The Week #138

From Bond Girl to Gone Girl-I can't take credit for that catchy Vanity Fair headline sadly but I just had to recycle it here. Vanity Fair's one of my favourite magazines for really darn good writing and also interviews. The February issue has Rosamund Pike as its star and in an editorial with makeup by Charlotte Tilbury *swoon*. The resulting images shot by Mario Testino are stunning as you can see above. Get the issue or track down the editorial online if you can.

Photo Strips-There's something nostalgic and fun about photo strips. When there's a photo booth, and not the one on Apple computers, there's bound to be a good time involved. I ordered these from Social Print Studio using my own Instagram pictures and think they're really neat. They'd look awesome on a pinboard, in a scrapbook, as bookmarks, wherever really. I'll definitely be sharing mine around.

Perfume for your hair?-We had primers for our hair last year and now it looks like it's time for hair perfume to have its moment in the spotlight. I'm not sure how I feel about these and can imagine the scents would evaporate faster in more humid climates. They're also quite a luxe offering, I'm not too sure whether they'll take off. What do you think? I'm a bit skeptical..

The Luxe Foundation Offering-Aka the most expensive of makeup guilty pleasures. I was lucky enough to be given a mini vial of the By Terry 'Terrybly Densilis' foundation in the Shade 5 when I was at Mecca during a treat yo'self naughty moment last year. I really didn't want to like it because it's so depressingly priced but I'm not going to lie to you guys, it was freakin' amazing. It leaves your skin looking so flawless and has impressive coverage, given it is so lightweight on the skin. It's not cakey and you can skip concealer with this one because it does a pretty good job of masking imperfections on its own. It has awesome lasting power too, even in the hot Summer days. I lovelovelove it, and I wish I owned it.

Copper Curios-What is about copper that's so much more aesthetically pleasing than gold or silver hued pieces? Maybe it's the fact that it isn't as showy. Well I've been spying copper-themed storage pieces around and about and have been wanting to incorporate them into my space. I love this basket from H&M Home and will be on the lookout for similar things around Auckland. If you spot any, sing out! 

*Have the best weekend guys! This week's been fab. Last week was a bit 'meh' and this week was the total opposite which was awesome. This weekend I have a couple of catchups with some of my blogging+real life friends (ooh crossover) and one of my school friends planned which should be nice. Ohh and heads up. There will be no video on my channel this Tuesday but I have another important post+a giveaway for my NZ readers instead. See all you cool cats on Monday. 


  1. hair perfume?! such a gimmick!
    and I'm totally on the copper train with you, I almost bought a bunch of copper kitchenware when I was out shopping earlier this week!

  2. I know right!? It sounds very faddish. You should've bought it Jess. Tsk tsk. x

  3. Same! The dry shampoo I have from Sebastian Pro smells amazing. Thanks Christine! Hopefully we can catch up soon. I miss you xx