Sydney To-Do List

So in case you've not heard, and it's not like I've made it incredibly obvious over the last couple of months *ahem*, I'm going to Sydney at the beginning of May. It's honestly come around so quickly and I am very excited. I've only been to Sydney a couple of times before, and only for a couple of days each time so I feel like I've not really seen a lot of it. This time I'm going for five days and I plan to make the most of it. Here's what's on my list of things I want to do but if you have any suggestions or recommendations of places to visit, bookstores I need to frequent, food I need to eat and the like, let me know!

Visit the Mothership, more commonly known as Sephora-Does this even need explaining? Y'all know I am probably going to be here right when it opens the day we arrive. I'm not even kidding. I have been to Sephoras in America and Europe before, but that was far too long ago and back in my not so makeup-enthusiastic days. Pray for my wallet and know that I very possibly might go a bit wild in here. 

Take a trip out to Bondi Beach-and that "amazing natural pool thing" as I've written in my notes. So technical. Yep, I've never been to Bondi Beach which is quite criminal of me. The photos I have seen always make it look stunning. Hopefully it's a nice day when I visit so I can get all artsy with my camera and take a lil' stroll down the waterfront. 

Devour amazing macarons from Laduree and maybe the best Italian ever from Jamie's Italian-Now I have had Laduree macarons before but that was ages ago. I remember thinking they were the best macarons on earth so a revisit needs to happen. Obviously. As for the Italian, I always see bloggers/vloggers raving about Jamie's Italian. I've already looked at the menu and that alone has me hopeful it'll go down a treat. 

Visit some art museums-This is something I always like to do whenever I'm in a city I've not been to before. Not only are they a great place to seek out some inspiration, they're also often not as noisy as the busy streets. A tranquil oasis, if you will.

Feel all the feels and visit the barricade at Les Miserables-This is definitely happening, given I bought my ticket a couple of months ago. I have wanted to see a professional production of Les Miserables for the longest time and I've heard the current Australian one does not disappoint. Note to self: pack tissues and don't wear mascara.

Visit the secondary motherships, more commonly known as Priceline and Mecca Maxima-Again, these ones don't really need explaining. I'm sure Priceline must find us tourists who get excited by a very well stocked pharmacy weird but whatevs. Priceline have such a diverse range of beauty brands, including European favourites like Bourjois and La Roche Posay. They often have great deals on too. Mecca Maxima is like a beefed up version of Mecca Cosmetica and they have their very own aisle of doom (miniatures) to rival Sephora's. They also are home to Soap and Glory, a brand that I love and more recently, Urban Decay. I'm looking forward to seeing some of their much hyped products in the flesh.

Get far too interior design inspired at H&M-Sydney's H&M is a little way out of the cbd but it's inside a rather well-stocked shopping mall so that makes up for it. As well as their awesome homewares I'll definitely be taking the time to check out their womenswear section and hopefully coming home with some new threads. See also Topshop and Zara.

Take all the photos-That doesn't really require an explanation. I always feel like I don't take as many pictures as I thought I would on holidays so I am going to try to document a lot this time. Not only for blog posts but also the memories to look back on. Cheesy but true.

*Have you been to Sydney before? Let me know your recommendations.


  1. I live in Sydney and I would definitely recommend everything on your list so far! For food I would recommend Devon Cafe, Trio Cafe in Bondi (or you can go to Icebergs which has the incredible view over the swimming pool), the Grounds of Alexandria (even though every tourist and local goes here, it's just the coolest place), Brewtown Newtown for the best cronuts ever, The Boathouse in Balmoral which is a little bit out of the city in a lovely area which is also worth exploring) however it's worth the trip because the breakfasts here are basically made for pinterest, soo pretty. For dessert there is a place called Aqua S which is having a bit of a moment right now, they have interesting flavours like Sea Salt and Tofu. And if you do end up going to H and M at macquarie centre (which is one of my fave shopping malls!), go to Vogue Cafe for some incredibleee smoothies (these aren't just any ordinary smoothies, for easter they had a chocolate easter bunny sticking out the top of the jar ! haha). For bookstores, check out Kinokuniya on George St at the Galeries, one of my favourites :). Okay I've seriously written an essay now, should probably stop otherwise I could go on forever! Hope you have a lovely time in Sydney! :)

  2. Oh wow. Thank you so so much Ana! This is so helpful. I've screenshotted this so I don't forget any of it. x

  3. No Problem! Hopefully you can check out some of the things I mentioned :) x

  4. Totally! I'm actually going to start making up a proper thing of what I want to do/where I want to go soon so this'll be so handy x