The Memoir Gift Guide: Part One

In case you missed it; I am rather fond of memoirs. It satisfies my inner curious cat and fondness for stories. Naturally it's a genre I delve into a lot of the time and I do take it seriously. So when it came time to deciding on Christmassy blog posts, I knew I wanted to do one dedicated specifically to memoirs to gift and read. As you'll see, this is part one because this post was going to be hella long. I also have to give credit to one of my friends for helping me out a bit on the review side of things too. So without further ado, here's part one of my memoir gift guide...

Becoming* x Michelle Obama: The must-have memoir and a book that has unsurprisingly raced to the top of the in-store bestseller lists since its release. I am going to be devoting some serious time to this book once work wraps up for the year but so far, it is wonderful. I mean, how can you not love Michelle Obama? This is going to be an inspiring and brilliant book, I can tell. 

Everything I Know About Love x Dolly Alderton: I do name-drop this book a lot but with good reason. It is undoubtedly one of my favourite reads during 2018. It's moving, brilliant and such a wonderful look at female friendships, women and relationships in every form. Dolly is the Nora Ephron for my generation without a doubt and that is why it is resonating with so many of my friends. I will definitely be revisiting this book and making it an annual re-read for sure. If you are in Auckland, I know this is flying off the shelves at the independent bookstores but you may just find a copy hidden amongst them. 

M Train x Patti Smith: I love Patti Smith's writing and I thoroughly loved reading and annotating my way through M Train. This is definitely one for the writers and artists in your life. Though I feel anyone who appreciates books and coffee, two of life's greatest pleasures without a doubt, will also relate to this. It's beautifully written and I highly recommend it. If you're wanting to treat someone as well-this newly released, illustrated edition of her book Just Kids would be well received I am sure. 

This Will Only Hurt A Little x Busy Philipps: I loved this book and think Busy Philipps is incredible so apologies for the incredibly biased, incoming musings. Naturally her book is candid, hilarious and at times deeply moving. You'll laugh and quite possibly cry reading this book. Her writing is honest but not in a 'tell-all, make sales from all the scandals' kind of way. If anything, it made me appreciate the nature of the beast that is Hollywood. Another one for your girlfriends to read and enjoy this Summer. Actually this'd be the great poolside or beachside read. 

Small Fry* x Lisa Brennan-Jobs: My friend L borrowed this from me and loved it. I know typically she takes a while to get into books sometimes but this one she raced through. I am yet to read this but have read an excerpt and think it's going to be really fascinating. Admittedly I don't know a lot about Jobs the person, beyond his tech achievements so I am looking forward to getting into it from that perspective too. I feel like this and the Michelle Obama memoir would go hand-in-hand this year for inspiring, fascinating reads.

-What books would you recommend for Christmas? Stay tuned for part two soon!

*Review Copy

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