A Life Update + Blog Changes

Also known as the one where I get personal. Don't worry, there's no clickbaiting theatrics to be found here. Some of you will probably already know that I'm going back to University this semester. While I don't have to physically go to a campus, unless I choose to it's still going to be quite a change. I've not studied (properly) in over a year now so I'm going to be adjusting to reading things that resemble novels but actually aren't and writing long pieces of writing that make some kind of sense. The coffee consumption's no doubt going to start up again soon. Long story short, I'm finishing up my Communications degree, extramurally which means I study from home. 

As a result of being back studying, working part-time and wearing all the other hats I seem to wear, this blog's going to be taking a bit of a back seat. It's not something I like to do, because I love blogging but it's kinda inevitable. There'll be two posts on the blog a week, one on a Monday and then another on a Wednesday or a Friday. Some weeks there may only be one, it's going to rest on how busy I am. I hope you all understand that. I'll still be around on social media, old habits die hard, but there won't be as many posts on the blog.

So yeah, just a PSA for y'all today. Good luck to everyone studying this semester, whether you're just starting out or continuing. You've got this. Everyone else, I'll see you all on Friday with a book post! x

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