The Week #96

The Week in Instagrams @nanawintour: *I survived Round the Bays on Sunday! I actually really enjoy doing it-just not the soreness of my legs the next day. *Tanya Burr lipgloss. *Friday afternoon fun with the Kinfolk Table and compiling the ultimate Beatles playlist. *13 Going On 30-scary to think that movie came out ten years ago! *Glass jars and coloured sweets=instant aesthetic goodness. *Watching Anna's latest skincare video.

Must-Watch of the Week: The French do many things well-fashion, desserts (Laduree, here's looking at you), skincare. Amelia of Liana Beauty shared her French Pharmacy Haul over on her channel. The result? An awful lot of skincare goodness and an increased desire to go back to France. While that may not be happening yet, you can get some of her picks over on Escentual who conveniently have some of their French Pharmacy brands discounted this month. Walk, don't run...

Product of the Week: I've been pretty loyal to Benefit Gimme Brow* over the last week since it arrived. The unique brush-on gel has the tiniest wand, think Clinique Bottom Lash and it means you can get in close and coat each individual hair. I have light/medium and have tried medium/dark on before but found it was just a bit too dark on my brows. Either way, Gimme Brow is incredibly subtle and leaves you with natural looking brows. It's brilliant stuff. If you're near a Benefit counter I highly recommend you go have a look at it.

Must-Read of the Week: The discussion happening over on Leandra's and Isaac's blogs this week about cellphones at fashion weeks was interesting. Here's the original story Leandra penned for Vanity Fair. I've only been to one Fashion Week but remember finding it annoying watching shows through people's iPhone screens. Do they add to the online experience? Yes and no. Maybe I follow too many Fashion magazine people but I am perfectly happy to see the Style.com photos and reviews after a show has finished. iPhone photos are great, but seeing the same photo four times over? Not so much. What are your thoughts?

Added to the Wishlist: The UK is a pretty lovely place, but at the moment I'm a little jealous they can now order from Sephora. That hasn't stopped me looking on Sephora's site of course! Here we have the Marc Jacobs Lolita Palette. You all know I love a good neutral eyeshadow and this palette is a stunner. Don't believe me? Just look at it in all its glory here.  

*As always I hope your week has been fabulous! Mine was busy with classes and getting my organisational hat on. The highlight was definitely listening to Leonie's inspiring talk at #nzgirlbloggersclub and of course seeing my blogging friends there. This weekend I have a brunch date and I am off to Mamma Mia at The Civic tonight! I'm a not so secret musical theatre lover so I'm really looking forward to it.

**The Week's current format is getting a bit tired, for me at least, and once I reach #100 I want to give it a bit of a revamp. What would you like to see in my Friday post? Fashion favourites? Beauty loves? My personal snaps? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @nanawintourblog


  1. Have fun at Mamma Mia! 13 going on 30 came out 10 years ago?! What!

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

    1. Thanks Caitlin! Have a great weekend :). Yep-It came out in 2004, scary right?