The Week #151

Colour Pop: If you've watched YouTube or checked out a beauty blog recently, you're bound to have spied Colour Pop cosmetics. Their affordable products are stunning and they offer such a diverse range of colours. Whether it's lipstick you're after, or some eyeshadow, they have you sorted. I've been very tempted by Colour Pop products for a while but the shipping's kinda costly, so I'm gonna do a joint order with a friend. What's top of my list? The Where The Light Is palette. 

This Star Won't Go Out: Many of you will have read The Fault In Our Stars, well this book is about Esther Earl. Now she's not Hazel Grace but John Green had met her and spent time with her, so maybe she was the inspiration for Hazel in a way. Anyway, Esther Earl is a teen who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and this book contains her journal entries, thoughts and countless blog posts. There's also writing from her friends, parents and siblings throughout the book. It's such an inspiring read and Esther truly lived her life to the fullest. She was so caring and always put other people first. I really enjoyed reading this last weekend and yes, it did make me cry. We need more people like Esther in the world.

My New Love Technological Sidekick: So my brick iPhone 4 bit the dust over Easter weekend. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later but when it decided it had had enough, I did freak out. Thankfully, I now have an iPhone 6 in my life. My goodness it is amazing. It's so fast, not to mention the camera on it is considerably better. It has pretty decent battery life too compared to its predecessor. I probably shouldn't love a piece of technology this much but I do. It's brilliant. End of story.

Nars x Christopher Kane: Nars is one of the few brands who doesn't release limited edition collections all the time, but when they do they tend to not disappoint. Their latest collection is in partnership with designer Christopher Kane and it looks stunning. My pick is this rose gold eyeshadow, Outer Limits. I'm not sure when the collection drops in New Zealand but I imagine it'd be within the next couple of months so keep an eye out for it in Mecca.

A Literary Dilemma: As I'm sure you'll know, I have a bit of a book problem. By that I mean I seem to have a bunch to read and no idea where to begin. So, I need your help. At the moment I'm choosing between The Goldfinch, How To Build A Girl and The Children Act. Thoughts? Should I read something completely different?

-Have the best weekend everyone! I'll be catching up on blog things, I'm rather behind in that department. One of my friends is having a birthday dinner so that's happening and I might head out to go low-key shopping at some stage. That's about it really!


  1. I've been wanting to get some Colour Pop products as well, they look amazing. The shipping is a big turn off though :(

  2. Ikr! It seems so crazy-although maybe as a consolation it ships faster than orders that offer free shipping. Who knows. If you ever wanted to do a joint order & just split the shipping, let me know! x

  3. Can't wait for NARS x Christopher Kane to drop here!

  4. Same! and the Hourglass bronzers. x