The Memoir Gift Guide: Part Two

So it's a lil' late but for any of you ultra-ultra last minute shoppers out there, or perhaps someone looking for ways to spend their incoming book tokens-here is part two of my gift guide for y'all. There's something for everyone in this fantastic four...#seewhatididthere.

the cost of living x deborah levy: I thoroughly enjoyed this book earlier in the year and I remember losing myself in its pages on many a train trip to and from work. A copy actually made its way to my cousin for her birthday a couple of months back and she loved it as well. Levy writes so candidly and brilliantly on life and loss+the pieces we pick up as we renavigate life and get on with it. She also writes beautifully on friendships of all forms and backgrounds. Definitely one to gift to your friends.

my thoughts exactly x lily allen: A candid, refreshing and poignant memoir by Lily Allen. I devoured this book over a weekend which was already dominated by a rather precarious stack of reads-all swiftly abandoned. Lily writes on motherhood, fame, the music industry, fractured family life and does it all in her trademark honest way. I was expecting to love this book, being a longtime Lily Allen fan. I even had a poster to promote her second album on my bedroom door-a win from Twitter way back in the day. Anyway, loved it-I think even people who aren't necessarily fans/followers of Lily's music would glean something from her insights.

the greatest love story ever told x megan mullally and nick offerman: You know how some people stan over Hollywood couples? This is me with Megan and Nick. You cannot not love them. They're adorable together and such talented performers and IT IS KAREN WALKER AND RON FRICKIN SWANSON ok?! Anyway, this book basically reads like a long-form, intimate interview with Megan and Nick. It is funny-oh so funny and heartwarming and I loved it. One for the comedy fans but also the perfect lil' pick-me-up for someone who may need it.

welcome home x lucia berlin: So I've probably done things a little backward by reading Berlin's memoirs first before delving into her short story collections but oh well. Published posthumously, Berlin's writings on her life and experiences growing up. The book is also interspersed with letters to her friends which I really loved reading. The ways in which she particularly writes about place and scenery are so evocative and thought-provoking. It feels very cinematic without being overexaggerated if that makes any sense. Anyway, read. Enjoy.

-That concludes my gift guide series for 2018 and what will most likely be my last blog post for 2018 as I am taking a bit of a break from the ol' Interwebs over Christmas! I hope you all have relaxing festive seasons-however you choose to spend it. Don't forget to unwind and take time for you. I'll see you all in 2019! xx

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