The Week #141

Acting Out: If you're familiar with Rookie Mag, in book or pixel form, you'll know that each month has a theme assigned to it. This one's based around the idea of acting out; interruptions, nuisances and causing a commotion. It's about being yourself, wearing that uber glittery eyeshadow and having no apologies or regrets about it. Still confused? Read it in Tavi's far more eloquent words here

Namaste from Antipodes*: Earlier in the week I went to the parcel delivery place to pick up a rather hefty box. I had no idea what this was so I was really excited to open it and see Antipodes had sent me their relaunched handwash to try. Who gets excited by handwash? Only the girl who doesn't want to fork out $$ when her one's just run out. Anyway, beneath its luxurious, Aesop-esque packaging its scent is a blend of lime and black pepper+a whole host of other delicious smelling things. I love it and I'll be quite sad when it's run out. 

A YouTube Channel I'm Addicted To: Lately I've been mixing up my YouTube watching a bit more. I still love the odd beauty video, but I'm more drawn to vlogs these days than anything else. Current faves include The SacconeJolys and Gabby, pictured. I love Gabby's videos and her straight-up personality. She's so honest and open with her viewers. Her vlogs and regular videos are well worth the watch. 

Who's That Girl?: New Girl is my current obsession which you may know already if you follow any of my other Social Media platforms. It's hilarious, and I can relate to Jess' character in more ways than one. There's also her three flatmates, Schmidt, Nick and Winston to entertain as well. Jess' wardrobe is pretty on point too! I'd love to invade her closet. The best part? I have three+ more seasons to watch when I'm done with the first season. 

Into The Woods & Out Of The Woods: I do love a good musical theatre soundtrack and the Disney cast recording for Into The Woods has been my go-to for the past month. Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt and the entire cast kill it. It's a great one to blast when you're home alone and feel like singing loudly, as I do. Sorry neighbours, not sorry.

-Have the best weekend guys and apologies this post went live a little bit late! This morning I've been busy tidying the house as Amy is coming over later on for dinner+a movie sesh. I'm having a relatively quiet weekend actually-I'm a bit behind on blog things so there's that to catch up on. Oh and I have another dentist appointment. The joys of wisdom teeth. See y'all on Monday xo.

*PR Sample, but even if it wasn't I'd be raving about this handwash because it smells so good and has cleared up the weird dryness on my hands so well. Overshare but whatevs, it's Friday!


  1. I've been more into vlogs lately too, I find them fascinating for some reason. I'm obsessed with the Into the Woods soundtrack as well, Agony is constantly playing in my head :p

  2. Yeah same! Maybe it's because I watch too many beauty videos/hauls-it's nice to see people's lives, especially when they're doing awesome things. Hahaha gotta love Agony. It's great in the film too. x

  3. I also went to see Into The Woods and I loved it so much, such a good film!

  4. It's awesome right!? I kinda want to go see it again. Not gonna lie.

  5. I think I need to see Into The Woods, stat!

  6. I think you do too. Hit up a cheap Tuesday sesh x

  7. Hi Sophie, Glad you enjoyed Antipodes Namaste Hand & Body Wash. You can now greet the world with hands
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  8. I'm using my movie allowance on 50 Shades tomorrow (I limit myself to one every couple of months), so might have to grab Into The Woods on BluRay...

  9. Snap! Mine's going towards Theory of Everything tomorrow x