Weekend Reads

Another week, another lineup of really awesome books. Forgive my lack of original, awe-inspiring adjectives. In case you don't have a calendar nearby it is Friday and on Fridays there are no rules. It's like the Cool Mom day of the week. Okay I will stop with the Mean Girls references and let you learn about some rad reads you might want to grab for the weekend....

The Kinfolk Home-Kinfolk is such a gorgeous magazine, from its design down to its content. You can tell a lot of love and nurturing goes into each issue. The same care is given to their books as well. The latest takes us inside forty homes from around the world. They're all aesthetically pleasing and all worthy of the #goals hashtag and heart eye emojis. I highly recommend this one if you love having a nosy at well designed spaces.

Eighteen Years by Madisen Kuhn-This was a very on a whim purchase thanks to an Instagram picture. I don't think I've ever done that before for anything. Clearly it was a weird day. This is a book of poetry on life and love. You may have seen Madisen's words on tumblr. They're so raw and refreshing. She's one talented wordsmith. 

Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed-Brave Enough is the kind of book I want to buy for everyone important in my life. It contains inspiring quotes and ideas from Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild. I went through and flagged my favourites to go back to and know this is a book I'll keep handy for a not-so-lovely day. Grab this one if you need a bit of cheering up this weekend.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert-The subtitle of this is creative living beyond fear which really sums up what I strive for in life. I'm a creative person, maybe not on an extreme level but I would definitely consider myself creative. Based on the work I enjoy doing that seems accurate. Elizabeth Gilbert's name will ring a bell if you're an Eat Pray Love fan. While it's early days for me with this book it does seem promising and inspiring.

-What will you be reading this weekend?

*As always, have the raddest of weekends everyone! I have one weekend left before I'm back studying. I'm excited but also nervous because it's been a long time since I wrote an essay, yet alone did in-depth, academic reading. Nonetheless it's a change I am looking forward to. This weekend I'm celebrating a friend's birthday, looking after my favourite kitten and hopefully watching an episode of Parks & Rec, or four. See y'all on Monday with a beauty post x.

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