The Week #158

La Petite Anglaise-I do love me a good fashion blog discovery, and I love Ella's blog. She mixes designer fashion with high street pieces and never fails to create classic, chic, effortless looks. I'm a bit obsessed with her style can you tell? If you've not cast your eyes over her blog yet, you need to make time for it this weekend.

The Tale of a 90's Classic-Clueless is one of those nineties movies that never goes out of style. You just can't beat a good teen flick really. I'm probably more of a Mean Girls devotee but I can still give you a good few references c/o Cher Horowitz should you be wanting one. If you're in a similar position, might I suggest you give this article about Clueless from the latest Vanity Fair a read. Side note: Vanity Fair's writing is legitimate #careergoals right there. Their columns are amazing.

A Drop of Vitamin C-Given the ridiculous inevitable drop in temperatures across NZ this week I'm sure we're all needing a little Vitamin C back in our lives. Thankfully The Body Shop have just the product for it. Their new Vitamin C Glow Enhancer*, out July doubles as a primer and a complexion perker-upper. Its deliciously zesty scent and silky smooth feel are an utter treat for your skin. I highly recommend grabbing this or any of The Body Shop's similar skin priming products actually. They do not disappoint.

Olivia Takes Queenstown-The lovely Olivia from Olivia Round Town often gives me a serious case of travel envy. She goes on some rather rad looking adventures and given her knack for taking a seriously good photo, it often leaves me with all the wanderlust feels. She recently took a little trip to Queenstown and despite the chill in the air, it looks like she had a fun time. Also, how stunning is Queenstown? I've never been there but now I feel obliged to. If you're headed there you should give her post a read because she's found some absolute gems to visit and thrown in tips for travelers headed there too.

*PR Sample

-As always, have the loveliest of weekends everybody. This week's been a bit of a rollercoaster in all honesty. Some not so lovely news put a bit of a dampener on things but then there's also been some excitement around planning my brother's upcoming 21st party and also some potential change in the air. I hate being vague but I hope it'll be a good kind of change. Just what the metaphorical doctor ordered perhaps. This weekend should be quiet I think. My brother and I are going to the movies  and then Sunday I have to do some work but other than that I'll just be chillin' and possibly downloading Hilary Duff's new album. Have a good one xo.

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