A Blogger Induced Purchase

An alternative title for this post could've been 'The Anna Effect'. Anna, Vivianna Does Makeup as she is more commonly known, can sell me anything. The girl is an extraordinary enabler and you know if Anna loves something that it is bound to be good. That logic, combined with a little bit of a feeling spendy moment saw me purchasing one of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow crayons recently. They've often tempted me before. Mecca have them displayed right near the front of the store, perfect to reach for and swatch...

I went for the shade Misty Rock, a bronze-taupe hybrid that looks almost purple in some lights. It's such a unique shade, nothing like I have seen before. The colour seems to look slightly different in different lights but I love that about it. It has a gorgeous sparkle to it which is something all the Ombre Blackstars seem to have in common. 

Now if you've ever swatched these eyeshadow crayons before, you'll know they are ridiculously long-wearing. Seriously, you can run your hand over a swatch as much as you want. It won't be going anywhere. It's the exact same situation on the lids, even without a primer. Impressive stuff! One particularly hot day I noticed this did begin to crease a bit but I'll blame the uncharacteristically hot Winter weather for that. To really prolong the wear I sometimes throw a paint pot underneath and that also seems to add to the longer wear time. Around the five hour mark you may notice some colour fading but hey, it's easy enough to draw back on and use your finger to blend it out.

Misty Rock, let's be best friends. Bronze Moon, I'm coming for you when I'm next feeling naughty spendy. 

*Have you tried the By Terry Ombre Blackstars before?

-I hope everyone's having a fantastic week! I just realised there's been no other life rambles in any of my posts this week. I do apologise. This week's been quite busy really. There's been a bit of errand running, working, and doing a lot of behind the scenes blog stuff. I will spare you the boring details and instead tell you how excited I am to be working on a swap with another blogger. I also purchased the first season of Parenthood a few days back to make the fact I'm close to finished Gilmore Girls a little bit easier to deal with. So far, so good. Although I must say it is weird seeing Lauren Graham not talk at one hundred miles per hour. See you tomorrow with another edition of The Week! x


  1. This sounds awesome! I've never tried an eye shadow crayon before and I want to give this a go! I agree, anything Anna recommends is usually amazing!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. You'll have to check them out in Space NK Alice. They're fab!! Totally agree, Anna is full of the best recommendations out.