Mac SS15 Trends

Last week I was lucky enough to attend Mac's annual Spring-Summer trends forecast for the beauty world. It was so much fun last time and so was this year's. Leigh and I finally met-she's awesome btw, go follow her Instagram. Kiekie Stanners and James Molloy, the global artist for Mac Australasia talked us through the key trends they saw on the international runways at fashion week. They also talked through how we can incorporate some of the more crazy trends into our looks, making them more wearable which is always helpful. Today I thought I'd talk you through some of the key ideas they were reiterating. Yep, I took notes because I'm a little bit nerdy studious like that..

Minimalistic Chic: Minimalism has been having its moment, in both the decor and fashion worlds. It was only a matter of time before it made its way into the beauty realm as well. 'Enlightened' was the name Mac gave to this trend. It's all about the light highlights and giving skin a subtle sheen. The smallest amount of highlight will be used and it won't be sparkle-heavy.

As for eyes, a simple touch of eye gloss gives them a subtle, healthy sheen. Y'know the dewy glow, fresh-faced look we're supposed to have after exercising? That seemed to be the vibe of the makeup here, without the red cheeks of course. Skin will look flawless with lighter bases and next to no concealer or powder. Side note: Mac look set to be releasing a new, liquid foundation which could be perfect for this. Think along the same lines as the Giorgio Armani Maestro one. 

Glitter Eyes: When I saw the table covered in Mac's eye glitters and pigments I was quite excited. Glitter in makeup is always beautiful. I'm not biased here or anything. Anyway, another strong trend was focusing the makeup around one dramatic feature and then keeping the skin very pared back. A glitter or metallic eye would become the focal point and then everything else would just be flawless but not overdone. This was one trend I really liked so I'm going to try it out. It'll be great on the days where a little bit of procrastination in the mornings occurs.

No Makeup-Makeup: This was everywhere last season. Whether it really was no makeup whatsoever, or just prepped skin made to look makeup free. The point is, it looked natural. Again, the eye glosses or clear lip glass seemed key to this look along with products from Mac's Prep & Prime range. The Lightful Softening Lotion was one product that got a few mentions. James and Kiekie also touched on faux-freckles. It's a trend I find baffling, given I have freckles already but nonetheless it does look great when done well. They recommended coffee eye pencil and the lingering brow pencil for freckles that look realistic.

We were lucky enough to be treated to some of Mac's trend-setting products and the new seasonal lip+cheek palette (above). Keep an eye out for some reviews of these runway gems next month.

*Which Mac trend appeals to you?


  1. Seeing as I'm coming to the end of my MAC Studio Sculpt foundation, I'm excited to see what the new one they're bringing out might be like!

  2. Same here Lena! I've only ever owned tinted moisturisers from Mac so I am curious to see what this foundation's like x

  3. GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER I LOVE GLITTER this has made me so excited! I'm going to do a glitter look. Faux freckles sound pretty cute too. Great post Sophie :)

  4. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing your posts Elese x

  5. Me too Nishu. It's stunning when done well. x

  6. Sounds as thought it would have been a really fun event. I am really loving minimalism and makeup recently. A sheer base and natural angles to the face, so simple but still looks really put together. I am also a firm believer that a bold lip fits all categories haha ( I hope so because I can never give a up Rebel).

  7. It was pretty fun. Yeah same here! With bold lips I like to keep the rest of the makeup pretty simple, especially during the day. Glitter+bold lips in broad daylight can be a little too much!