The Week #140

Acai Bowls for Breakfast: Muesli is one of my favourite breakfast foods. I'd probably eat it for lunch too if I could. Acai Bowls however take breakfast cereal to the next level. How delicious do they look!? I'm yet to try one but will be scouring the web for recipes. If you have any recommendations, leave 'em below.

A New Read: I'm always on the hunt for new things to read and I recently spotted Kiera Cass' books over on Maria's Instagram. She recommends them highly, and you can guarantee once I have Book #1 in my hands, I'll be unreachable for the next few days. Not really, but I do zone out to the next lev with a book.

Alexa Chung for AG: A denim piece of clothing, no less a denim dress!? I have to say my lack of enthusiasm for denim has been missing this Summer. I basically live in denim cutoffs right now. Anyway, my favourite style queen Alexa has recently collaborated with AG. I won't link the collection, as most of it's long sold-out. Britney did some pretty rad illustrations of the pieces though which you should check out.

I Got Spendy (ish): I'm going to blame YouTube, Pinterest, current decor trends etc for my ongoing obsession with rose-gold themed everything. I spotted this gorgeous rose gold bowl in a shop in Ponsonby Central. I've been looking for something like this for a while to store my palettes so they're not all over the place in my makeup drawer. It fits all the ones I have fine, I can actually lay my Mac one flat in it and I love having them all out in full view.

Simple's Micellar Water: It seems like here in NZ we've gone from not being able to access micellar waters at all to having two arriving on the market in March. On Tuesday I went to the launch for Simple's Micellar Water at the Sofitel. Side note: the Sofitel is the most beautiful hotel in Auckland. I'm looking for excuses to stay there. I've been really impressed by this micellar water but more on that next week..

*Have utterly rad weekends everybody! In between hiding from the crazy heat I'll be going along to #BloggersBrunchClub with Ellen and an engagement party for one of my friends. Oh and blogging of course. x


  1. Thanks for the feature Sophie :) Heads up you can get Acai from Huckleberry Farm. I just make a simple banana / acai combo with raw nuts on the top and whatever fruit I have. If you freeze the banana first you get a better consistency :) Also love that rose gold dish!

  2. You're welcome B! Hey where is Huckleberry Farm now? I drove past where it was recently and it looks like it's moved? x

  3. Without giving anything away, from what I remember of The Selection - it's goooooood! I think I've possibly read the first two books. I'm so bad at keeping track. I'll eventually re-read them again. Especially now that all the books are out, I think?

  4. Awesome! That's good to hear. The fourth one's coming out in May I believe. Not sure if that's the last one or not though. x