The Week #156

Colouring for adults-That's a thing now guys. Or maybe it always was and I was just too busy being an ignorant teenager to notice. Anyway, I'd seen the Secret Garden colouring books on Zoe's channel and thought it looked stunning so I had to order one for myself. I've only done a little bit of colouring so far but it is so therapeutic and fun. All these drawings are so intricate and detailed so you can really get absorbed in it for a while. I love it.

Kendall & Kylie Jenner x Topshop-Let's be real, if Topshop collaborate with current fashion icons you can usually guarantee that it's going to be cool. Their latest collection with the Jenner sisters is certainly no exception. It's not a massive line, but there are some stunning Summer pieces. I love this floral shirt and the matching shorts. There's also some cute denim shorts and maxi dresses as well. A lot of the collection is sold out now but you can check it out here. Fingers crossed it'll be in the Auckland store soon!

An American Dream-I'm not sure many people know this about me but at some point I want to do a road trip across the States, mainly in California I think. I want to see Big Sur, the Joshua Tree, Salvation Mountain and so many other landscapes and landmarks. This desire seems to have been spurred on by these photographs by Eleanor Hardwick and friends of a recent road trip they took across the States. They're such inspiring, ethereal images. Seriously, I hope I get to do this some day.

Matchbox Studio in Auckland-The lovely Charli introduced me to Matchbox Studio last year in Wellington and it became one of my favourite little treasure troves. The necklace you see above is from there. Well now they've set up shop in Auckland. Huzzah! They're housed in the St Kevins Arcade up on K Road. Honeytrap, creator of some of the tastiest milkshakes+food ever is nearby so I suggest you grab a shake and check out some art+creative things to buy.

A Floral treat for your cheeks-Clinique's cheek pops are truly a work of art. They're embossed with a daisy flower design which doesn't seem to fade, no matter how much swatching you do. It helps that the colours are all stunning as well. They've added a few new shades to the lineup recently and Melon Pop, above has caught my eye. Who can resist a flattering, peachy pink? I'm not sure if these are out in New Zealand yet but here's hoping they reach our shores.

*I hope you have the best weekend everyone! This week's been pretty good-any week that involves an extra day off is naturally better though to be honest. Last night I went to an event celebrating 100 years of Maybelline which was fun. I got to see some familiar beauty blogging faces as well as meet some people IRL. A little jaunt to Time Out bookstore may have happened afterwards as well. You may remember I talked about my room being repainted, well it's happening today so hopefully I will be back in there this weekend and will be able to start redoing my wall decor a bit. Note to self: avoid the blu tack! Right, I'm off for a bit of a Florence & The Machine listening spree. Have a good one x.

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