the many brilliant comments she made on Twitter but also provides a refreshing insight into the occasion. If you think you're sick about hearing about *that* wedding, I suggest you read this before giving the idea of it a rest.

Heartburn: Nora. Freakin'. Ephron. Why has it taken me so long to read her work? Much like the decadent, rich meals she describes in Heartburn, I devoured this over a few sittings. A story about marriage and betrayal, told with humour and candidness. This semi-autobiographical novel could easily have been bleak and depressing but Ephron tells it with such brilliance. I highly recommend you give this a read.

A Starfish For Your Ears: Showing my 00's girl movie history here but these earrings remind me of Aquamarine when starfish adorn the mermaid's ears. Well that's how I remember it at least. I like star motifs so naturally that extends to starfish. It helps of course that they're under Alexa's banner as well but yeah. I wouldn't be upset if these were in my life.

Should I Buy This?: I love these chatty blog posts that Leandra and Amelia do. That and I just like seeing what people are buying+thinking of buying. I prefer this format to people's hauls on YouTube, maybe because it's easier to digest? Anyway, I digress. While this post is seasonally off, for me at least, it's still giving me inspiration for next Summer and beyond.

What Olivia Vlogged: My girl Liv always uploads fantastic content but I've particularly loved her videos lately. I don't really tune in to anyone's channels anymore but Liv's is one I always visit. Her office tour in particular had me all *heart eyed emojis* but if you're planning a wedding and aren't sure where to start, her recent video showcasing Kikki K's bridal range is worth a watch too. If you get wedding guest anxiety like me, she has some tips in there too for guests of the couple.

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