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Happy Friday, TGIF and the rest! It does feel a bit cheeky saying that, given it was a short week here in Auckland but it's just been one of those weeks, y'know what I'm saying? It's been a long time since I've shared the love for some of the many rad blogs that exist. Way too long in fact so today I decided to share with you four of the blogs I am loving at the moment. Given Bloglovin is broken, for me at least, these are some of the few I've been managing to check regularly and I recommend you go have a look at them as well..

Tea and Sage-Aside from being one of my best friends, and possessive of exquisite taste, Amy also runs a rad blog. Tea and Sage is her space for sharing all she loves, from wholesome delicious foods to stunning landscapes. She's recently moved back to Australia and is sharing some absolutely stunning photo diaries of her adventures. I'm biased, but her Instagram is pretty spectacular as well.

Chloe Larkin-Chloe's blog makes my eyes fill with heart emojis. It's so aesthetically pleasing on so many levels and for that, I take my hat off to her. She shares her love of design, photography, art and a life well lived. Her blog is beautiful, simplistic and so well put together. I love it.

Girl Lost In The City-I have fan favourite Zoella to thank for my discovery of Emma's blog. When Zoe makes a recommendation, you listen. Emma's a digital journalist, soon to be published author and all round amazing woman. She writes on everything, from film to books, pop culture to being a twenty-something woman in the internet age. Her writing is brilliant by the way. I highly recommend you take your eyes, and a hot beverage of choice over to her blog for an hour or two.

From Roses-Rebecca's blog, much like Chloe's is all kinds of aesthetic goodness. She has amazing style, and she is a book and beauty lover. She does really inspiring lifestyle posts too which are well worth looking over. Definitely go visit her blog if you like stunning pictures and top notch writing. You will not regret it.

-What blogs have you read and loved recently?

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