New in Beauty: Spring 2018

Without sounding like a stuck record, it's been a long time since a beauty post has graced this corner of the interwebs. So it was high time that was remedied. I haven't bought a ton of new beauty bits recently, although I have my eye on a couple of things. Namely skincare. Who have I become... In seriousness, I'm pretty happy with what's in my metaphorical beauty cabinet, more like dresser drawer and bathroom cupboard. That and I'd rather spend my money on books and coffee. No really. Anyway, enough waffling, on with the beauty...

Hair x Sam McKnight, 'Lazy Girl' dry shampoo: I've wanted to try Sam McKnight's products after hearing some of my favourite British beauty vloggers singing their praises but it was this post of Liv's that sold it for me. Side note, lazy girl+dry shampoo=the epitome of my attitude to haircare. That's not a secret by the way, I openly discuss that laziness with my hairdresser. Anyway, god I love this. No white cast, beautiful scent and it just gives your hair a bit of a zhoosh. Can you tell I have been watching Queer Eye. Anyway, Lazy Girl dry shampoo-a++ recommend. 

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater: These facial sprays are the quintessential Mecca Maxima staple here in NZ and Aus. No really, I feel like they're what everyone gravitates towards because they are so cheap and cheerful. Anyway, I decided I needed a new facial spritz and a friend of mine recommended this one to me. Apparently you can use it as a setting spray for makeup too but I like to use it morning and night for a bit of a hydrating pick-me-up. It helps that it smells lovely also but I'll definitely get the larger bottle next time. 

Makeup Revolution XSoph Eyeshadow Palette*: Farmers are killin' it in the high-street priced beauty department right now, with Makeup Revolution joining their ranks recently. Biased slash narcissistic but I love the name of this palette. At 24.50 it's friendly on the wallet too. The palette itself contains 14 matte and ten shimmer eyeshadows. The mattes are fantastic. I found them a dream to work with. They didn't have a ton of fallout and were strong in the pigment stakes. The shimmers were a bit disappointing. I had to really dampen my eyeshadow brush in order to intensify the pigment and they just took a bit too much work for my liking. Apart from that, I have no real qualms with this palette. The mattes in particular are up there with more highly priced palettes. 

Makeup Revolution Conceal+Define Concealer*: Ok admittedly this is the one product I haven't used enough to form a concrete opinion on but I have switched it into my makeup bag to have a lil' experiment with so if it delivers, I shall report back.

MAC Powder Kiss lipstick in Fall In Love: I seem to go through phases of loving matte lipsticks. Right now I am loving them so when I saw MAC had a new formula out, one that promised comfort and longevity, I was intrigued. Rather than opt for my usual, staple nude, I decided to go for the fuschia. I do love me a bold pink lipstick and this one doesn't disappoint. It is also beverage-friendly, i.e. I can drink my coffee and it won't vanish. Yes that's a priority nowadays... Anyway, lovelovelove this shade and formula. 

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick*: Yass, I love this luxe packaging. Rose gold is a winner too. Packaging aside, I love this lipstick. I did find it a little bit drying but it's nothing a quick swipe of balm cannot fix. I love their affordable price tag too. I feel like here in NZ there aren't many lipsticks around that are this inexpensive. 

-What beauty products have you loved lately?

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