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It seems like every YouTuber is bringing out a book these days which I think is such a big thing for #teaminternet and bloggers/vloggers aplenty. Hitting our shelves tomorrow is All I Know Now* by Carrie Hope Fletcher. Her book is part memoir, part guide to navigating the sometimes treacherous road that is adolescence and life in general. So what did I think of it? Sit back, get your cup of tea and cake ready and maybe put some Disney music on to further set the mood. Can you tell I'm a bit of a Carrie fan? Moving on...

For those not in the know, Carrie is more than just a YouTube sensation. As well as now adding author to her list of talents, she is pretty darn successful on the West End. She is currently playing Eponine in Les Miserables but has also been in a number of other shows during her childhood. She is one talented lady. I'm sure you're probably thinking, how can 22 year-olds know everything? Sure we've lived a little bit but we certainly don't know it all, and neither does Carrie. What we do know though is about being a young person, navigating the sometimes scary and frustrating world that is high school, mean girls, goal setting and everything in between.

All I Know Now is broken down into acts, including an overture and a finale. Being a musical theatre enthusiast, this concept did excite me quite a bit. There's sections on internetiquette, friendships, achieving your dreams, love and more. I won't spoil the whole book for you, don't worry. Each section is broken down into multiple chapters and Carrie shares a lot of her own experiences and stories from growing up. The advice never feels generic and it's just like hearing Carrie's voice from one of her videos, in book form, or as one of her reviewers put it "this is a best friend in book form".

Carrie is often dubbed the 'honorary big sister' of the YouTube world and after reading this and watching her videos it's easy to see why she is so deserving of that title. Her advice is never patronising and the fact she includes anecdotes from her life makes this book that much more relatable. It's not too serious and is often very entertaining. She even has some Harry Potter analogies in there which earns her extra Gryffindor points. Even though I am no longer a teen this book was still incredibly relatable and I feel like everyone, no matter how old they are would be able to take something away from this book. 

I had high expectations for All I Know Now, being a Carrie Hope Fletcher fan and all, and it really didn't disappoint. This book is fantastic and such a valuable resource for teens and young adults who are still figuring life out. Carrie's writing is brilliant and you can really tell she's put a lot of herself into this book.  The fact she's taken the time to include a selection of valuable resources for people who may be facing trying times in her book just shows how much she cares about her fans and their wellbeing. I'll definitely be re-reading All I Know now again very soon.

-If you're in the UK, All I Know Now is available for purchase now. Australia and New Zealand, All I Know Now is out tomorrow, April 28th and I suggest you get your hands on it asap. 

*I was sent an advanced copy of this book for review but I am such a Carrie fangirl that I would have been lining up at the shops tomorrow to buy myself a copy. Scouts honour.  In fact, I may have even squealed with excitement when I opened this up in the mail. Make of that what you will...

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