10 Ways To Enjoy Valentines Day | The Single Ladies Edition

Before we start, might I suggest you set the mood with this tune or this.  I think if you're a single girl or guy on V-Day, it can be a bit easy to get down. This is not helped by the presence of Instagram, #blessed #mine #love, you get the idea. Well this year I decided to approach Valentines Day a bit more positively. There's no reason you can't have fun on Valentines Day, even if you aren't taken. This Saturday, I'm gonna pledge to have fun and enjoy myself by partaking in some of the following activities...

Have a girly film 'fest: Chick flicks are fun and upbeat, just stay clear of anything based on Nicholas Sparks or John Green books if you don't want to feel all the feels. My go-to's are 13 Going On 30, Mean Girls and Easy A to name a few.

Treat yo'self to a pink lippy: More specifically, Viva Glam's new Miley Cyrus* lipstick from Mac. It's a vibrant pink which you'll love if you were a fan of Impassioned, also from Mac. It's an amplified formula too so you get incredible colour payoff and it also has crazy good lasting power. The matching lipglass is pretty rad as well. Oh, and all the proceeds go towards Mac's AIDs foundation. A treat for you that does some good. Sounds pretty fantastic to me. 

Have a pamper session: Whether it be a manicure or a relaxing facial+bath, pampers are relaxing and the perfect way to indulge yourself. Pick up one of Lush's Valentines Day products to set the mood. I liked the look of this Love Locket bath bomb. Its scent reminds me of a Lush store, sweet with a little bit of fruitiness. Delish. 

Buy yourself, or someone else some decadent chocolate. Devour it: It's no wonder that many holidays involve chocolate. It's just too good to ignore! We don't really have Valentines sweets here in NZ but these strawberry Lindt balls are perfect, and they're pink on the inside. 

Catch up on some neglected reads: If it's a sunny day, head outside. If you have a hammock or one of those egg chairs take advantage of it. Side note: If you have either of those, I'm envious. We all get so busy during the week that sometimes we just don't have the time or energy to read. Take advantage of your downtime. 

Go online shopping, for real or just pretend: There's so much to love about virtual shopping, especially the fact that you're getting something in the mail that isn't a cellphone bill or credit card statement. Amirite guys? Online shopping is a good time, and if you're not feeling spendy you can always make a Pinboard of things for your wishlist on Pinterest. Here's mine

Make a playlist that'll make you smile: You know you're doing a good job if it's making you want to sing along, regardless of who else hears you. Mine will be a blend of good old 1D, some She & Him, songs from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and perhaps some musical theatre tunes. 

Go out on an adventure. Document it: Head out to a nature spot, a weekend market, or even just to a local city. Explore somewhere you haven't been before. Have your coffee from a cafe you've not been to yet. Hit up that lunch spot you've been meaning to head to. Visit a secluded beach. Take pictures, write down your thoughts and share if you wish.

Smile: Being single doesn't have to suck! You're an independent woman who doesn't need no man *clicks fingers*. Have an awesome Valentines Day, however you choose to celebrate it. 

-How will you be spending Valentines Day?

*PR Sample


  1. I'm not single BUT I will be spending Valentine's Day alone because my boyfriend and I are both working! I really value the time I spend alone, and am planning to have bath and read my book after work. Bliss!

  2. Aww no! That's a shame you have to both work. A bath and book sesh sounds blissful though. x

  3. Aww thank you Holly! I hope you enjoy them. Haha yeah icecream overload is good at the time but regretful hours later. x

  4. I'm not single but if I were alone for Valentine's Day I wouldn't be too heartbroken :-) I'd probably have a girly film fest!

  5. That sounds rad. Have a good Valentines Day with your significant other x