October Favourites

Hello, long time no blog. Whoops. I'm sorry my blogging is all over the shop but at the same time I enjoy my (almost) total lack of schedule these days. Today we have some of my favourite things during October. It was a good month for favourites, I actually edited this list down a tad because it was going to be too long. There's books, that TV show I'm a bit behind on and more...

normal people* x sally rooney: This. Book. Though. I know it's everywhere and it's getting a lot of praise but it's valid. Normal People is the story of Connell and Marianne, two teenagers who come from very different worlds. Marianne is well-off yet alienated and Connell comes from an underprivileged background, yet is well-liked and respected by his peers. We follow them from high school through to their early twenties as they navigate adulthood and university. Normal People contained some aspects which really resonated with me personally and I guess subsequently I feel more enthusiastic about this novel as a result. Sally Rooney really finetunes her characters like nobody else and I'm rather obsessed with the way she develops her characters throughout her novels. It's so brilliantly done. I highly recommend this book-I cannot stop thinking about it and I kinda regret lending my copy out because I already want to revisit it.  

sweetener x ariana grande: I'm sure this inclusion will perhaps raise some eyebrows but y'know what, I spent too long listening to music I didn't actually like and now I just embrace what I like to listen to. Life is so much better #sophiesrevelations. In seriousness, this album is a bop and I love it. It's my car soundtrack, commute soundtrack, applying makeup soundtrack. I listen to it a lot ok. Side note: thank u next is an anthem. Anyway, sweetener is a good time and I'll probably have it on high rotation for a while.

stila magnificent metals liquid eyeshadows: These eyeshadows have made their way into a few favourites posts now so I will keep this brief. Liquid, glittery goodness that lasts and looks stunning. I always receive compliments when I wear these. I'm not gonna lie-they're a bit of a mood raiser. Glitter eyeshadow just makes my heart happy y'know. 

pretty little liars: Ok so I'm a bit behind everybody else and only really discovered PLL a couple of months ago but I am hooked. So much drama, that 00's fashion, the whole thread of mystery and intrigue. Who even is A!? Don't tell me...

this really isn't about you x jean hannah edelstein: I love personal essays so much and whilst I'm still reading this volume, I had to include it here. I love books like this that I am able to immerse myself in and zone out. Free from the distractions of the world. Actually I just love reading as escapism in general but more on that another time. Anyway, if you like biographical essays as much as I do, get ahold of this. 

yu ling roller: It was this blog post by Tara that reminded me I had a jade roller I'd shoved to the side of my bathroom cabinet. It's now become one of my favourite things. One-It's a massage for my face and after a hectic day, I am all about that unwinding time. I also love using it to apply serums as well. 

-What have you loved recently?

*Review Copy

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