The Week #139

Stay inspired: At the start of the year, I feel like it's easy to fall into a bit of a funk if you've not achieved everything you wanted the previous year. Although, tbh, I am my own harshest critic. Well I found these cards in Kikki K the other day and if you need a little visual motivating then I suggest you get them. This one above is one of my favourites at the moment. I do get distracted by things that happened in the past and can zone out so being more present is something I'm mindful of.

Tavi meets The Coveteur: You're probably well aware that I'm a cheerleader for Tavi Gevinson. This isn't an official nor payable job title. Well now one of my favourite blogs on the internet has gone and interviewed her and photographed her space and worldly possessions. I was really happy when the images of this story started appearing on my Instagram. If the idea of these two worlds colliding excites you too then head on over here

Blogger Success: What makes a successful blog? It's the ten million dollar question really. Well, some of the raddest British bloggers including Anna (above), Kat, Suzie and more have shared what they think is behind it all. Bloggers, if you want some inspiration then give it a read.

Inject Colour into your Makeup: When it comes to colour, I only get a bit daring in the lip department. I'm not gonna lie, I am often umming and ahhing over red eyeshadow and navy liners. How bold haha. While I may not be rocking yellow eyeshadow any time soon, Anna's certainly had me inspired to play with colour a bit more after her fun beauty video.

Miley Cyrus for MAC Viva Glam: Ahh Viva Glam. The one and only purchases I have made from this range were Lady Gaga's baby pink numbers of 2010. Oh gosh they looked terrible on me but I loved Lady Gaga and Mac at that time and it supported charity so it wasn't a total loss. Well now they've got Miley on board to front their campaign and I am obsessed with the lipstick she's put her name to. It's a bright, amplified pink, one of my favourite Mac finishes and I am looking forward to grabbing it. NZ readers, pencil February 12th in your diary if you're after this.

*Have the most radtastic weekend everyone! It's Auckland Anniversary weekend and while I didn't nab Laneway tickets *sad face*, I'm hoping it'll still be a fun one. A beach trip looks set to be on the cards, and perhaps a movie sesh. Have a good one xo.


  1. Aww thanks Lizzy! Glad you like them :). You have an awesome long weekend too xx

  2. Just clicked through to Zoe's post on blogging success - so interesting! Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Sophie x


  3. Love this roundup S! I'm off to read the Tavi article and Zoe's post.

    Hannah x

  4. Aww thanks Hannah! Hope you enjoyed them xx