A Decor Update

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that my room's been given a fresh lick of paint. It really inspired me to rethink how my room looks and of course to declutter. Seeing as my room also doubles as an office (of sorts) I really wanted the space to not look overloaded with stuff and for it to be a relaxing atmosphere. I'm still in the process of replacing some furniture, my mirror and bookshelf, so I'll give you a full look at it once it's done. Today though I thought I'd share with you some recent decor additions...

The New Things:

Teal Faux Fur Throw, The Warehouse*-This may not be the exact same throw that I have pictured but it looks similar enough. I love to have throws on my bed in Winter because they're just so cosy and warm. They're great for when you want to watch a movie or box set in the living room and don't want to freeze either.

Stanford Cushion, Freedom Furniture-The cushion I used to have on my bed was really oversized and just looked a bit out of place so this one's really the perfect size. It's slightly smaller than a pillow and it really blends in well with the other colours in my room. Freedom have such a nice variety of cushions, especially if you like pastel hues.

Tassel Garland, Typo-Tassel garlands are all over Etsy but they're often quite pricy so when I saw this one in Typo at a more affordable price point it had to come home. The silver and white look so pretty together and I can't wait to have this up.

Amethyst and Clear Quartz, purchased at a market in Sydney-There was a whole stall of precious stones at The Rocks markets in Sydney and I chose these two. I've always wanted some rose quartz too but they only had massive pieces. Anyway, I know some people are skeptical about the meanings behind having these stones in your space but I really like the idea. It helps that they're also pretty to look at too.

Esha Quilt Cover, Bed Bath N' Table-This print is just beautiful isn't it? Morgan & Finch do the most stunning bedlinen. It's all fantastic quality and they have such a vast array of designs. You're bound to find at least one print you'll love. They're often on sale too which is always a drawcard.

Peonies in Jar, purchased with a Kmart voucher-If there's one thing I love it's peonies. Having some all year round that won't die is a bonus. My previous track record with plants is dismal, so faux it is. I have these on top of my bookshelf with some other candles and trinkets. They'll certainly tide you over until the real deal come back in season.

Heart Bud Vase, West Elm-What is there to say about this white, gold foil heart adorned gem that I found in Sydney. West Elm was an absolute interior design dream and like stepping into a Pinterest or Instagram home. #lifegoals. While I didn't leave with the copper measuring cups (I know..), I had to get this vase. It is quite small so it's probably not the most practical but it'll be perfect for daintier flowers come Springtime. 

-Where is your favourite place to seek out home inspiration?

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